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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

Telegram Scraper App​

The tool created to scrape and transfer Telegram groups or channels active users. Try it for free!​


What is included​

Telegram Scraper​

  • Scrape Users From Public Telegram Groups
  • Scrape Users From Channels Where Account is Admin Of The Channel
  • Scrape Users From Private Groups Where Account is Member Of Group
  • Export scraped users to CSV file


  • Multi-account support
  • Authentication to Telegram via API credentials
  • Verification code confirmation through Telegram app

User Adder​

  • Import list of scraped users from .CSV file and start adding them to your group/channel
  • Adding users to channels works only with first 200 users - Telegram Restriction
  • Adding Settings Configuration
  • Control Delays Between Separate Adds (in milliseconds)
  • Select maximum number of users to be added per run
    Run it as Admin