The Best Tools To Optimize Animated GIFs

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022
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Animated GIFs are interesting and all, but the time taken to load the are not. Because they consist of frames of animations, they are usually big in terms of file size. This means it is a pain to load web pages, especially if you have many of them.

But the good news is, Animated GIFs can be optimized. In other words, their file size can be shrunk without compromising the image quality.

For those who love creating and sharing animated GIFs, whether via web tools, or phone apps, this is a post you should read. Here are some of the best tools you can use to shrink the file size of your animated GIFs.

Shrink O’Matic is a drag-and-drop GIF processing tool that lets you choose images’ output size, rotation, name and location, image format, add watermark, choose image ratio, and other customization options. It can process multiple GIF images in batch mode.

  • File formats: .jpg .png
  • Platforms: Windows

ImageOptim is a drag-and-drop tool that can compress any GIF image without losing its original quality, up to 60-80% of the original size. The program removes overstuffed metadata and invisible junk from the images and also removes unnecessary color profiles.

  • File formats: .jpg .png
  • Platforms: macOS

FileOptimizer is an advanced GIF file optimizing tool that maintains the behavior of the output image and shrinks filesizes with multiple recompression and optimization techniques.

It has a simple interface that intermediates and experienced persons can easily use. It compresses the most popular file formats, including audio, videos, and documents.

  • File formats: .jpg .png .tiff .bmp .ico
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

FILEminimizer Pictures compresses GIF images by up to 98% with its native file optimization technology. There are four different compression levels, and you can even compress multiple GIF files simultaneously. Moreover, the software lets you upload images to Facebook directly.

  • File formats: .jpg .bmp .tiff .png .emf
  • Platforms: Windows

RIOT or Radical Image Optimization Tool is an easy-to-use GIF compressor that adjusts the image parameters and compresses filesizes. RIOT consists of a dual-view interface for comparing the input and output quality of the image.

With RIOT, you can control the compression, metadata settings, and a number of colors and even select the images’ output formats.

  • File formats: .jpg, .png
  • Platforms: Windows

Giffing Tool can optimize the images automatically to cover repetitive pixels and colors and decrease image sizes. Also, it can resize and alter the playback speed of GIF images without negatively influencing the images.

The software allows image filtering, looping, merging, reversing, and cropping as well.

  • File formats: .avi .mp4 .webm .mkv
  • Platforms: Windows

GIFMicro is a GIF image processing and converting tool that boosts user experience by displaying the processing status per image and also highlights the difference between original and compressed images.

The processed images, flawlessly delivered, remain beautiful in every detail using this tool.

  • File formats: .gif
  • Platforms: Windows

GIF Optimizer is a one-click image optimization program. The tool compresses the images by up to 90% and reduces the overall load time. It’s a beneficial tool to compress and optimize GIF images for uploading to social networks.

It also includes a preview pane for comparing original and output images before finalizing the compression.

  • File formats: .gif
  • Platforms: Windows

This simple program requires no installation or running of software. It’s a small batch file implementation for the command prompt; you just need to drag the GIF image over to the FastIO.cmd.

The program immediately starts compressing the image in a window and lets you choose the compression percentage. When done, the result is listed in the window, showing you how much KBs is saved.

  • File formats: .jpg .png
  • Platforms: Windows

More tools to optimize Animated GIFs​

If you do not optimize GIFs often and just want a touch-and-go tool to use that one time, here are 9 more online tools for compressing GIF images directly on the web.

  1. : Supports multiple image optimization modes like lossy lossless and expert and also allow you to resize GIFs. Images can be imported from online cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  2. : Reduces the filesize of multiple GIF images at a time. With ILoveIMG, you can also edit images (like resize, crop, etc.) and convert GIF images to JPGs.
  3. : Shrinks any GIF image by reducing the number of colors and minimizes the file sizes by up to 30%, and can also resize, crop and add effects to GIF images.
  4. : Compresses GIFs and other images without affecting the picture quality. It supports high compression to save hundreds of bandwidth.
  5. : Reduces the weight of animated GIFs and helps you upload it faster. You can also adjust the image size, quality and effects as per your needs.
  6. : Supports lossy GIF optimization (with multiple levels) and color reduction for GIF images. You can also remove a few frames to compress further.
  7. : Shrinks the size of any GIF image and helps your web page load faster.