Solana Blockchain Developer Foundation - Rust and Typescript For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

Solana Blockchain Developer Foundation - Rust and Typescript Download For Free


What you’ll learn

  • Solana Programs - Smart Contracts
  • Solana Developer Core Concepts
  • Create a Solana SPL Tokens
  • Wallet Adapter in React
  • Connecting Wallet and Sending SOL from Web Browser with Code
  • Send Solana SPL tokens(USDC, Orca, or your own) programmatically with NodeJS
  • Learn Rust
  • Solana NFTs with Code and Typescript
  • Learn to Mint NFTs with Metaplex and Arweave


  • Very basic programming experience.


Learn the Solana Blockchain foundations.

Learn how to interact with code:

  • Solana Programs (Smart Contracts). Token Program.
  • Solana Accounts.
  • JSON RPC API of Solana sending requests to the blockchain using Postman and virtually any programming language.
  • Using web3.js for sending solana transactions using Javascript.
  • System Program Library Token, how to interact with Solana Token Program
  • Create a Solana Token and be able to send tokens with backend code.
  • Check if a wallet owns an NFT.
  • Interact with wallets send transactions.
  • Send SOL with a wallet by signing a transaction.
  • Intro to Phantom Wallet and Wallet Adapter.
  • Smart Contracts - Solana Programs
  • Mint NFTs with Metaplex and Arweave
This course intention is to give the foundations for all people that want to create their DAO, startup using Solana.

A DAO a Decentralized Autonomous Organization the new generation of startups, require that the new entrepreneurs learn web3 skills, DAOs share revenue with no middlemen & can be achieved close to realtime.

NFT holders can be validated in the blockchain with code and the send of value can be triggered via smart contracts and backend code communicating with the solana blockchain.

We want to created the foundations so you can rise and succeed in your journey for mastering web3, solana development an environmentally friendly blockchain, super fats & with ultra-low transaction fees.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Programmers wanting to become Blockchain Developers.

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