Xenforo 2x All Add-ons List (Sorted by Rating)

Ruchika oberio

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
1CTA Featured Threads & PortalFeature and highlight specific threads and optionally use them as a portal / home page£40.004.96141Not Found
2[bd] Widget FrameworkPeople love widgetsFree4.921386487
3Post Ratings - taking likes to the next levelPowerful replacement for Likes — adds ability to rate posts (e.g. Dislike, Friendly, Funny, Dumb)£20.004.99102Not Found
4Nodes As TabsEnables nodes to have their own nav tabs. Supports tab selection, permissions, and child links.Free4.99994742
5UI.XThe Ultimate Theme Framework.$99.954.9788Not Found
6[8WR] XenPorta (Portal)Portal, News and Articles... and a widget framework.Free4.64866199
7Showcase "Item Management System" (Reviews, Guides, Garage etc)Item/Review Fields, Ratings & Reviews, Image Gallery, Category Permissions and Much More!$60.004.9779Not Found
8Similar ThreadsShows a list of similar threads when a user is creating or viewing a thread.Free4.94772110
9[bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3Better user taggingFree5.00773754
10Add-on Install & UpgradeUltimate tool to Install or Upgrade Add-ons from Zip files, direct from the RM and much MORE!Free4.95762965
11TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutboxThe new TaigaChat. High speed, feature-packed realtime chat£25.004.7073Not Found
12Xenforo Extended SmiliesXenforo Extended SmiliesFree4.99682588
13s9e Media BBCodes pack★ Guaranteed to contain every media site you need. Or at least some of them maybe. ★Free5.00672267
14Xen NoticesThe next incarnation of the popular Notifications add-on£20.005.0064Not Found
15[Tinhte] XenTagAdvanced Content tagging for Xenforo (#hashtags, forum tags, page tags, auto linking, widgets,...)Free4.98532643
16Chat by SiropuMobile friendly chat with rooms, private conversations, archive, commands, user settings & more!€29.995.0051Not Found
17Template Modification System (TMS)Make styles without template edition! Make addons without template hooks!Free4.84503186
18[8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PROArticle System and Widget Framework all-in-one!$40.004.5949Not Found
19sonnb - XenGallery (XenForo Gallery)Modern Albums with Photos and Videos gallery for your XenForo$40.004.9449Not Found
20Conditional StatementsGuide and tutorial for conditional statements using XenForo syntaxFree4.9843Not Found
21Genesis - Open Source Style FrameworkPacked full of useful style properties, including the popular Last Post Avatar modification.Free4.98431850
22Conversation EssentialsVital functions and features for viewing and managing personal conversations.$45.004.9542Not Found
23UI.X 2The Ultimate Theme Framework$35.005.0040Not Found
24Steam Authentication & IntegrationAuthenticate with Steam! Contains additional features: Game statistics, Notices, and SteamProfileFree4.97382062
25QuoteME !This addon allows you to select some text in a message and quote it into the editorFree5.00351010
26Prefix Forum ListingShows a list of prefixes in each forum.Free4.7135951
27Custom TabsAdding new tabs to the board navigation has never been this easy.Free5.00351808
28[RainDD] User Activity (Users Viewed, Viewing Thread)Shows users currently viewing a thread and users who previously read a thread.Free4.80351187
29BookmarksBookmark thread posts and profile posts for future reference.$35.005.0034Not Found
30Implementing permissions across multiple user groupsHow to make best use of the cumulative permission function.Free5.0034Not Found
31[RT] Online Status RibbonShow who is online and who is offline with a ribbon or dot.Free4.82341755
32Setting up Facebook, Twitter & Google IntegrationFollow these instructions to set up your XenForo board for FB, Twitter and Google sign up/login.Free4.9134Not Found
33[bd] MailsMake sending email easier.Free5.0034828
34Flat Awesome - PixelExit.comUtilizing Font Awesome to it's fullestFree4.91342621
35[TH] Join User GroupUsers can select to join a selection of user groups, with option to assign moderators for approval.Free4.8233939
36Ads Manager by SiropuLight and powerful ads manager that allows you to manage & sell with ease 7 types of advertisements!€49.994.9132Not Found
37Add Indicator after node titleNew indicator appear after node title for unread postsFree5.0032Not Found
38Custom BB Code ManagerA robust and powerful system to provide custom bb-codes for your forums.Free4.97311994
39Ads Manager 2 by SiropuThe ultimate ad management application for XenForo.€49.994.8431Not Found
40Soft ResponsiveLight responsive style with shadows$29.004.9731Not Found
41Live UpdateAutomatically updates your alert / inbox, adds indicator to favicon.Free5.00312087
42Simple no avatar setA simple, yet stylish replacement no avatar set.Free4.8330781
43Creating custom user group banner CSSIt's a wrapFree4.8730Not Found
44Content Ratings for XF2.1+Enhancements to the core Reaction experience$35.004.9030Not Found
45[Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs)Social groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) for XenForo. Support: sonnb-XenGallery, XenMedia, and much more..$69.004.4529Not Found
46[WMTech] Double Post MergeMerges consecutive posts created by the same user within a specified time frame.Free4.90291545
47Convert Image AllConverts ALL hot linked images to attachments.Free4.9628711
48FAQ Manager by IversiaFrequently Asked Questions / Knowledge Base management.Free4.9628922
49Unread Post CountDisplays a count of the current number of unread posts over the "New Posts" linkFree4.96281245
50Template SyntaxReplace the textarea's when editing templates with CodeMirror instancesFree5.0027633
51User/Inbox/Alert Icon ReplacementShorten your navigation tab just a bit more...Free5.0027Not Found
52[rellect] Nodes GridSide by side nodes.Free5.0027834
53Route ChangerLet's you change the name of any URL route.Free4.9627678
54[XFR] User AlbumsUser Albums - simple image galleryFree4.7427936
55Separate Sticky and Normal ThreadsSeparate Sticky and Normal ThreadsFree4.92261157
56Add Username Style to Last PostAdd rich username (CSS) to last post section in forum index and thread listFree4.9226604
57Change DateAllows changing the date and time of a post.Free5.0026808
58Chat 2 by SiropuFeature-rich, mobile-friendly chat application.€29.994.9626Not Found
59[cXF] Conversation Button under AvatarShow conversation button or icon on various positions + some extra featuresFree5.0026782
60TaigaChat - AJAX ShoutboxBasic AJAX chatbox/shoutboxFree5.00262599
61[TH] Custom FieldsAdd custom fields to threads, posts, resources and articles, and do more with custom user fields.Free4.85261189
62Auto Link TitlesWhile a URL is being auto linked, the page title is fetched and added to the post.Free5.0025580
63Inactive MembersSends an email to all inactive members.Free4.9225959
64[TH] Login As UserGives trusted admins permission to login as any member, without having to know their password.Free4.80252010
65Post Content Find / ReplaceAllows an administrator to do a regular expression find and replace in the content of all posts.Free4.72251216
