The Complete Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Course 2022 For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

[Download] The Complete Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Course 2022 For Free


What you’ll learn

  • Prepare for the Splunk Enterprise 8.x Certified Admin exam!
  • Learn how to deploy Splunk in different environments and with different architectures
  • Understand how Splunk license management works
  • Explore Splunk apps and the thriving Splunkbase community
  • Master all aspects of Splunk configuration files
  • Users, roles, and authentication
  • Get data into Splunk
  • Build distributed search head clusters
  • Understand how Splunk processes data


  • Navigate the Linux file system
  • Understand how to install software on Linux and Windows
Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has inherited a Splunk environment and wants to rock it!
  • Anyone who wants to get the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin credential
  • Anyone who has been tasked with deploying a Splunk environment
  • Anyone who is getting started in data analytics and wants to learn one of the most popular tools
  • Data analysts and engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Security professionals
  • Anyone who wants to make a lot of money by boosting their resume with Splunk knowledge and experience
  • Anyone who is curious about Splunk

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