wePOS PRO v1.1.3 - POS plugin for WooCommerce

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Wepos pro
This is an advanced and responsive WooCommerce Point of Sales plugin. It allows you to customize features, take orders, and track inventory in real time with a WooCommerce store.


Based on the REST API
wePOS is a single page application that completes all processes very quickly. The unique search function allows you to quickly find the desired products and customers.

POS and Counter Management
With wePOS you can manage an unlimited number of POS and counters at the same time. You can manage these outlets individually and assign different cashiers/agents.

Multiple Cart Management
The Manage Cart tab style makes it easy to manage multiple live shopping carts without data loss. Initiate checkout for multiple customers at the same time.

Secure login panel for cashiers
Your cashiers can log in with their credentials and they can only view the interface. This will prevent the possibility of fraud by employees / cashiers and increase productivity.

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