Superfast Blogger Template Premium Version

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

Superfast blogger template Free and premium is well designed precisely to provide the fastest page load with responsiveness to be mobile friendly and also be responsive with any screen, desktop, tablets, mobile and any other screen. With responsive and fixed sidebar widgets (jquery dependant and required), you can display your google absence or any other ads network provider to monetize your blog and get money.


  • Jquery Sticky sidebar widget
  • Responsive blogger template ads widgets
  • Social media plugin,facebook, twitteer, instagram,.. etc
  • popular posts already displayed on sidebar
  • Subscription widget for youtube and facebook
  • Display tags as category list menu or you can display them as buttons (cloud tags)
  • Responsive header ads 728x80 dimension
  • Search blog widget
  • Comment systems supports three plugins, Blogger comments, Facebook comments and Disqus comments
  • Social media Share buttons on posts, Whatsapp, pinterest, likedin and others
  • Tag related post widget
  • Next and previous buttons to help users navigation through posts
  • About Author, to provide a paragraph in brief about post author
  • Footer widget with three columns


  • SuperFast Premium Blogger
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