Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance [Complete] Free

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Mar 27, 2022

Download Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance [Complete] Free


Pornstar Stirling Cooper unveils the worlds first No-Bullshit Sex-Education Course for Men​

Sexual Dominance Escalation​

Transform yourself into a dominant alpha lover, learn secret techniques to hijack her pleasure centers and have women crawling back for more.​

Did you know…

Only 20% of the top-tier guys are getting 80% of the women?

It’s true.

The Chads & Tyrones of the world are enjoying, no - SWIMMING in more pussy than they can actually handle.

These guys have close to the coveted “Instagram model” level of attention and admiration from their choice of the hottest women.

And why do you think that is?

Is it an accident; did they get lucky? Or is it because they look good, have swagger, and money?

I’m here to tell you it’s none of those.

Now, I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that “LMS”, or Looks, Money, and Status don’t matter at all…

That would just be bullshitting you. They DO matter.

But that’s NOT what this is about…

THIS is about becoming a masculine, DOMINANT man who can push her hot buttons any time of day, and ramp up her sexual emotions on a dime.

If you don’t have a clue how to do this, you’re way behind the eight ball.

Look, I Can Help You Fix It. But First… Who Am I & Why Would You Listen to Me?​

My name’s Stirling Cooper. I’m an award-winning professional pornstar.

Over the last several years, I’ve been perfecting my methods for making women from ANY country cum uncontrollably, quiver and shake with MIND-BLOWING orgasms, and get addicted to being fucked by me.

Before ever getting into porn, I was actually working in Australia as a straight male escort. And before THAT, I got into the swinger scene… as a single guy!

That last feat is notoriously hard to do.

I’ve had well over 200 lays before I got into doing this for money… but I used to be a shy, awkward nerd:

How I Became A Dominant Pussy Magnet For Hire (By Pornstars & Even Female Escorts!)​

Here’s my story…

As a youngster, I was a socially awkward nerd who played computer games instead of going out and talking to girls…

Somehow around this time, I landed a girlfriend who I was head over heels for, and who I tried SO damn hard to please.

She could tell I had no idea what I was doing, and I was overly anxious to please her.

Long story short, she shattered my heart into pieces by fucking one of my “best friends” at the time…

… this led me to pick up red pill and game concepts, study inter-gender dynamics, and after years of practice (and TONS of rejection) I finally started getting laid!

In fact…

Over Years of Practice & Hundreds of Lays… I Finally Came Up With a System That WORKS.​

In fact, I was giving hundreds of women earth-shattering experiences long before I became a professional, award-winning porn star: :

- I have been hired by husbands to sexually satisfy their wives

- I have been paid to fuck wealthy women who couldn’t get off by their husbands and lovers

- I have had OTHER FEMALE ESCORTS pay me to come fuck & dominate them!

All this LONG before I ever got paid to do this on camera as a professional, award-winning pornstar.

And definitely LONG before “teaching” this to other guys even entered my mind for a second.

Long story short, I’ve proven this in the field.

This isn’t “armchair quarterbacking”, or useless theory you’d learn in school. (But hey, if there IS a school like that, I’d love to see it)!

Everything I share on my YouTube channel, Instagram, or on other high-profile brands like Rollo Tomassi, Entrepreneurs in Cars, Modern Life Dating, Bulldog Mindset or the rest of them….

… Comes from DECADES of experience, pleasing, satisfying, and blowing the minds of hundreds of women across the globe.

And I Want to Help YOU Switch Categories: Into The Top-20% of Desired, “Alpha Fucks” Guys!​

That’s my main mission for all this…

… to un-beta-tize the men who’ve been sold a bill of bullshit, and bring them to the light side using the force (which YOU’RE the controller of)!

In fact, that’s one of my all-time favorite metaphors. When you think of “the force” from Star Wars, and how Jedis need to train and master it…

… you’re using a perfect analogy of a woman’s body. Her sexual experience, her pleasure…

… and the type of dripping-wet, eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-her-head experiences you can bring her… IF you know what buttons to push.

And that’s what EVERY single one of those “Alpha Fucks” guys (who she happily submits to) understands, that YOU don’t.

And I’m here to give you the whole roadmap.

I’m wrapping everything I’ve learned about how to:

- Turn her ON like a light switch & make her TRANSFORM into a cock-hungry primal animal, who LOVES when a masculine man (you) ravishes her into submission,

- Give her the types of MIND-BLOWING orgasms, she’s so far only DREAMT of in her wildest dreams, (or seen in her secret porn stash she doesn’t want anyone knowing about),

- Make her BEG YOU to give her your dick one more time, while she’s staring into your eyes with that submissive, doe-eyed look after you’ve just fucked her senseless…

How Can YOU Get All These Secrets At Once? Inside My Brand NEW, No-Holds-Barred “Sexual Dominance Escalation” Video Course!​

This power-packed, 7-module course is the real deal!

