Wescle v3.8.0 NULLED | Universal theme for WordPress

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
SEO optimized theme for WordPress, suitable for any type of site, adapts to all screens (fluid template), great functionality.

Off. website: Wescle

theme is a window into the brave new world of advanced WordPress. There are no frameworks, plug-ins and other painful IT words. But the theme is created completely according to the code of work of WordPress. Customize the appearance of the site Complete freedom of settings - menus, headings, promo blocks, text, the layout itself ... All this is available in a lightweight visual editor. Header and footer bow before you

Become the undivided ruler of the header and footer of the site, changing and adding information at your discretion: banners, sliders, menus, phones, links to social networks and much more are ready to kneel before you.
You don't need to know anything about coding to effectively customize the look and feel!
Add. modules are the meat of your business
Small but well-aimed - they will all serve you day and night: cookies, schema, lightboxes, breadcrumbs, counters, share, on / off content, presets ...

Get rid of the need to buy / download plugins to optimize your speed your site.

Built-in Minify & Combine for CSS + JS

In the customizer you will find settings + easy control of style and script functions.
Added Minify HTML Minify
your Wescle website code in just 1 click.
Advanced Settings
Control settings for emojis, RSD links, wlwmanifest, XFN, RSS, Shortlink, lazyload, caching and more.

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