The Design and Analysis of Algorithm Masterclass [2021] For Free

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022

The Design and Analysis of Algorithm Masterclass [2021] Download For Free


Algorithm & Data Structures will help you to Crack Coding Interviews (C/C++Java/Python) Learn Algorithm Data Structures

What you’ll learn
Enhance Your Logical Thinking Abilities
Learn various Popular Data Structures and their Algorithms.
Knowing Algorithm Well helps you to Solve the Problem in a Better Way.
Learn Big O, Big Omega Big Theta Notation
Linear Search, Recurrence Relations
Factorial, Tail Recursion
Towers of Hanoi
Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort
Knapsack Problem, Minimum Spanning Tree: Kruskal’s Algorithm, Minimum Spanning Tree: Prim’s Algorithm
Huffman’s Codes - Building Huffman Tree, Dijkstra’s Algorithm,Bellman Ford Algorithm, Floyd Warshall Algorithm
Brute Force Matcher
Pattern Pre-Processing
The Knuth Morris Pratt Algorithm
n-Queens Algorithm
Graph Coloring, Hamiltonian Cycles
0/1 Knapsack Problem
15 Puzzle Problem
NP Completeness and Approximation Algorithms
Will get to know Real time uses of all Algorithm
Get the answer of your “WHY” part behind use of every Algorithm

Idea of Programming (Good To Have - NOT Mandatory)
Some Basic Mathematics (Good To Have - NOT Mandatory)
Basic Concepts of Data Structures (Good To Have - NOT Mandatory)
Little Familiarity with Graph Theory (Good To Have - NOT Mandatory)

Algorithm used in everywhere. People Don’t know how Complex Algorithm they are executing when doing there day to day task like: Riding a Bi-Cycle, Travelling from one place to another even Watering Garden.

If you are Coder then the Knowledge of algorithm is Very much important for you. The knowledge of Algorithm teach you How to Think to solve a Problem?

Algorithm is the concepts which differentiate one average software engineer and one better software engineer. In our daily life in the industry we used different kinds of algorithm to make the system faster, better and efficient.

But the problem is 90% of the freshers and graduates don’t have the basic knowledge of algorithm. That is the reason we make this Design and Analysis of algorithm Masterclass.

What you are Going to Learn?

Asymptotic Notations, Recursion, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming, Dijkstra’s, Bellman Ford, Floyd Warshall Algorithm, Kruskal’s Algorithm, Knapsack Problem, String Matching with Finite Automaton, Heap sort, Huffman Codes, n-Queens Algorithm, Rat in Maze, 0/1 Knapsack Problem, 15 Puzzle Problem, NP Completeness, Approximation Algorithms

Who this course is for
Computer science students
Software working professionals who wants to learn better way to Solve a Problem

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