WP Smush Pro v3.10.2 NULLED - wordpress image compression

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Smush pro
WP Smush Pro allows you to compress images as much as possible through the WordPress manager. The plugin offers: compress images by removing metadata from Jpeg files; by optimizing data compression in the file; turning Gif files into indexed PNGs; size is also saved by stripping unused colors from indexed images. A simple but effective way to compress images will be relevant for any site. Due to this, space is saved, the site can work with much less load, especially in cases where a huge number of images are stored on it. This will be relevant in cases where you need to place a lot of images, but without losing their quality, as well as maintaining the original size.


An example of using the plugin is a lot of sites - the types of pages where this plugin can be used include personal blogs, portfolio sites and online store sites. For each unit of goods, the site developer will need to place at least 1 image. If the assortment of the store is wide (and this is the main aspect for attracting visitors and increasing sales), it is necessary to show the product in the best way - this is a text description of the product, and characteristics, and the presence of photographs of the product. Namely, with the help of the WP Smush Pro plugin, you can upload a large number of images, while saving space and site resources as much as possible.

WP Smush Pro v3.10.2

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