66DISCONTINUED: [8WR] XenUtiles (Tools)Omnibus of tools and enhancementsFree4.68251895
67Smiley ManagerAn useful tool for smilies managementFree4.8425826
68[Tinhte] Image Attachment Optimization & CDN SupportAdding caching headers for browsers, saving queries & faster loading for Image AttachmentsFree4.9624917
69Change AuthorAllows changing the author of a post.Free5.00241116
70[bd] Rotating AdsEasy ads managing across XenForo pagesFree4.92241187
71XenMoodsXenMoods is an add-on for XenForo that allows users to set their current mood.Free4.8324971
72Add a Recent Posts link to the navigation barDoes what it says on the tinFree5.0024Not Found
73Register EmailSends an email to the admin after a new user registration sign up.Free4.9624827
74CalendarA fully integrated Calendar system based on thread information.Free4.96231490
75Sportsbook & Betting ExchangeVirtual Wagering & Betting System. Event Outcome Wagering OR Member vs Member Bets$60.005.0023Not Found
76TPU: Detect and Block Spam RegistrationsScore based tests to detect and block spammers upon registeringFree4.8323857
77MetaMirrorLocally rehosts any external files (optionally as attachments) and updates linksFree5.0023346
78XF2 [8WR] Discord IntegrationIntegration with a Discord server. Add-on from 8WAYRUN.$30.004.6523Not Found
79Registration Form Timer (Now Includes StopBotters API)Prevent registrations from happening too quickly.Free5.0023459
80Daily StatisticsExtended Statistics for your forumFree4.8622724
81Go To Top !Auto Scrolling button at the right of the footer helping users to go to the top of the pageFree5.0022734
82Visual List of Ad LocationsA series of images which show the locations of the default XenForo Ad Templates.Free5.0022Not Found
83Avatar GalleryAdds an avatar gallery to the choose avatar pageFree4.8622858
84Forum ModeratorsShows forum moderators when viewing a forum.Free5.0022651
85Flexile DarkA clean, modern, and flexible theme for almost any XenForo forumFree4.59221294
86Multi PrefixThreads can only have one prefix? Says who? Let them have multiples!$20.004.4522Not Found
87ToggleMECollapse/Expand forum categories, widgets, sidebar, subforums, postbit & pollsFree5.00221099
88XenAPI - XenForo PHP REST APIPHP REST API to use on other projectsFree5.00211098
89KeyCAPTCHA - Interactive CAPTCHAUnlike many other captchas, it does not require any text typing.Free4.7621777
90Editor & BB Code ManagerTake full control over your BB codes and rich text editor.Free4.95211068
91Digital Point Ad PositioningAllows you to position ads in/around the post currently being viewed.Free4.95211391
92[TAC] Fool Bot Honey PotStop bots registering using elegant methods that do not bother humans$29.005.0021Not Found
93[TH] Install and UpgradeUpload zip/rar files or enter any URL to install add-ons, import languages & styles, upgrade XenForoFree5.00211168
94Custom Node Icon (icon for Category)It for images category, make new icon for your categoryFree4.95201684
95[SolidMean] ForumBackupSchedule backups of your database and XenForo root directoryFree5.0020726
96Social Network Authentication (Twitter, Google, VK.com)Twitter, Google, VK.com AuthenticationFree4.95201009
97Responsive AdSenseAdverts R UsFree5.0020Not Found
98Proper Theme Installation, Upgrading, and UsageGood organization makes for easy managing and less headache!Free5.0020Not Found
99[SurreyForum] XenKingDir: Link / Business Directory (Directory)Link / Business DirectoryFree4.6520629
100XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForoSeamless XenForo and WordPress integration$299.954.3520Not Found
101Quick Reply PreviewAdds a preview button to your Quick Reply which loads in an overlayFree4.9520493
102Responsive Social Sharing ButtonsAdds Responsive Social Share Buttons to Threads, Pages & SidebarFree4.5020463
103[cXF] Sticky NavigationAdd sticky (floating) navigation and/or floating moderator bar to your forum + many extra features$22.005.0020Not Found
104Sidebar PositionsControl the positions of sidebar blocks.Free5.00191740
105A guide to XenForo 1.2 and templatesThe Times They Are a-Changin'. Guide to Templates in XenForo 1.2.Free4.9519Not Found
106Anti-Spam by CleanTalkCloud anti spam. No CAPTCHA, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math and no spam botsFree4.1119226
107[TH] LibraryAdds the Library node type, with the ability for users to add multi-page, BB-code articles.Free5.0019896
108Weekly DigestSends an email to your members every week showing most popular topics.Free4.9519633
109Moderator EssentialsTools and Features that Improve Moderator Productivity.$45.005.0019Not Found
110Special Avatar for Banned MembersDefault avatar for banned membersFree4.95191046
111[bd] MedalReward member with shiny medalsFree4.84191584
112Holiday JoyBring some Holiday Joy to your XenForo :)Free5.0019404
113TinyMCE Quattro and its wysiwyg bbcodesTinyMCE 4 for XenForo - Wysiwyg Bb Codes: table, quote, background color, justify, subscript, etc.Free4.95191091
114Spam and Disposable email addressesBlock many spam and disposable email addresses.Free5.0019431
115[rellect] Favicon for LinksAutomatically adds favicons to links.Free5.0018525
116[8WR] XenRio (Streams) PROLive Streaming Browser$40.004.8918Not Found
117How To Implement SSL To Secure HTTP Traffic (HTTPS)Switch your forum to HTTPSFree5.0018Not Found
118Responsive Width / Height Media EmbedsInstructions to make embedded media more responsive.Free5.0018Not Found
119[TH] User ImprovementsTake users and trophies to the level of functionality they deserve.Free4.8318922
120[tabs] bbcodeAdd tabbed content in your postFree5.0018460
121CTA LoginAdd Facebook, Twitter, and Google logins to the sidebarFree5.0018432
122[TH] Social GroupsCreate social groups/forums from the front end -- now with support for Resource Manager.Free4.8918870
123FlexileA clean, modern, and flexible theme for almost any XenForo forumFree5.00181726
124Convert ImageConverts hot linked images to attachments.Free4.8318637
125FontAwesome Icons in Visitor Tab & Account WrapperFontAwesome!Free4.9417Not Found
126Change Thread StarterPermission based ability to be able to alter the starter of a threadFree5.0017600
127Dealing With Forum SpamA comprehensive list of tools and strategies for dealing with spam bots on your forum.Free5.0017Not Found
128Top Poster Statistics Widgets+Contest Winner+Page Of Day-Week-MonthModern statistic addon used for contests and bragging rightsFree4.5917616
129Enable Debug Mode From AdminCPProvides a new Admin permission to make an "Enable Debug" switch appear on the AdminCP home.Free5.0017863
130xendisConnect - PixelExit.comInspired by vBulletin 5.0Free4.94171112
131BbCodes & Buttons ManagerCreate some Bb Codes & Buttons - Configure XenForo default Bb CodesFree4.81161656
132[Aayush] Hide Hack v1This addon gives users the ability to hide their content using BbCode.Free4.8116670
133User EssentialsProvide your members with additional username, thread, and post functions.$35.005.0016Not Found
134vB 3.x - Fluid & FixedA white and purple style based on the vBulletin 3.x style.Free5.0016415
135[8WR] XenAtendo (Events)Event Planning, RSVP and CalendarFree4.81161783
