Tutorial To Bypass Mega.nz 50GB Import Limit

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
1.Create a new mega account with temp mail, verify it, and log in to your new MEGA account.

2. To run the script, you first need to add the Google Extension Tampermonkey ( ) to your browser.

3. Click on the Tampermonkey icon from your browser and choose the “Create a New Script”-

This will open up the Script Editor. Delete all of the content that is already prepopulated.

4. Now copy the script from the Pastebin link below

Mega.nz Script:

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And paste it into the Tampermonkey user script section. Then click file & save

Now make sure that it’s enabled and you’re all set

As long as there’s a remaining space in your cloud, you can import any link bypassing the 50GB limit.

This script works only from imported links.