Wovie: Redux - Movie and Show Streaming Portal v3.3.3 ReDo

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022

All in one Movie and TV Show streaming script, originally created by a member of Codester taken over and improved on by members of Babiato. You can find the original version of the script to download here: Codester - Wovie 1.0.3.


Wovie came with a range of features such as:
  • TMDb Import of movies and shows.
  • Onesignal API for notifying subscribed members.
  • Comment system.
  • A forums section.
  • Advertisement manager and advertisement slots.
But we've come together and added a boat load of fixes and features which can be found below!
  • Chatbox for requests and general chit chat.
  • PWA Support which works on Android and iOS for those none native apps.
  • Better SEO Support.
  • More customisations.
  • Sitemap generation for Google Search Console.
  • RSS Feeds for your users to subscribe to.
  • Maintenance mode for if you need to do some secret work.
  • Auto embed support using Remote Stream*
And Tons of bug fixes!

*Remote Stream is a service run by myself @Titan and by using this script and my API may monetise me indirectly.


  • PHP 7.2+
  • allow_url_fopen On
  • cURL 7.19.4+
  • PDO On
  • GD On
  • mbstring On
  • EXIF On
  • Ability to Chmod 777 folders
    If you can't Chmod 777 for host reasons then disable chatbox
  • MySQL database
  • Basic knowledge of executing SQL for upgrades
  • OneSignal API key for OneSignal support
  • TMDb API key for importing movies and shows
  • *Optional* Cron Jobs for the sitemap and RSS Feeds

Example websites:

We will continue to support this script and improve it in due time, any recommendations you can drop below, we may look and consider them but it doesn't mean they'll be added. If you're wanting more personal customizations we can chat about this privately, however this will prevent you having any further updates to the script and we may not wish to do them.

Installation Guide:
  • Download the Latest Version
  • Create a database in your hosting account, make sure that the user has the appropriate privileges'
  • Unzip the package and upload all files to your server, make sure that all files were uploaded
  • Make sure the chmd/permissions to all files and folders are correct (normally folders set to 775 and files set to 664 is fine)
  • The following files and directories must be writeable (775 or 777)
    • /index.php
    • /app/config/db.config.php
    • /app/config/config.php
    • /app/chatlogs/ (must be set to 777 for the chatbox to work)
    • /install/
    • /public/upload/
  • If you uploaded to a subfolder make sure to edit the .htaccess
    • #Make sure RewriteBase points to the directory where you installed WovieRedux. #Remove the # from #RewriteBase if you installed WovieRedux in a subfolder. #Example: RewriteBase /wovie if your installation is in a folder named wovie.
  • *Optional for sitemap* The following Cron Jobs need to be added for the sitemap to function properly:
    0 * * * * /usr/bin/php -f YOUR SERVERS ROOT PATH/app/controller/tasks/sitemap.php &> /dev/null
    OR it can be run from Easy Cron with the following URL:
    YOUR SITES URL/app/controller/tasks/sitemap.php
  • If you get a 500 error when trying to install
    make sure that all files were uploaded especially the .htaccess
    and if you installed into a subfolder to edit the .htaccess
    and that the chmd/permissions to all files and folders are set correctly
  • Go to YOUR SITES URL/install and run the installer, make sure that there are no errors and continue with the install
  • Enter your database info and finish the installation
  • Success! WovieRedux is now installed and a temporary admin user was created
    Email: admin@admin.com
    Password: admin
  • Don't forget to change your admin user information
  • Delete the install and upgrade folders from your server
  • Installation is now complete

Upgrading Guide:

  • backup your files and database first (just in case)
  • make sure not to upload the following files (if you do, then make sure to edit them with your info again, or replace them with your backup files)
    • .htaccess
    • manifest.json
    • robots.txt
    • app/config/db.config.php
  • The following files and directories must be writeable (775 or 777)
    • /index.php
    • /app/config/db.config.php
    • /app/config/config.php
    • /app/chatlogs/ (must be set to 777 for the chatbox to work)
    • /public/upload/
  • run all the sqls in your database from the upgrade/db folder
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