136[dc] Smiley ManagerSmiley manager will help you manage your smilies by grouping them into categories.Free5.0016331
137[CTA] Countdown TimerSets up a sidebar countdown block that can be managed from the ACPFree4.8816809
138EleganceLight style with CSS3 gradients, shadows and Retina display support$29.005.0016Not Found
139s9e Media SitesImproves the performance and usability of media sites, and adds many popular new sites.Free5.00161058
140[bd] Attachment StoreStore attachment differently and more effectively.$19.004.8816Not Found
141[8WR] XenMedio (Media)Media Library with API RetrievalFree4.31161456
142Thread RatingsAllows your users to rate threadsFree4.9416583
143Add a Facebook login button to the visitor panelOne less click...Free5.0016Not Found
144XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PROPortal and featured threads. Add-on from 8WAYRUN.$40.004.8116Not Found
145German Language Pack [Du]Complete translation of XenForo to GermanFree5.0016819
146BookmarkAllows members to bookmark posts.Free4.9416476
147Member card stats and last activity in two columnsTwo columns are better than oneFree5.0015Not Found
148Threadstarter RibbonThreadstarter RibbonFree5.0015255
149WDB Popular ContentShows a list of popular threads and most liked posts.Free5.0015330
150[bd] Forum Watch for XenForo 1.2+More watching awesomeness.Free5.0015472
151Ban disposable or spam email hosts📧 5,582 temporary (disposable/throwaway/spam) domains to get rid off.Free4.9315549
152Make entire nav tab trigger popup (instead of just the down arrow)Makes it so you can mouse over any part of the tab and it will spawn the popup menu.Free5.0015Not Found
153Question ThreadsCreate questions and mark best answersFree4.8715546
154Replace editor icons with Font AwesomeUnlimited colors for the icons in the editorFree5.0015Not Found
155HistoryThis add-on will allow members to quickly return to previously viewed threads.Free5.0015418
156Xen Product ManagerSell licenses for digital products and manage optional extras and renewals all within XenForo£50.004.8715Not Found
157Whisper 2Clean style with brown, yellow and dark blue colours. Specs: css3, extracss-free.Free5.0015436
158Search LogProvides information about the searches being made by guests and members.Free5.0015431
159[FreddysHouse] Two-factor AuthenticationAdd two-factor authentication to your community.Free4.8614340
160HTML BBCode (permission protected)Allows members (with permission to do so) to post HTML inside [parsehtml] tags£6.004.8614Not Found
161[XD] Featured Threads SliderShow to featured threads with responsive slider.Free5.0014247
162DefianceDark Style for any forum.Free4.8614870
163[TH] Ignore New PostsDisplays a list of forums and allows users to select the ones they don't want to see in New Posts.Free5.0014386
164VaultWikiWiki for XenForo forums$10.003.7914Not Found
165Theme Usage InformationAllows Admin to see how many members are using a themeFree5.0014168
166[WMTech] Maintenance Screen Lite Edition for XF 1.1No white page for your visitors when installing addons, languages, phrases, etc.Free5.0014232
167Jazz up your bullet listsBullets become pretty!Free5.0014Not Found
168Steam Authentication & IntegrationSteam Authentication & Status BlocksFree4.6414552
169[RT] SpoilerHide spoilers with spoilers!Free4.8614661
170Xen-TR Who Has VisitedSee "Who Has Visited" your forum today or in last X hoursFree4.7114548
171[TH] TrophiesOrganise your trophies by categories and import/export trophies.Free5.0014746
172FlexileA FREE clean, modern, and flexible theme for almost any XenForo forumFree4.93141356
173sonnb - Smiles bulk importerAllow multiple importing for smilies management instead of one by one (default by Xenforo).Free5.0014443
174Back To The TopSimple "Back to Top" link generated as the user scrolls down the pageFree5.0014290
175Holiday Garland With Ringing BallsFestive holiday balls that move and sound on mouseover | Now with 4 imageset options.Free5.0013228
176CustomImgCaptcha: Spam Combat 2.4.1Customise your own images for CAPTCHAFree4.9213460
177Hide Extra User Info with CSS EffectHides the extra user info in messages, displays extra user info when hovering the message user blockFree4.9213Not Found
178UI.X 2 DarkThe Ultimate Theme Framework$35.004.8513Not Found
179[8WR] XenCarta (Wiki) PROA fully-supported version of my popular XenCarta addon.$30.004.6213Not Found
180Shades of GreyA dark theme alternative for XF 2.xFree5.0013763
181Change Reply to QuoteFor those who don't know to click reply to quote someone :)Free5.0013Not Found
182Responsive DesignIn out, in out, shake it all aboutFree4.8513Not Found
183BannerBanner can be displayed in your sidebar, forum list, forum view and thread view.Free5.0013768
184Advanced Forum StatisticsAdvanced Forum StatisticsFree4.2313508
185VertiforoMostly made for gaming communities but also great for other types!$5.005.0013Not Found
186GeSHi Syntax HighlighterGeSHi based syntax highlighter that intercepts CODE, HTML and PHP BBCode.Free4.6913437
187Who RepliedShow the users who replied to a specific threadFree5.0013335
188Breathing Sign Up ButtonGive your Sign Up Button a pulse!Free5.0013Not Found
189[bd] CacheFaster and faster.$10.004.6213Not Found
190Change Content OwnerAllows content owner to be changed for threads, posts, profile posts, media, albums, and comments.Free5.0013628
191WordPress Plugin: XenForo API ConsumerWordPress and XenForo, together.$10.003.3113Not Found
192CTA Table BB CodeChairs not includedFree4.9213933
193[TH] Nodes for grid, custom styling, and custom iconsArrange and style nodes$25.004.0013Not Found
194Extra PortalPortal Application for XenForoFree5.0012882
195Thread WatchersHow many and which users are watching each thread?Free5.0012351
196XenCentral Ad ServerXC Ad Server is a fully featured and powerful advertisement management system for XenForo€59.993.0812Not Found
197[TH] User CriteriaAdds more user criteria for user group promotions, notices, trophies and more.Free4.7512718
198User Banners on Member CardsShows a user's banners on their member cardFree5.0012555
199[RT] User Rank RibbonsUser ranks taken to another level!Free4.92121791
200Resource Manager - Thread ReassignAllows you to assign a Resource to a different discussion threadFree5.0012257
201Digital Point SpySpy for realtime monitoring of things going on within your forum.Free4.0812618
202All Rich UsernamesMake every username rich...Free5.0012696
203MineSync, for XF2MineSync integrates your Minecraft server with your XenForo forum, syncs ranks and links players!£35.004.3312Not Found
204[TAC] Stop Human SpamSet conditions on signature/links/homepage & stop post creation for banned words$19.005.0012Not Found
205Add Poll to Existing ThreadsQuite simply, allows you to create a poll for an existing thread.Free5.0012413
206Lazy LoadLoad less.Free5.0012455
207Gift UpgradesAllow users to gift user upgrades to each other.$20.005.0012Not Found
208Insert AttachmentAutomatically inserts image attachments into the message.Free5.0011411
209Jaxel's Implementation of Ad Block DetectionHow to detect if a user is using ad-block and warn them...Free5.0011Not Found
210XenTraderA simple yet powerful user feedback system.Free4.9111571
