Practical JavaScript & ES6 Mastery with Projects For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

Practical JavaScript & ES6 Mastery with Projects Download For Free


Learn to build real world website and projects using JavaScript and ES6 features

What you’ll learn
You will learn everything about JavaScript
You learn different JavaScript and ES6 concepts with hand-son practical examples
You will learn to use different JavaScript and ES6 concepts to build projects of your own
You will learn the skill of debugging, finding issue and fixing them

No programming experience
Only a computer with internet and interest to learn is sufficient

In this course, you will learn different concepts of JavaScript and ECMA Script 6 in a complete practical hands-on based approach.

There is no prerequisite for this course. Anyone with an interest to learn will be able to get started.

This course not only covers different topics of JavaScript and ES6 from scratch but also has many projects and real-world scenarios that will make a real modern JavaScript developer.

Following are the topics that will be covered in this Javascript Mastery course:

Setup Installation

JavaScript Introduction

ECMAScript evolution

Different types of Data types in Javascript

Variables & Constants

Different types of Comments in Javascript

Various Operators and their working on Operands

String and String manipulation

What is Variable Scoping

Control statement like if, else, switch-case-break

Loops - for, for of, forEach, while, do-while

Working with Arrays

Working with Objects

What are Functions and how to create custom functions and call them

What is the use of Prompt

What is the use of Confirm

What is the use of Alert

What is Document Object Model(DOM)

DOM manipulation using Javascript

Event and Event Listener

Set Timeout and Set Interval

Clear Timeout and Clear Interval

Date and Time operation and using its various methods

Working with Math Object

Working with JSON

Window and document object

location and history

localStorage and sessionStorage

Calling API with Fetch

What is the Ternary operator and how to use it.

What is the Array Filter function and how to use it.

Debugging and Troubleshooting in JavaScript

Template literals (Template strings) in ES6

Object Destructuring assignment in ES6

let and const

Spread operator

Arrow function expressions

We will also do Multiple projects in order to understand different concepts.

You will also get the complete source code of the whole course

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to learn about frontend development and want to become a true Frontend Developer

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