Made up of in-depth, educational modules that’ll take you from nervous, boring “missionary lover” to DOMINANT Chad Thundercock in the sack.

This course has EVERYTHING you could ever need in today’s world…

… where women are jaded from having their choice of basically ANYONE they wanna fuck, with the ability to make it happen in MINUTES.

is the information, training, and step-by-step re-education you need, if you want a snowball’s chance in hell to compete in the sexual marketplace.

THIS is everything you wish you were taught by your dad, older brother, or mentor … so YOU could be placed in the elite, “Alpha Fucks” category…

NOT stuck in the “Beta Bucks” loser category for years…

And it’s called Sexual Dominance Escalation for a reason.

It’s NOT just coming home from work one day, deciding you’re going to put a gag in her mouth, flip her over, smack her tits and cum on her face…

NOPE… That’d be incongruent to your current frame.

In fact, if she’s seen you as a boring beta who makes her drier than a bag of sand, then this behavior will leave her confused, angry, and probably coming after ME with a knife.

Instead, I’m going to ease you into becoming the master of her pussy, and having her praise your dick like a greek god.

Just like women’s sexual emotions, this is a sliding scale, not a light switch.

While men can get a boner around a hot woman and be fucking her in the next 30 seconds (and probably last for just 30 seconds, too)…

Women need to be EASED into it. And that’s what my sequence is about.

I’m going to show you how to:

- Last LONGER in bed, by controlling the experience from front to back, making her submit and follow YOUR frame (and be happy AND horny doing so!),

- START from wherever you are now, and EASE into the god-level sex prowess you’re after, that’ll make her HAPPY to become your little sex toy, ANXIOUSLY anticipating what you’ll surprise her with next, and

- GET a step-by-step breakdown for every single clip, where I DEMONSTRATE step-by-step exactly how to perform the techniques on a couple of HOT porn stars who LOVE to get fucked off-set by ME (one of ‘em even has heart-shaped nipples!!)

This Is Stuff You Can NOT Afford to Miss! Here’s What’s Inside My NEW “S.D.E.” Course:​

In module 1, I’ll be sharing the course outline, showing YOU:

- WHY she wants to get fucked by a masculine guy, who “just gets it”,

- WHY things like 50 Shades of Grey became so popular,

- WHAT “Sexual Dominance” really is & why it’s VITAL you master it!

- HOW to give her a variety of stimulating emotions & make her view you as a dominant, Alpha man

… plus much much more.

In module 2, I dive deep into my 3 components of Sexual Dominance:

  1. The 0-100 Scale,
  2. Progressions, and
  3. Stacks
These are the three skillsets you need, to add Sexual Dominance to your sex life, WITHOUT breaking frame, or coming off as incongruent.

Because here’s the thing - you can’t just turn up from being a shy, inexperienced nerd (like I was!) to being a dominant badass who gets her panties dripping.

You’ve got to turn it up sequentially - bit by bit.

In module 3
, I’m unveiling female anatomy, so you can familiarize yourself closely with the female body, and learn how to please ANY woman, anytime.

This is crucial to making women cum, lust after you, and get off whenever you’re with them. When you know your way around a vagina, you hold the keys to her pleasure kingdom.

You’re able to make her SCREAM and BEG for your cock.

Make her SQUIRT all over the place.. and MOAN in excitement and ecstasy as you control her shaking body in orgasmic pleasure.

And if you’re starting out a bit inexperienced like I was…

This module will teach you everything you NEED to know, to become the gatekeeper of her climaxes.

Also, I give the more experienced guys some extra methods for stimulating beyond just her ‘G Spot’:

I reveal the ‘A Spot’ and ‘O Spot’ - trust me, this is hardly taught anywhere else!

Stimulating these three areas correctly lead to TREMENDOUS orgasms for her.

In module 4, I’m revealing every step of my 0-100 Sexual Dominance scale.

This scale is made up of 4 quarters:

  1. Controlling
  2. Physically Dominating
  3. Degrading, and
  4. Sadistic
- In the 0-25 ‘controlling’ section, I break down the perfect starting point for ‘beginners’ and newbies to Sexual Dominance.

I cover things like proper technique for pushing her against the wall to make out, smacking her ass to get her WET and HORNY, how to flip her legs back and eat her pussy while keeping intense eye contact, and much more.

- In the 25-50 ‘physical’ section, I’m revealing one level up for the medium-level experienced guy, who’s mastered everything in the first quadrant.

I teach you things like:

- Making her taste her own juices to ELEVATE her arousal,