PostgreSQL Bootcamp : Go From Beginner to Advanced, 60+hours For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

PostgreSQL Bootcamp : Go From Beginner to Advanced, 60+hours Download For Free


Learn about Subqueries, CTEs, Indexes, PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL, Triggers, Cursors, Partitions, Views, JSON, Window Functions…

What you’ll learn
Learn with 60+ hours of hands-on practical exercises
Step-by-step walkthrough to perform simple to complex SQL queries
Subqueries, CTEs, Indexes, PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL, Triggers, Cursors, Partitions, Views, JSON, Window Functions, and much more
How to create a database from scratch
Creating and using various Data types
Creating User-defined data types
Table and Column constraints
Understanding, Using, and creating custom Sequences
String Functions
Aggregate Functions
Date/Time Functions with query analysis
Grouping data with group sets
Schemas creations and privileges
Table Partitioning techniques
Exploring Array Functions
In-depth JSON data types and queries
Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
Recursive Common Table Expressions
Advanced Window Functions
Server Programming
Functions with SQL Language
Functions with PL/pgSQL Language
Exploring Stored Procedures
Indexes and queries performance optimizations
Multiple Data Views types and Security
Using Regular Expressions for Text Patterns
Power Text Searches with special data types and indexes
Crosstab Reports with crosstab extensions
Making our database for global languages - Internationalization
psql Utility Commands
Understanding PostgreSQL Internals
Using Cursors
Data integrity with Transactions and Savepoints
Managing PostgreSQL security
Extended PostgreSQL echosystem
Analyze sample HR, Stocks, Northwind, Global Trades databases
Practice with huge number of queries
Use SQL to perform data analysis
Confident putting SQL and PostgreSQL on your resume

No pre-knowledge is required: I’ll teach you absolutely everything you need to know!
A computer is required, but any will do. A desktop or a laptop running Mac, Windows, or Linux
All the software used in the course is free, and I’ll personally walk you through setting it all up

Subqueries? Yes, Recursive CTEs? Yes, Server programming with SQL and PL/pgSQL, Stored Procedures? Yes, Window Functions? Yes indeed and much more…

I’ve design this course from step-by-step move from basic to advanced topics. Here is a partial list of some of the topics that are covered in 50+ sections and 60+ hours of this course:

Apply powerful SQL commands to store, update and retrieve information

Step-by-step walkthrough to perform simple to complex SQL queries

How to create a database from the scratch, Creating and modifying tables

Using UPSERT for INSERT and UPDATE at the same time

Query data with ORDER BY, Logical operators, and filters

Understand PostgreSQL various data types with examples

Data type conversions with CAST, and conversion functions

Create your own user-defined data types

Explore table and column constraints, create multiple composite constraints, see data integrity operations

Create your own custom sequences

Parsing data with queries using string functions

Aggregate data with aggregate functions

Date/Time data types, Intervals, and handling timezones

Grouping Data with GROUP BY, conditional filter with HAVING

Joining Multiple Tables with various joins techniques

Combining Queries together with UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT

Understand and create PostgreSQL Schemas, ownership, security privileges

Constructing arrays and ranges, query array data with conditional filters

Storing data with JSONB objects and Indexing

Query performance optimization with indexes, understanding indexes nodes and outputs

Create and update regular and materialize views

Simple to advances step-by-step Subqueries

Creating Common Table Expressions (CTEs), and recursive CTEs queries

Making data into group sets

Simple to advanced Windows Functions

Using regular expressions for text patterns

Powerful text searches in PostgreSQL

Create and exploring table partitioning techniques

Server programming with SQL and PL/pqSQL

Creating Stores Procedures

Extending PostgreSQL echosystem with custom indexes, and aggregate functions

Creating, and executing Triggers

Using Cursors

pqsql Utility Commands

Creating Crosstab reports

Making our database for storing global language data - Internationalization

Running queries with PostgreSQL transactions

Crating, and Managing PostgreSQL Security

All about PostgreSQL internals on how data gets stored and much more

Running hundreds of queries on sample databases like HR, Northwind, Stock Markets, Word Trades database

This comprehensive course will teach you everything about PostgreSQL to use in your next big project!

Master the PostgreSQL database, and see how to apply it with real world database and queries. Sign up today and master PostgreSQL!

Who this course is for
Complete beginners to database world
Anyone wanting to learn SQL or PostgreSQL
Anyone wanting to learn advanced query expressions
Application engineers seeking to expand their backend skillset
Anyone wants to learn from basic to advanced functionality of PostgreSQL

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