The Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022
  1. : Displays any site’s PageSpeed score
  2. : Instant SEO keyword research and competitive analysis
  3. : A flexible SEO extension that’s a must-have if you’re an Ahrefs user
  4. : Quickly shows you on-page SEO page insights at a glance
  5. : Provides instant metrics on any site or SERP
  6. : An all-in-one SEO toolkit in a browser extension
  7. : open, copy, or save multiple links at the same time
  8. ( ): In-depth traffic and engagement stats for any website — right at your fingertips
  9. : Outlines nofollow links on webpages
  10. : Scrape data from websites quickly and save to a spreadsheet
  11. : Tells you what’s under the hood of a website
  12. : Tells you where your website ranks on Google.
  13. : Get a page’s traffic ranking, meta tags, load time and way, way more
  14. : Searches for name, address and phone number info
  15. Provides Majestic’s functionality within your browser
  16. : Get hex and RGB values from websites using an eyedropper tool## The Best Google Chrome Add-Ons to Increase Productivity
  17. : Fast, flexible screen capture and annotation
  18. : Send customized emails to multiple people at once within Gmail
  19. : Tells you a contact’s LinkedIn information within Gmail.
  20. : Displays a quick Google Analytics view at the top of each page you visit
  21. : Automates scheduling meetings inside your favorite email and calendar programs
  22. : Track email opens, downloads and clicks, create templates, schedule meetings and much more
  23. : Sniffs out email addresses on the web.
  24. : Quickly troubleshoot analytics tags, on-click events, variables and more
  25. : Tracks your outgoing email, allowing you to see who’s clicking your links

The Best Google Chrome Add-Ons to Improve Your Browsing Experience​

  1. : Blocks advertisements and popups (Please Bypass our site
  2. : Store your passwords in an encrypted vault and never forget them again
  3. : Store and annotate the web to access from anywhere
  4. : Checks your grammar and spelling
  5. : Email encryption
  6. : Access TunnelBear’s VPN through your browser

The Best Google Chrome Extensions for Improving Your Social Media Workflow​

  1. : A URL shortener with powerful tracking
  2. : Allows you to share and schedule content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more
  3. : Helps you discover hashtags as you type
  4. : Quickly pulls share counts for the page you’re looking at
  5. : An extension-based version of Google’s URL shortener.
  6. : A full content marketing suite disguised as a Chrome extension
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