SNIP (Rich Snippets) v2.29.2 NULLED - advanced snippets for WordPress

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
SNIP (Rich Snippets) is a snippet plugin for WordPress. It generates schema shortcodes that you can choose to show in the post or leave invisible to users (but visible to search engines). Shortcodes are applied separately to each post or page. So, if you have a large site and want to insert Schema Markup data into all old posts, then this will take a lot of time. But if you're just getting started with a website, this is a great inexpensive way to implement Schema Markup data.


Rich Snippets- this is such an addition to the search results that you see on Google. You can help the search engine add them by using something called "micro-markup" or Schema Markup on your site. Schema Markup structures micro-data to make it easier for the search engine to determine the type of your content.

SNIP (Rich Snippets) v2.29.2 NULLED

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