The Futur OpSys ver. 1.0 (Notion Template)

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Mar 27, 2022

Operating System from The Futur​

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Operating System is an all-in-one template to manage projects, clients, and sales for your agency, studio, or freelance business. Powered by Notion.

  • Manage your creative projects, clients, and teams
  • Track deals and improve your sales process
  • Optimize your content creation process
  • Store important documents, contacts, and files
  • …. all built and preconfigured in Notion

Stressful project experiences don't create happy clients.​

Even if you’re comfortable with the “magic” of your creative process, your clients may be feeling lost, confused, and stressed. Unhappy clients lead to an unhappy bottom line. If you notice any of these patterns, your project management system may be failing:

  • Clients ask for too many revisions or delay feedback
  • Your projects take a lot longer than planned
  • Clients try to take control of the creative process
  • Your projects don’t profit as much as they should
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It’s hard to navigate when you feel like you’re under water.​

Your creative business requires clear communication, attention to detail, and the ability focus on several things at the same time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have several projects running at once, even especially if you work with a team. You may need a new way to work if you’re experiencing any of these red flags:

  • Having trouble focusing on what’s important now
  • Struggling to keep track of details between projects
  • Feeling like you have so much to do, the work day never ends
  • Not feeling confident when talking about your creative process
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Finding the right set of tools to run your creative business is tough.​

Today’s business and project management solutions can fall short of what a growing studio needs. You can stitch multiple digital products together, but this can be expensive and time consuming to maintain. Ideally, you’d want to do everything in one place:

  • Track and improve your sales process (CRM)
  • Manage your creative projects, clients, and teams
  • Optimize creating social media content
  • Store important documents, contacts, and files
  • Centralize communication and access to information
  • Make spreadsheets a thing of the past
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Stay busy doing what you love... not doing busywork.​

OpSys is the complete blueprint for streamlining your creative business. You’ll be able to run projects with less stress, optimize your sales process, & save time for what’s really important. Best of all, OpSys is powered by Notion: an adaptable workspace designed for flexibility and power.

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Manage Projects & Tasks​

Using preconfigured databases, you’ll be able to start a new project, schedule workflows, and create assignable tasks simply. Adopt our existing workflows, or adapt them to your process: it’s infinitely customizable within Notion.

What gets measured improves. And with our simplified deal pipeline, you can track how well your sales process performs. Start by using our sales process with pre-built tasks for each stage of the deal flow, and customize it to your needs.

Store contact information, meeting notes, feedback conversations, moodboards, and documents all in one centralized location. Then keep everything at eye-level with customized database views that help you make decisions at a glance.

Includes dashboards and preconfigured databases designed for managing projects, tracking sales performance, producing social content, and keeping contact details at hand. Powered by Notion and infinitely customizable.

A complete workflow built to guide you and your clients through the branding process we used at Blind. Includes step-by-step instructions and ready-made task templates in Notion.

That’s right, it’s a complete library of our most commonly-used messages and emails to clients and internal teams. Archived from years of client work and added to an easy-to-use Notion database.

We’ll walk you through each step of setting up and customizing your operating system. You’ll learn advanced Notion tips and tricks, how to customize templated tasks and projects, and when to use each piece of the template.

By signing up during the preorder period, you’ll be able to join two LIVE webinars with template co-creators Joel Shaw and Ben Burns. And of course, you’ll get lifetime access to the recordings.

How I nearly lost a client (and got cursed out in the process)...​

In the early days, I was a design freelancer running low-budget jobs. I’d pick up work from platforms like oDesk, my personal network (thanks, Grandma), and the scraps from other agencies and studios.

To make ends meet, I had to take on far too many projects at once. In fact, when I first spoke to Chris Do, I’d been running 53 clients simultaneously, each with at least one active project.

I didn’t believe I could charge higher rates, so I thought the solution was to work faster. To get more done. I became obsessed with productivity, and I started exploring project management software with the hopes of finding something that would allow me to take on more work.

But one person can only do so much.

Admittedly, the work wasn’t great in those days. I wasn’t clear about my process, and I wasn’t fantastic at communicating. My clients weren’t having a great experience at all, but they didn’t complain much because I was so affordable.

