The complete Forex course with Supply Demand - Order block For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

The complete Forex course with Supply Demand - Order block Download For Free


What you’ll learn
Basic level : What is the Forex ?
Basic level : Definition in Forex - Pip - Lot - Leverage - Calculate lot size
Basic level : How to develop your trading career
Intermediate : What is Technical analyzation and Fundamental analyzation
Intermediate : Strongest candle sticks need to remember
Intermediate : Strongest price patterns need to remember
Expert : Supply and Demand - How to define Strong/Order Block and Obsolete supply and demand
Expert : Master Multiple timeframe with Supply and Demand
Expert : How to trade with Confluence strategy
Expert : How to trade with non-confluence strategy
Expert : How to practice successfully
Expert : Control Emotion in trading
You can have big pictures to create your own trading strategy and step by step to practice until you’re profitable trader.

You need an laptop or computer.
You need an Internet connection.
You need to be patient and focus to follow the course.
You need to practice this method at least 1 month to see the results.
You need to believe your method and patient to practice it.

[Created date : Nov 15th 2021 - Last update : Dec 2nd 2021]
Updated history in the last of description

In this course, you will learn from the basic level to expert level in trading. You’ll know why you’re still be lose trader after hard practicing many years.

My story :

I already wasted 4 years to try to find some things call “ Magic pills” on the YouTube , Books with indicators, trendline … But, all of them are no-meaning to bring me to profitable & professional trader :

In the first year, I spend time to learn about trading with indicator like RSI , Oscillator , MACD …. Try to figure out the confluence between these indicator and fail. Trying to learn everything again about Technical analyzation and Fundamental analyzation like price pattern from book, Ichimoku,

Supply and Demand, Bollinger band, Alligator , … and all false.

In the second year, Nothing special for trading career alone. Trying to coding MQL4, Pine Script to create my own indicator to find out the best tools that will earn money for me automatically and fail one more time.

In the third year, I give up with trading bot of second year. I realize that trading is act of person emotion , not like computer science. Thus, I spend time on the books, I read a lot at that time. But, in the books, all of knowledge is basically. No any author wanna share from zero to expert to you. They just share pieces of their strategy. Even that is profitable strategy, but, you don’t know about the cornerstone of that strategy, you never can apply it successfully - I am sure about that. In this year, I focus to trading combine Ichimoku indicator with RSI and Price action. Even, I can forest cast about direction of market quite exactly but I still cannot know about where is best place to entry , take profit, stop loss and quick exit. So, even I can forest cast the direction but results of this year is still fail.

In the forth year, I join one trading team with professional traders in my country, they teach me about supply - demand, Understanding about the big pictures of market. How to control emotion while I’m trading. After I had the good strategy to trade, I already controlled my emotion & risk management with supply and demand and I did apply it to trade Scalping with the quick earning money dream. But I don’t know that my personality is not suitable for that trading styles. I win & lose … again and again in this year. But, this year, I feel I can have knowledge equal to all the past 3 years. You can know that how to “stage burn” by reach out the right people, right lesson with the right method.

Over the half of forth year, I changed to trading like swing trading (in longer timeframe). And, the “sweet fruit” already appeared. Here is my trading styles is suitable for my personality, I don’t be stressed, fear, Greed for any time I lose the trade. I have more time to analyze crypto and stock to spend big money to investing longer time. That is the true freedom life every traders like us wanna be. WE won’t want to change from officer to stressed work at home, right?

If you’re in the road like me, here is lesson for you.

From that time, I develop this strategy to trading smoothly and more specific. It will be easier for new traders and non-profitable traders to start.

My series of lesson will focus on :

1. What is trading style that suitable for your personality - most of lesson or book don’t mentioned it.

2. Build profitable strategy based on supply demand - price pattern - candle pattern in trading. Simple to analyze & easy to be profitable.

3. Build SOP document like the first step in the stairs to you to go forwards.

4. Improve your strategy every day with R-PDCA processes.

5. Understand about emotion, why you have that emotion , what you will act that time & improve it.

6. Chose the best way to practice demo account by judge RR, Drawdown, win rate …

7. Risk management will be applied while you use supply demand - price pattern - candle pattern strategy.

8. Fully understand about direction of market, the big pictures to join or skip the market.

I hope this lesson can help you achieve your dream, Don’t be afraid to invest the lessons to help you “stage burning”.

If you have any problem or exercise need my help, feel free to contact me via email.

Thank - you.

Jayce Pham

Updated history :
1. Nov 15th 2021 - New release.

2. Dec 2nd 2021 - Updated lectures 40 and 41 - Live trading in XAUUSD and USDJPY

Who this course is for
People who have no experience in trading both Forex, Stock and Cryptocurrency
People who have traded for a long time but they still don’t have profit
People who want to trade seriously
People who want to change from officer to freedom trader
People who want to trade like professional traders or trade for Forex funds.

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