Workreap v2.5.3 NULLED - wordpress freelance exchange template

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
This is a freelance marketplace WordPress theme with some exciting features and excellent code quality. It has been designed and developed after careful research to meet the needs of people interested in creating a freelance market or similar projects. The design is modern, but at the same time it focuses on usability, visual hierarchy and aesthetics to provide easy navigation for end users.


This system will allow freelancers and employers to register and create their profiles in a few easy steps. As soon as the task is posted on the marketplace, freelancers will have the opportunity to submit their proposals for consideration by the employer. Once the offer is accepted, the employer will have to make a payment, which will be received by the admin, but it will also be shown in that freelancer's wallet system after deducting the admin fee in the pending payments section. Once the project is completed and approved by the employer, this amount will be moved from the pending balance section to the available balance in the freelancer's wallet. The commission system will allow the administrator to monetize this system.

This system also has a built-in inbox system, allowing users to communicate with each other if they have any questions about a job or offer, etc. It also has a built-in review system that will allow employers to leave feedback and evaluate work done outside freelancers. In addition to that, the theme is packed with amazing features and you can see the full list of features on this theme's description page.

Workreap v2.5.3 NULLED

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