Ultimate Minecraft Server List 21 June 2021

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022
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Minecraft Servers List for Sale!​

Minecraft servers list (CMS) is TOP quality, features rich Minecraft servers listing control management system. Which allows you to own and maintain premium quality minecraft servers project in minutes with no programming knowledge at all.

Why to buy this Minecraft servers list?​

With one file translate whole website to specific language or add as many languages as you want in few clicks and own multi-lingual project.

Add, edit, change the look of website just by using control panel, generate unique looking servers list without any coding at all. Or add hundreds of different templates for visitors to choose from!

Give it a try! Servers List DEMO:
Link -
Username - demo, Password - demo

Recommended Web Hosting:

1. Hostinger ((This is the only known web hosting company for me which doesn't block ports for servers to be queried even on their shared web hosting plans. Click the link to get your discounted plan today. Tested and used by 80%+ of this script owners.))

Questions or any other enquiries? Feel free to get in touch
Also, I can create any other game or multiple games listing CMS.
Skype - [email protected]
Email - [email protected]
Discord - dannyme.com#6678

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Last update21 June 2021


  • Written in plain , clean coded PHP with JS, custom CSS and Semantic UI as front-end framework. No back-end framework used. Modify everything easily
  • 1 file translation for whole website
  • Advanced Admin Panel
  • Sponsored - Auctions or Sell Monthly
  • Automated Paypal Payments System
  • Dynamic Servers Vote Banner
  • Servers Stats Charts - Uptime, Votes, Rank, Players
  • Create & Customize As Many Templates as You Want in Few Clicks!
  • Votifier Powered - Rewards for Votes System
  • Search Engines Optimized (SEO)
  • Live Servers Search
  • Vofitier Tester, Status checker Pages
  • Minecraft Versions, Types Lists
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Easy Installation
  • And much more!
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