211Schedule Content XenForo 1.x onlyAllow user can set scheduled post to display...$20.004.7311Not Found
212ElasticSearch EssentialsAdditional functionality for forums running XenForo Enhanced Search (ElasticSearch).$30.004.6411Not Found
213[bd] BankingStart your xefonomics today.Free4.7311681
214Blackend - PixelExit.comNice easy reading dark style.Free4.9111843
215BBSmiley.com - Staff have posted Ribbons (small)Smaller staff have posted ribbons.Free5.0011142
216[Google Chrome] NotificationsReceive notifications from XenForo communities that you frequent without being on their sites.Free4.6411Not Found
217[TH] Resource ManagersCreate multiple instances of Resource Manager on a single XenForo installation.Free4.8211312
218Show DeletedShow a list of soft deleted posts and threads and provides option to view or delete them.Free5.0011509
219[bd] ImageVisual awareness increased.Free5.0011377
220A guide to Xenforo attachments / photosAll about attachments / photos in XenforoFree5.0011Not Found
221Profile CoverProfile Cover for XenForo$9.904.6411Not Found
222Top Contributors LeaderboardGenerates a monthly leaderboard of top contributors to the forumFree4.7311294
223Alter Ego DetectorFlush out the fakers!Free4.36111094
224Start Conversation from Post BitAdds a "Start a Conversation" link underneath the postbitFree4.9111267
225[8WR] XenMedio (Media) PROA fully-supported version of my popular XenMedio addon.$40.004.3611Not Found
226XenithReach New Heights - Material Design Icons, Completely Customizable, Intricate & Beautiful Interface$99.954.8211Not Found
227XF2 [S70] Steam Authentication and Integration (Connected Accounts) - NEW: ANALYTICS, XF1 IMPORTINGSteam Integration and Connected Account Provider for XenForo 2$14.495.0011Not Found
228Advanced Forms for XenForo 2.1+Create forms that users can fill out on your site$20.005.0011Not Found
229Casual - PixelExit.comA casual style with beige, orange and brownish colorsFree4.9111851
230[XI] License ValidationAutomatic XenForo License VerificationFree5.0011161
231Message Auto Save / DraftsAuto-saves your posts seamlessly so you don't lose anything if your browser crashes.Free5.0011365
232QuarkFrom the ashes$99.954.5511Not Found
233TinyMCE Fix (NO MORE SUPPORTED)Last TinyMCE modified for XenForo, fast popups and some fixes for TinyMCE & Xenforo parserFree5.0011799
234[screencast] Creating XenForo Add-onLearn how to create your first XenForo add-on with this visual guideFree5.0011461
235[bd] Anonymous PostingPosting as nobody know who you are.Free4.6010344
236Understanding PermissionsExplanation of XenForo's permission system.Free4.6010Not Found
237[bd] APIPower up your XenForo installation.Free5.0010936
238Multi PrefixThreads can only have one prefix? Says who? Let them have multiples!$20.005.0010Not Found
239[TH] Forum List TabsSeparate your forum categories into tabbed lists.Free5.0010439
240Better AnalyticsSet your Google Analytics tracking to track more info.Free5.00101133
241Side By Side NodesFrom ThemeHouseFree5.0010Not Found
242How to duplicate a live site to use as a test siteTesting, testingFree5.0010Not Found
243Message Title EnhancementMessage title EnhancementFree5.0010306
244Signup abuse detection and blockingProvides a toolkit to reduce signup spam$45.005.0010Not Found
245Santa Hat AlertsThis simple alteration will change the alerts from the standard ballons to santa hats.Free5.0010189
246Login as User (LAU2)Log in to another user's account with a clickFree5.0010454
247Text Links with imageThis alteration will display an icon beside text links within your messagesFree4.801072
248[XFA] Extended CoverBring customization to a new level with cover image in thread/forum/profile (Facebook like)€8.005.0010Not Found
249XF QapTchaComfortable CAPTCHA and protection from spam botsFree5.0010252
250[8WR] Discord IntegrationIntegrate your Discord Guild with your Users Database$30.004.8010Not Found
251EmojiOne SmiliesXenforo EmojiOne SmiliesFree5.0010528
252[AL] Original Poster HighlightShow a ribbon on thread starter's avatar in all their repliesFree5.0010425
253Sticky Thread EnhancementSticky thread enhancementFree5.0010161
254Xmas MessageUserInfoA xmas touch to your messageUserInfo areaFree5.0010180
255Tab AlertsDisplays an alert in your browser tab.Free5.0010339
256XenForo UpdaterRelatively quick updates, all from the comfort of your admin control panel.Free5.0010277
257vB4 ImporterImporter for vBulletin 4.xFree5.0010571
258Member SearchSearch for members using up to five input fields.Free5.0010320
259Change header based on time of dayConditionally change header based on the time of day (e.g. day / night).Free5.0010Not Found
260[rellect] Desktop Version For MobilesAllows to see the desktop version when browsing using a mobile device.Free5.0010267
261AzuCloud - Search keyword cloudLong Tail SEO keyword cloud based on incoming search engine queriesFree5.0010617
262How to read and write into the database (with a page)I'll teach you how to read and write to the database using XenForo.Free4.9010185
263Template Tools for Admins (now including Admin Template Search)Lets you filter public/admin template list by add-on. Adds an Admin Template Search feature.Free5.0010142
264Black ResponsiveDark style with responsive design and retina support$29.005.0010Not Found
265GoodForNothing NotificationFacebook-like notification for your users...Free5.0010513
266XenForo Arabic LanguageXenForo Arabic translationFree5.0010315
267[AddonFlare] Paid RegistrationsAccept User Upgrade Payments / Paid Subscriptions During Registration / Gift UpgradesFree4.6010430
268xF 2.0 ThemeDefault xenForo 2.0 Theme for xenForo 1.5Free4.9010670
269UniformA modern theme focused around a large wallpaper image.$30.005.0010Not Found
270Custom 404 Page by SiropuCustomize your 404 error page, keep track of missing URLs and redirect them to new pages.Free5.0010263
271[WMTech] Social Share PrivacySuper-Responsive, Beautiful Buttons For Social Sharing Protecting Your Visitors From Being TrackedFree5.0010381
272Thread Filter by AddonsLabPerformance-optimized thread filter and search based on custom fields$69.995.009Not Found
273Sub-nodes in columnsIt'll make your sub-nodes display in columns instead of default popup with simple listingFree5.009Not Found
274Add pictures to member profile page based on user profile field selectionChange the look of your site's member profiles by adding some visual nuggets of greatnessFree5.009Not Found
275Kotomi - Generic script bridgeDeveloper sample for basic script embeddingFree5.009524
276Conditional Statements for XenForo 2Guide and tutorial for conditional statements using XenForo 2 syntaxFree5.009Not Found
277AdminCP FirewallProtect Your AdminCP!Free4.789383
278[HDJuegos.net] WaterMark Add-onAdd automatic WaterMark to GIF,JPEG,PNG Image Uploads on XenForo. XFR Albums supportFree4.789435
279[Endless Horizon] Social ShareOverlay social share widget, with share counts and cache support.Free5.009265
280Auto DeleteAuto delete threads in selected forums.Free5.009276
281XenForo Server Setup Guide Part 1 (CentOS, OpenLiteSpeed, Percona) (With Pictures!)An easy to follow quick setup guide for a powerful XenForo server stack. Part 1 of 3Free5.009Not Found
