User Role Editor Pro - WordPress Plugin v4.62.1

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
User Role Editor Pro
Download Free User Role Editor Pro - WordPress Plugin Premium Nulled
User Role Editor - edit user roles easily

Are you satisfied with standard WordPress roles list or user capabilities distribution among them? Do you wish to change something in the users rights and permissions system?
User Role Editor WordPress plugin will help you. Edit any existing role, create new one, fill selected role with capabilities which you need. Assign new created roles or capabilities directly to the user.
User Role Editor Pro version features
Why go Pro? Pro version offers extended functionality. It is advertisement free. Buy Pro version and join
to the 2539 active subscribers. Look on the Pro version additional features list and take right effective decision:
Block selected admin menu items on per role base ( )
Show front end menu item for everyone, logged-in users, logged-in users with selected role(s), not logged-in visitors only ( )
Block selected widgets and sidebars under "Appearance" menu on per role base ( )
Block selected meta boxes (dashboard, posts, pages, custom post types) for roles ( )
Block access to the other roles for the selected role ( )
Per plugin access for roles and users with "activate_plugins" capability ( );
Export and Import user roles
Multi-site: Roles and users management for all sites at Network Admin from one point: edit, replicate roles to all subsites, assign roles and capabilities to the users, replicate existing user together with his permissions to all sites of the network.
Multi-site: Restrict access of single sites administrators to the selected user capabilities and Add/Delete role operations inside User Role Editor ( )
Multi-site: Superadmin can setup individual lists of themes available for activation to selected single sites administrators ( ).
Content edit access restriction features:
  • Force all custom posts types to use its own custom capabilities set instead of usage of one built on the base of the 'post', e.g. 'edit_videos' instead of 'edit_posts'.
  • Activate "Create" capability for posts/pages/custom post types. For example, without a 'create_post' capability user will be allowed just edit the existing posts.
  • Users access restriction for editing selected posts and pages only by post/page ID, or/and category/taxonomy ID, or/and author user ID ( );
  • Users access restriction to Gravity Forms by forms ID list ( );
Content view access restriction for selected roles and with short_codes ( )
Manage what widgets are shown for what role ( ).
Admin pages permissions viewer shows at the bottom of every admin backend (wp-admin) page the user capabilities list checked by this page and plugins hooked to it ( ).
Advertisement Free
Guaranteed premium support.

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