What kind of experience is using a love doll from an experienced person's point of view?

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Oct 25, 2022
The text interviews some people who have purchased love dolls, and the following are the experiences and impressions of people who have used . This article is an edited version of this interview. What kind of experience will it be from the perspective of someone who has used a love doll?

I am currently working for a company in Tokyo. It's already been five years since I moved to Tokyo from my parents' home. But all this time, I've been living alone, no girlfriend. I work late every day, Koumire might have a normal life with a little trouble. But living alone all the time is a bit lonely, because in real life there aren't many opportunities to interact with women. If you make her, all kinds of troublesome things will come out. But you still need a girlfriend, you want to find her girlfriend and satisfy her own sexual needs.

On one occasion, when I was looking at a forum, I saw a post about a love doll from a love doll buyer. There are many photos of love dolls, and if you look at the doll from the photos, it looks very luxurious. You look like a real woman. When I saw photos of love dolls, I was curious about love dolls. I searched for love doll information on Google and found a site that sells love dolls.

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Thus, my first love doll was ordered like this. I got the doll that I had been looking forward to for ten days. Some clothes are sent as other services because the packaging is very strict and expensive. Love dolls made of TPE material have a bit of a smell, and when you first unpack it, it smells a little like rubber. In order to get rid of this smell, I opened the window of my room and put the near the open window. Every time I work at a company, I always ventilate like this. When this happened, the smell of the love doll gradually disappeared in a few days. Since the smell disappeared, I was able to play with the love doll. Before, I didn't know about it just by looking at pictures, and I had no idea that a love doll's body was so fluffy. When I touched the skin and breasts, it was very soft. Love dolls have a wide range of motion, can pose in a variety of ways, and can be used in any position. It is a very pleasant sex experience that I tried sex with a love doll on that day. The dick feels good, and the lower body experienced a great stimulation. After having sex, hold your love doll while you sleep. It's reassuring to have someone with you when you're sleeping. When I'm still working the next day, I'm ventilating the love doll again. After a month, the smell was completely gone.

I bought a lot of cute clothes online and had my love doll wear them. Every time you return to your room, it feels like someone is waiting for you. In this way, the loneliness of living alone was reduced a little. If you ever get tired of seeing this style of a love doll, you can change the doll's hair. The change in hair was like a completely different look. If another friend comes to my house, I have to be a little careful about hiding the sex doll, but some male friends will react with curiosity when they see this, this feeling is just like in the room. It's like finding an anime model.

Two years after buying her sex doll, I had her. The love doll was disposed of from that time. Of course, one of the reasons was that the love doll was getting more and more worn out. But thanks to this love doll, I don't feel lonely even when my girlfriend isn't around. The price of a love doll is a little high, but I still think the experience a love doll gives me is worth the price. The above is my experience and memories of using love dolls.