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Apr 27, 2022
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The WordPress Keyword Tool not only acts as a WordPress keyword suggestion tool, but also helps you find out what keywords people are looking for so that you can target these keywords by checking keyword density. This is to make sure your articles are search engine friendly and keyword optimized.

Main feature

Keyword list. WordPress Keyword Tool acts as a WordPress keyword research plugin that lists the most frequently used keywords for a given keyword

Add keywords as tags. If you want to use a related keyword as a tag, check the keyword and add it as a tag

Density of viewing. The WordPress Keyword Tool works as the WordPress Keyword Density Plugin, specifying which keywords to focus on, and the Wordpress Keyword Tool checks the percentage of posts that help you achieve better density using the WordPress Keyword Density Checker.

Timely advice. When you write keywords to get relevant keyword suggestions, you are selected by WordPress Keyword Generator

The value of concentration in time. As a WordPress Keyword Density Monitor, it instantly calculates your time-saving values so it's the best WordPress plugin for Keyword Density

All languages are supported. The standard WordPress keyword search plugin now supports all languages

All Google Sites are supported. This is the right WordPress keyword plugin for Google so you can set which Google site the plugin uses to get keywords

100% ajax responsive wordpress seo keyword research plugin

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