282Discord IntegrationConnect your Discord server to your XenForo board.$35.004.569Not Found
283[TH] Post As UserA permission to allow admins/moderators to easily post as a different user.Free5.009600
284Sidebar AvatarsReplaces usernames on the list of online users with their avatarsFree5.009423
285Custom Action BarFont Awesome icons for the action barFree5.009Not Found
286[TH] XenBlogAdd a blogging system to your forum$30.004.679Not Found
287[Ice] LiveStreamsEmbed Twitch/Own3d/Justin.tv LiveStreams above the forum list.Free4.679347
288Fake ActivityShow fake activity of selected or random user within specific time$30.005.009Not Found
289Country Flags by IP AddressShow country flags for your members in XenForo 2Free4.899506
290[DBTech] DragonByte ShopMembers can buy permissions, features & more on your forum with points.$24.955.009Not Found
291NUNS (New User Notification System)Welcome your new members with an Thread/Post/Profile Post/ConversationFree5.009860
292Add Icon Before Like TextAdd a nice unicode icon in like barFree5.009Not Found
293[1.2] Subforum unread/read Icons (Indicators)Subforum grid iconsFree5.009176
294RsvpProvides an RSVP button in a message where members can register for an event.Free5.009287
295[FreddysHouse] Signature OnceControl how often signatures are displayed (each user's signature once per page or once per thread)Free5.009336
296XF2 [8WR] Database BackupAutomatic database backups. Add-on from 8WAYRUN.$10.003.789Not Found
297Page as portal homepageGuide to add a Page as a homepage including sidebar and latest posts to turn it into a simple portalFree4.789Not Found
298Avatars - Big & TallEnables large-sized avatars in posts with tall aspect ratio, good for portraits.Free5.009Not Found
299Profile Posts with BB CodesWhy not share Youtube videos on your profile page? ;)Free5.009341
300[8WR] XenUtiles (Spam)Find Spam in Accounts and Profile PostsFree4.679312
301Promote and Demote UserAllow Moderator Or Admin Quickly Promote Or Demote UserFree4.569293
302[XD] FTSLider - Featured Thread SliderShow to featured threads slider with responsive design to your community.Free5.009316
303Username Change by SiropuAllows your users to change their username from user control panel.Free5.009759
304sonnb - Stop Spam HereA total spam protection tool for your forum$15.005.009Not Found
305[TH] HolidaysBringing holiday cheerFree5.009535
306Referral Contests 2 by SiropuReferral links, referral contests, registration by invitation only.€29.995.009Not Found
307Creating a add-on to insert tabs in profile page (using hooks)This tutorial will teach you how to insert new tabs in the profile page using the templates hooks.Free5.009Not Found
308Remove Date Of BirthRemoves date of birth from user registration page.Free5.009306
309Email CustomizerCustomize style of XenForo's HTML email messages$15.005.009Not Found
310Apply CSS styling to sticky / pinned threadsMake sticky threads stand out from the crowd.Free5.009Not Found
311XenCentral Feedback SystemXC Feedback System is a fully-featured feedback system for XenForo€49.994.569Not Found
312Auto Complete LocationA simple jquery based addon for auto completing locationFree5.009200
313Block spam COMPLETELY with no addonsYou don't need addons to block spam, this method will ensure you never see spam again!Free4.449Not Found
314FontAwesome Icons in Message ButtonsFontAwesome!Free5.009Not Found
315Gamer Profiles - PixelExit.comAllow your users to enter gamer tags to display in messages and profilesFree4.789694
316[bd] PaygatesBeyond PayPalFree5.009988
317Title ControlAllows complete thread title control. Limit length, change case, remove certain characters and more.Free5.009217
318[MODM] AjaxChat integration for XenForoA javascript+PHP+MySQL web chat, now integrated with XenForo.Free4.679365
319Shoutbox by SiropuA lightweight shoutbox widget.€9.994.899Not Found
320Change login bar to an overlayWill popup a standard overlay box instead of the default "scroll down" from the top.Free5.009Not Found
321"Stay Logged In" checked by default (XenForo v1.0.x and 1.1.x)This checks the "Stay Logged In" checkbox by defaultFree5.009Not Found
322Book ReviewsGives your community a new book reviews area with monetization through Amazon AssociatesFree5.008194
323[OzzModz] Most Ever OnlineDisplay the most users ever online counts for all users, members, and guestsFree5.008291
324Slide Out PollHides poll options in thread creation until the user presses the "Add a Poll" button.Free4.888201
325GoodForNothing Four Oh! FourCustom 404 page for your XenForo site, now with a logging mechanism...Free4.888451
326Convert Threads to ResourcesConvert the first post from an existing forum thread into a resource manager resource.Free5.008229
327OmniThe most versatile dark style for XF2$30.005.008Not Found
328Display a Message to GuestsDisplay a Message to the Guests on your ForumFree5.008Not Found
329DL6 - [Widget] Popular threads and postsAdds 4 new widgets that show the most liked, viewed and replied threadsFree5.008424
330External Accounts ExtendedBecause one social network isn't enough!Free4.63835
331Avatar Identicon by IversiaReplaces XenForo's default avatars with Gravatar's Identicons or RoboHashFree5.008168
332User AgentAllows seeing the types of devices members are using to view your forum.Free5.008349
333Double Click Forum Icons to Mark Forum as ReadLike in vBulletin 4Free5.008181
334vBulletin 4.x URL RedirectionAdds support for the new URL structures in vB4 to the vB3 redirection scriptsFree5.008869
335[TH] Conversations AccessAdds a permission to allow administrators to view specific member's conversations.Free4.758518
336XF2.0 & XF2.1 Dark Default StyleDefault dark style for Xenforo 2 - No Template edits!Free5.008406
337[DBTech] DragonByte CreditsMembers can gain points for various things around the forum like posting.$27.504.758Not Found
338Make post sharing more obviousAdd thisFree5.008Not Found
339[InfisJSC] Topic (thread) starter's permissionsExtends topic starter's permissions, adds some functions of management for threads and postsFree4.888399
340[tLk] ReadPCYou can see ALL conversations, you can see messages, you can not edit-add message etcFree4.638574
341Ignore Threads & NodesIgnore if you don't want to see threadsFree4.758244
342[TH] Auto Merge Double PostsPermission-controlled double post merger.Free4.758541
343Post Content Find / ReplaceAllows an administrator to do a regular expression find and replace in the content of all posts.Free4.888374
344Birthday CalendarShows members birthdays in a calendar format.Free4.888244
345Similar thread For XenforoSimilar thread For XenforoFree2.508141
346Original Poster Highlight by AddonsLabHighlight the original poster in the threads with a ribbon on original poster's avatarFree5.008208
347Minorin - Standard (non-WYSIWYG) editor toolbarProvides BBCode and smilie buttons for the non-WYSIWYG editorFree5.008293
348TicketsFull-fledged support system solution for XenForo.$60.004.758Not Found
349Slider CaptchaJust another Captcha addon for Xenforo. Swipe to verify!Free5.008409
350[8WR] XenUtiles (Pruner)Soft-Delete and Unconfirmed Account PrunerFree4.638169
