Screenshot Capture and Upload | Windows v1.1

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022
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Screenshot Capture and Upload is a two-part software kit, consisting of a WPF C# Client (provided as a Visual Studio solution) and a PHP API to run Server Side. This software package allows for two pathways to exist, both of which follow the same steps for installation; you can either choose to have your API public, or private. Making it public allows other people to use your Client as a service, whereas keeping it private allows only you (or people you allow) to use it. The difference between these pathways is simply whether you distribute the Client or not.

Once the Client is ran, it sits in the System Tray waiting to be used – the Client comes with a global hotkey (PrintScreen) to activate the capture function at any time, as well as the option to manually select the function in the Tray. Additionally, this is where User Creation and Login is situated, as well as Upload Management.

Password is automatically generated by my system. Do NOT PM ME For Passwords.
Feel free to pm me for the script used to protect download.
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