Until one day…

I was working with a client on an ecommerce site build. It was one of my first completely custom Wordpress templates, and as far as I knew, the project was moving along smoothly. We finished the design phase and were well within the development phase when everything exploded.

I was in the middle of presenting the first round of the developed template when the client spoke up and asked for a design change that would have scrapped our entire build.

I scrambled for words, and explained that we couldn’t move backwards with the project, and that the change they wanted would require us to rebuild the entire site. The mood in the room went dark.

“THIS is the website? You already built it?!”

I sat, bewildered, while they fully expressed their opinion of me, expletives and all. It was the first and last time a client raised their voice at me.

Now, there are a ton of lessons I learned from this experience, especially how to avoid toxic clients like this one. Never again. But the fact remains: The client had no idea where we were in the process.

Even though each project phase was listed in the contract, and we had approval forms signed before moving on to the next phase… I must have not been been clear on how things were supposed to work.

More transparency might have helped. Having a place where they could log in and see what we’ve done so far and what’s coming next… this also might have helped. Recaps and notes from each meeting might have helped as well.

The way I worked with clients had to change.

I hunted for an affordable project management software that could help prevent disasters like this one. I tried nearly all of the major platforms available at that time. None of them really fit well.

Over time, my business grew. I learned how to price my work better, and my projects started to require specialists, so I began collaborating with other freelancers. I learned how to work with other people and, after a while, I hired my first intern. Delegation was an entirely new world. My internal team eventually grew to five employees, and I found myself doing more managing than making.

With each collaboration and with every hire, I found myself reevaluating the way we worked. The tools that worked for one person didn’t seem to work for two. And what worked for two fell flat when the team grew to five. We outgrew each platform, each process with every milestone.

Then I got hired at Blind

Have you ever seen those videos of people jumping onto a treadmill that’s moving at high speed? That’s what joining the team at Blind felt like. Watching Chris Do, Matthew Encina, and Greg Gunn work was like drinking through a fire hose.

One thing took me by surprise: Even at this high-performing agency, we still weren’t happy with the tools that we used to manage the business. In the span of four years, we changed project and team management systems several times… and never found something that fit just right.

That’s why I’m so excited at what we’ve created here. I’ve poured every ounce of experience I have into this product. I wanted to create something that would have been the a perfect fit for a growing creative business. Something that would help me manage projects, track sales performance, streamline content creation, and keep a roster of people at hand.

Most importantly, I wanted this to be something that people could learn from. A useful tool that you can pick up our project management methodology, but something that was highly customizable and adapts to your business as it grows.

I’m proud to say that’s what we’ve done here.

And I say we because I couldn’t have done this alone. My co-conspirator on this project is Joel Shaw, our Product Lead here at The Futur. Joel has been instrumental in systematizing all of our operations here at The Futur when it comes to creating our products. He’s built our own operating system in Notion, and our growing team of twenty-plus incredible humans use this on a daily basis across the globe.

When you sign up, you won’t just get another Notion template. You’ll get a flexible, customizable, and adaptable tool backed by our experience running projects and teams for clients. It’s something that will grow with you, from Freelance to running a team.

I’m excited to see what you think!

PS. I did end up finishing that project. After receiving an apology and a bit of extra money, of course, we built a site that still stands today.

Ben Burns is a designer that helps growing businesses increase revenue, expand brand awareness, and earn happier customers. Currently, he serves in a dual role as both the Chief Operating Officer of The Futur and as Digital Creative Director at Blind.

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If clients hire you to make things, this is designed for you.​

Whether you’re freelancing solo or considering hiring your 50th employee, you’re in the right place. As long as you’re ready to get to know Notion, this template is perfect for anyone who works with clients. You’ll feel right at home if you provide any one of these services to clients:

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Brand & Identity Design
  • Brand or Marketing Strategy
  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Photography & Videography
  • Animation & Motion Design
  • Post Production & VFX

  • Version 1 Release Date: August 25, 2022
  • Manage your creative projects, clients, and teams
  • Track deals and improve your sales process
  • Optimize your content creation process
  • Store important documents, contacts, and files
  • …. all built and preconfigured in Notion
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