351How to extend user criteria (for use in trophies, upgrades and notices/notifications)Extend the standard user criteria used in trophies, upgrades and notices/notificationsFree5.008132
352FontAwesome Icons in Registration FormFontAwesome!Free5.008Not Found
353Runaway - PixelExit.comZombify your site, great for a Halloween day or a horror siteFree5.008402
354"Faded" locked threadsMakes locked threads semi-transparent in the forum view.Free5.008Not Found
355GoodForNothing Link ProxyAnonymize/Proxy all your external links posted in your forum, manage delays and more!Free5.008560
356Discord IntegrationConnect your Discord server to your XenForo board.$35.003.758Not Found
357[AddonFlare] (AJAX) Advanced Forum StatsInstantly Boost User Engagement - Display Latest / Top X Stats - Auto Refresh$34.974.388Not Found
358Font Awesome Icons in TablinksFontAwesome!Free4.888Not Found
359Giving selected navigation tabs dropdown menusA different navigation experienceFree4.388Not Found
360Membercard styling guideThis is a reference guide for those wanting to modify the text colours of the membercardFree5.008Not Found
361Conversation Improvements by XonA collection of improvements to the XenForo Conversation system.Free5.008423
362DL6 - [Widget] New Threads and Posts With Prefix LimitThis simple add-on adds a new widget with you can filter the new threads with specific prefixesFree5.008220
363Diagonal shadow under sidebar blocksThis guide allows for a diagonal shadow under sidebar blocks.Free5.008138
364Most LikesDisplays a Most Likes sidebar block.Free5.008432
365Add-on BuilderHandy developer tool to automate the process of packaging add-ons.Free5.008252
366User Mentions Improvements by XonImprovements to XenForo's user mentions system (user group tagging)Free5.008395
367[TH] CreditsThe ultimate digital currency add-on$40.005.008Not Found
368Control "nofollow" URLsSpecify usergroups which will not have the "nofollow" attribute on posts and Resources they make.Free5.008390
369How to create your own helpersI'll teach you how to create your own helpers to use in templates.Free5.00897
370First PostRequires new members to make their first post in the introduction forum.Free5.008304
371Live FeedAuto update News Feed without refresh the pageFree5.008462
372Flexile DarkA FREE clean, modern, and flexible theme for almost any XenForo forumFree4.888886
373[1.2] Font colour zoom out on hoverThis will pop the colour font blocks out on hoverFree5.008Not Found
374Count Member Profile ViewsAdds a view counter to your member's profiles and displays aFree4.758375
375Drift - LightControl, on Nitrous$99.954.508Not Found
376[WMTech] User Self Delete LITEAllow your users to delete their own accountFree5.008372
377[TH] Smilie ImporterImport (and export) your smiles from (or to) an XML file. No more typing in coordinates!Free5.008728
378Most Online UsersThis add-on shows the most online users count and date in the xf stats sidebar blockFree5.0086301
379[8WR] XenUtiles (Sitemap)Sitemap and Memberlist ManagementFree4.888392
380LiteSpeed Cache - CommunityQuickly and easily implement high-performance page caching on your Xenforo forumFree4.138295
381[FreddysHouse] Member Page ProtectionProvides more granular controls over the member list.Free5.008122
382Start Conversation from Post (Ajax)Adds a "Start a Conversation" link in every post, next to "Report" and/or under User InfoFree5.008297
383[TH] Donate - Multi-campaign managerMulti-Campaign Donation Drive Manager$25.004.888Not Found
384Mini Avatar with TagLook into my eyes when you speak to me...Free4.867363
385Link CheckVerifies links in posts are valid and reports any which return HTTP status code 404.Free4.867341
386[TH] Import ToolsUndo steps, skip steps and recover previous imports. Now you can import in several stages.Free5.007364
387[8WR] XenCarta (Wiki)A very "lite" Wiki alternativeFree5.0071356
388UI.X DarkThe Ultimate Theme Framework.$99.955.007Not Found
389Mark Thread as ReadAllow users to mark a thread as read without actually viewing the thread.Free5.007204
390StatisticsAdds additional information to the forum statistics block located in the sidebar.Free5.007626
391Remove Stay Logged InRemoves the "Stay Logged In" check box during login.Free5.007194
392Mood Icons v2Mood Icons v2Free5.007316
393Collapsible Node CategoriesSimple collapsible nodes for your usersFree5.007Not Found
394Password Reset QueryA database query to reset a user's password. Useful for recovery of admin login.Free5.007Not Found
395Description for RSSAdds content to each feed item containing the thread contentFree5.007200
396[8WR] XenAtendo (Events) PROEvent planning and Calendar$30.003.437Not Found
397Post AreasShows a user's post and thread count for each forum on the user profile page.Free5.007209
398Simple PortalA Portal for XenForoFree5.007345
399AudioCreates an Audio BB Code to play audio files in messages.Free5.007200
400[AddonFlare] XF2 Ignore/Block Essentials2-Way Ignore / Global Ignore / True Block / Powerful Block Features$29.975.007Not Found
401Threadloom Search for XenForo 1.5.x10x as many results as XenForo search. Image search, spell correction, and WordPress search.Free5.007184
402User-Friendly Links in Profile Sidebar - "Start A Conversation, Edit Profile, etc"Adds more user-friendly links to the sidebar of member profiles.Free5.007224
403Create Simple Style PropertiesLearn how to create really simple style propertiesFree5.007Not Found
404Similar threadsShows a list of similar threads when a user is creating or viewing a thread.$35.005.007Not Found
405Find users sharing the same IPHandy moderation tool usable directly from the postbitFree5.007281
406Quick searchQuickly find threads in a forum.$35.004.717Not Found
407TraderAllows giving feedback on sellers and buyers.Free5.007227
408Adding the XFMG Media Block to a sidebar or portal pageAdd the media block in the standard sidebar, Featured Threads, Widget Framework & XenPorta 1Free5.007Not Found
409DonationsCreates a PayPal donation tab for your forum.Free5.007424
410🇪🇸 XenForo 2.1.2 Spanish TranslationXenForo 2.1.X Spanish TranslationFree4.437260
411How to show a forum in a pageThis tutorial will explain how to show a forum (thread list) inside a page.Free4.867Not Found
412XF2 [8WR] XenRio 2 (Streams) PROLive stream scraper and browser. Add-on from 8WAYRUN.$40.004.007Not Found
413Pickem - Fantasy Sports Prediction gamePickem is the worlds most popular Fantasy Sports Prediction game$45.005.007Not Found
414Remove RSSRemoves RSS function from your forum.Free5.007379
415Password ToolsCause safer passwords are better passwords.Free5.007328
416Defiance LightLight Version of Defiance StyleFree5.007321
417[bd] Social ShareXenForo gets social.$19.003.577Not Found
418Add another "notable member" tabFor example, to list special usergroupsFree5.007Not Found
419Advanced Styling Rules for XF1This add-on offered an advanced styling system to assign specific styles based on set rules.Free5.007308
420Today's BirthdaysAdds today's birthdays to the sidebar located in the forum home.Free5.007496
421[TAC] Stop Country SpamBlacklist or whitelist IP addresses of specific countries from registering$19.003.867Not Found
