Sim Swapping Guide 2023

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Q: What Is SIM Swapping ?
A: SIM Swapping Is Where You Transfer Someone Else Number To A Diff SIM Where You Can Accept Verification, OTP, SMS & Calls Etc All From There Number

SIM Swapping Guide - By proxy card

~ An Activated SIM Card
~ The Victims Phone Number
~ SSN, Name & Address Linked To Victims Number ( These Are Fairly Easy To Find Just From There Phone Number. If Not Try SE It From Them)

Getting Started:

  1. And Input The Victims Phone Number
  2. Now Go On Google And Find the Website For The Phone Carrier You Just Found
  3. Make Sure You Have All The Victim’s Details Ready And Call The Support Number On There Page Listen To The Bot And Select The Option For Lost/Change SIM/Number
  4. Now The Basic Idea Is You Need To SE The Operator You Get Connected To Into Thinking You Are The Owner Of The Number And That You Lost Your Phone & Need To Change The Number To A New SIM
Some Good Reasons I Recommend:
(Change Them Up A Bit So They Don’t Get Raped)
~ Lost Your Phone On The Bus, Train Etc
~ Lost Your Phone While On Holiday
~ Stolen

  1. Now They Will Need Some Verification Info Usually Just Name, Address & Last 4 Digits Of SSN
  2. They Will Now Ask For The New SIM Card Details Give It To Them
  3. If You Did All Steps Successfully The Victims Number Will Now Be Disabled And You Will Receive All SMS & Calls From There Number Onto The SIM Card Details You Gave The Operator Finished.
Happy learning!