422[TH] AvatarsExtra large avatars, scale-to-fit and long rectangular avatars.Free5.007199
423RespolloMakes your logo play nicely on a mobile layout with a simple addon!Free5.007245
424CodeImproving code bbcode and code editor. A must have addon if you share code on your forum!Free5.007199
425[XI] Help ManagerHelp! I need somebody!Free4.717145
426Dutch Language Pack - XenForoComplete translation of XenForo to Dutch / Nederlands.Free4.717365
427BP-BrownBrown XenForo SkinFree4.867233
428Today's VisitorsShows todays visitors in the forumhome sidebarFree5.007611
429MassAlert - Send custom alertsAllows you to send simple messages (with or without links) as Alerts to your users by usergroup.£6.005.007Not Found
430sonnb - Live ThreadTransform your boring threads into LivedFree5.007466
431Inactive User Mail NotifierSends mails to inactive users which haven't logged in for X daysFree5.007869
432Check for similar thread before posting a new oneCheck for similar thread before posting a new oneFree5.007166
433[Tinhte] HTML5 Uploader (Unmaintained)HTML5 Multiple File Uploader for XenforoFree5.007422
434Breadcrumb EnhancementThis will visually alter your breadcrumb areaFree5.007142
435[tl] Social GroupsAn powerful social groups for XenForo 2.x.x$50.004.437Not Found
436Users Awaiting Approval in Mod BarShows if there are moderated users in the modbarFree5.007536
437AssociationMcProvide Minecraft account association in XenForo.Free4.717343
438Add AddThis button to "Share This Page" sectionAdd Addthis button to share buttons sectionFree5.007Not Found
439Template Syntax: XenForo TagsDocumentation for the xen:tags in TemplatesFree5.007Not Found
440XenCentral Multisite SystemXC Multisite System allows to build fully customized communities on a single XenForo installation.€69.994.007Not Found
441[XFA] Image SliderLets you showcase your product, highlight your announcements or advertise !€4.004.577Not Found
442XenFacil's Quote - Quote with avatar and moreQuotes with avatar, depth nested quotes and attachments imagesFree5.007401
443User/Alert/Inbox ReplacementShorten the Visitor NavTabFree5.007147
444Double Ribbon RanksDouble ribbon ranksFree4.867333
445Report Improvements by XonA Collection of improvements to XF's reporting systemFree5.007404
446CTA Float BB CodeIt's a wrap!Free5.007287
447"Stay Logged In" checked by default (XenForo 1.2/1.3)Have the "Stay Logged In" checkbox checked by defaultFree5.007364
448Login as UserLogin as anyone on your forum, for any reason...Free4.867463
449Ignore SignaturesLet your users choose which signatures they want to see!Free5.007160
450Find Unanswered ThreadsFind Unanswered ThreadsFree4.867237
451Moving Visitor Tabs to the Moderator BarTutorial in how to add the visitor tabs to the moderator bar.Free5.007Not Found
452SoundCloudEmbeds SoundCloud player into a message.Free5.007195
453XenForo Alert Plus (For Thread and Post)Send alert to author of threadFree5.007243
454XenForo Türkçe Çevirisi (Turkish Translation)XenForo'nun en güncel sürümüyle uyumlu Türkçe çevirisidir.Free4.867141
455Delete PostsDelete all posts by username.Free5.007495
456Developer KitFind undefined and untranslated phrases, Extract addons as ZIP-archivesFree5.007330
457Separate Sticky and Normal Threads (XF +1.2) by XonSeparate Sticky and Normal Threads - Works with XF +1.2Free5.007408
458TacticalNuclear launch detected$99.955.007Not Found
459[XFA] Members MapAdd members localization display capabilities to your forum !€8.004.147Not Found
460BbCodes & Buttons Manager - Advanced Bb Codes PackAdvanced Bb Codes to make posts look like magazine articlesFree5.007926
461Display A Random BannerTemplate code to define and randomize banners.Free5.007Not Found
462Mobile Style SelectorSelect which style to use with mobile and/or tablet devicesFree5.007371
463Highlight search resultsStop searching for search resultsFree5.007Not Found
464Recent Posts by SiropuFeature rich recent posts widget that allows you display a list of your latest thread posts.€9.995.007Not Found
465What's New TweakOptions to tweak the What's New page and make it more intuitive.Free5.007162
466Stock TraderThis addon is currently not available for new license purchases.$1.005.007Not Found
467Xen Pushover (Push Notifications)Forum alerts and conversation notifications pushed to your mobile device, powered by Pushover.£10.005.007Not Found
468[TH] Monetize Pro with DFP & Affiliate Link supportComprehensive Advertisement and Affiliate Link Manager$45.004.577Not Found
469Batch Update TagsAdd the ability to batch tag threads. XenForo 1.5+ OnlyFree5.006152
470CMF CoreDynamic extend any XenForo class, even static and abstract. Nginx X-Accel-Redirect support.Free5.006169
471sonnb - Up ThreadBring a new feature to your forum to reducing of "upppp" message spam.$40.004.836Not Found
472Avatar Maker (Avatar Alive)Auto make avatar for users did not have an custom avatar.$15.005.006Not Found
473New User Team MailThis addon will send an email to the users the admin set in the option, when a new user registeres aFree5.006203
474[TH] Article ManagerEnrichen your forum with an article and threads portal/cms managerFree4.00630
475Quick Reply For GuestAllow guest reply to thread then login/register.Free5.006184
476Ultimate AdsA straightforward ad management system with lots of different options.Free5.006170
477Raffles for XenForo 2.1Run raffles on your XenForo 2.1forum$31.004.336Not Found
478[TH] Fonts ManagerManage your available Editor FontsFree5.006278
479[Aayush] PayPal DonateAdvanced PayPal Donate system for XenForo.Free4.676700
480Members OnlineShows members who have been online for the past number of hours.Free5.006615
481[TAC] Auth CaptchaStop bots registering via FaceBook/Google/Twitter authorizationFree4.836128
482Reset Password From ACPAllows an admin to generate a password reset e-mailFree5.006557
483[HA] CTA FT LayoutsChange the layout of CTA FT as easy as possibleFree4.676179
484Merge the staff block with the members blockSave some space on the sidebarFree5.006Not Found
485Emoji Smilie Base Pack XMLTime for a change....Free5.0061118
486Report Improvements by XonA Collection of improvements to XF's reporting systemFree5.006273
487Zombie SmiliesZombie themed smilies that will appeal to sites like the walking dead etc :p (no **** sherlock)Free5.006195
488ScratchRustic and Refined$99.955.006Not Found
489[RAID101.com] Stats BarAdd a graphical representation for a user statistic at various placesFree5.006123
490[RAID101.com] Copy Paste Read MoreAppend, Trim, Disable copied text from your foruumFree5.006157
491Collapsible CategoryThis add-on allows categories to be collapsibleFree5.006206
492[TH] Last Post AvatarShow the last poster avatars in thread and node listsFree5.006604
493[WMTech] Sticky Multiple Account InfoCross Browser (with Flash Cookies) Professional Multiple Account Detection, Reporting & Information$48.003.676Not Found
494Unread Threads CounterThis Addon shows an Unread Threads Counter in the Visitor Panel in the SidebarFree5.006115
495Newest Members Block for XenForo 1.2.xAdds a Newest Members block to the Notable Members pageFree5.006148
496Bring snow and Christmas tree to your forumsnow and Christmas tree to your forumFree4.836Not Found
497Warning Improvements by XonCollection of improvements to XF's warning systemFree5.006413
498Sub forum Level 2 columnsSub forum Level 2 columnsFree5.006Not Found
499User titles based on message countmessage count, trophies, user titlesFree5.006235
500Automatic Watch Thread and Watch Forum on RegistrationForce users to automatically watch a forum/forums and/or watch a thread/threads upon registering£5.005.006Not Found
501Expiring User UpgradesNotify your members when their account upgrades are about to expire$20.005.006Not Found
502Custom sidebar blockAdd a custom sidebar block editable via admin options.Free5.006708
503Post Rating Icons (extended)An extension of more post rating icons I added over the previous ones.Free5.006307
504Banned emails; Trashmails & SpammailsStop registration with a trash mail or with Spammails; individually selectableFree4.676293
505Friend Inviter on the SidebarShow Friend Inviter Block on the SidebarFree4.336194
506[XenMax] - Hide Link With Guests[XenMax] - Hide Link With Guests => hide your link to your visitors.Free5.006306
507The Magic Breadcrumb ArrowEasy configuration for the Breadcrumb with many new optionsFree5.006125
508Square Simple Node Icons Speech BubbleSquare Simple Node Icons Speech BubbleFree5.006189
509Profile Page Tab Icon ReplacementTired of getting stacked profile tabs?Free5.006Not Found
510ClassPure class, full control$99.955.006Not Found
511Member Card View PermissionsYour users member cards now honour their Profile Privacy optionsFree5.006116
512[BS] Live forum statisticsRecent activity on your forum in live feed mode$34.995.006Not Found
513[ForumApps] Native Mobile Apps for XenForoSecure and Fast native mobile apps for iOS and Android$79.004.006Not Found
514Contact Us ThreadCreates a thread when the Contact Us form is usedFree5.006212
515[XFA] RM Marketplace (shop) - XF2Transforms your RM into an outstanding marketplace or shop !€20.003.676Not Found
516Threadloom Newsletter for XenForo 1.5.xPainless email newsletters. 10 minutes to setup, 10 minutes to curate, 25k emails free every month.Free5.00660
517How to create a Page nodeAdd basic HTML pages to your installation.Free5.006Not Found
518[TH] User Criteria ExtendedExtends the range of available user criteria.Free4.506299
519Attachment ViewerAllow your users to view their previous attachmentsFree5.006185
520Automatic URL Aliases - Automatic URL conversionconverts the posted links to the page titleFree4.836513
521Like, Quote, Reply Button EditThis gives the Like, Quote and Reply links a button look.Free5.006Not Found
522Mass Delete Spam UsersMulti Select and Delete Spam User AccountsFree5.006486
523Thread Tag for XenForothread,tagFree3.676116
524[ValveTime.net] Quote CollapseCollapses long quotes so they are more compact. Adds a "Read more" link to expand them.Free4.676191
525[XD] Feature ThreadsBest way to feature threads or show the best threads on forum list.Free4.506257
526Pinterest Pinit Share ButtonPin all images in a page to Pinterest with one simple button.Free5.006107
527[Tinhte] Similar Threads Check before posting (Google)Check similar threads before posting new thread using Google Custom Search EngineFree5.006164
528Minecraft StyleA Minecraft-themed, pixel-style theme for Minecraft fans and everyone else.Free4.006533
529[AH] Discord WidgetA customizable discord widget.Free4.506472
530Custom Tool Bar by XenbrosThis addon allow you to get custoom link tool bar with font awesome 5$15.005.006Not Found
531Simple Dark AvatarsA dark variation of the simple no avatar set.Free4.336153
532WordPress get the Lastest Forum PostsDisplay the lastest forum posts in a WordPress widgetFree5.006495
533[Darth]Administrate ForumEdit your forums with easeFree5.006169
534avatar.phpLoads a user's avatar image by GET params. For example, <img src="avatar.php?userid=1" />Free5.006453
535XenithReach New Heights$35.005.006Not Found
536HashTaggingAllow your users to hashtag similar to facebook and twitter$25.005.006Not Found
537[oman] Style Chooser Link in Visitor PanelAdds a link within the visitor panel to trigger the style chooserFree5.006114
538Email SubscriptionSend a daily email with the last 24 hours new topics.Free4.676260
539[AddonsLab] Post Limit Per NodeLimit number of posts/threads per usergroupFree5.006219
540CTA Recent PostsAdd a Recent Posts link to the navigation barFree5.006201
541New MembersAllows staff to see the new members information.Free5.006272
542Admin CP Login EnhancedChange the interface of the Admin CP Login Page.Free5.006201
543Redirection Scripts for vBulletin 3.xRedirects for vBulletin 3's showthread.php, forumdisplay.php, etc URLs to XenForo for SEOFree5.006894
544BbCode Multimedia - Html5mediaHTML5 Audio & Video Bb Code with fallbacksFree4.336218
545[TH] Create Resource from ForumAdds a button in forum view to allow you to create a resource with a thread in that forum.Free5.006119
546Restore Strikethrough In EditorPosition of strikethrough button can optionally depend on viewport width.Free5.006219
547[XFR] XeniaStyle for XenForo 1.4.xFree5.006207
548NProgressA nanoscopic progress bar.Free5.006176
549IPBforoEmulate the look of IPB while keeping the Xenforo functionality.Free5.006268
550[Sysnative] Improved Member Stats Widgets - Members Recently Online / Recently RegisteredDisplays additional Members Recently Visited and Members Recently Registered widgets on your forum.Free5.006178
551Digital Point User MapSystem for geo-locating your currently online users and plotting them on a world Google Map.Free5.006348
552[TH] Forum Jump MenuAdds a pop-up menu to the Forum tab giving easy access to various forums.Free5.006173
553Amazon ParserAdds Amazon affiliate ID to links in messages.Free5.006397
554Ad ManagerEasily manage your Google AdSense advertising.Free4.836586
555Profile PageProvides a simple Profile Page by removing tabs, profile posts and other functions.Free5.006269
556Listing Threads In Particular ForumsShow all threads was created by user in particular forumsFree4.17668
557Poll PermissionsAllows setting Poll Permissions for user groups.Free4.506245
558Advanced SearchAllows searching posts using exact text.Free5.006204
559Font Awesome RatingsReplace resource ratings (and any other ratings) with Font AwesomeFree5.00699
560Social - PixelExit.comSimple and clean style made for those looking for something other than a default style.Free5.006673
561TPU: Users can view their own warningsEnables users to view their own warnings.Free5.006147
562Export ThreadAllows exporting contents of a thread quickly and easily.Free5.006191
563Header ThumbsAdds three small images to your header. Images change every 10 minutes. Images link back to post.Free5.006242
564NervaClean, simple and specific style$25.003.676Not Found
565Add Skimlinks CodeAllows you to easily add Skimlinks code to your site, shown to any usergroupFree5.006224
566ElasticSearch EssentialsAdditional functionality for forums running XenForo Enhanced Search (ElasticSearch).$30.005.006Not Found
567Remove Attach LimitsAllows image attachments to be viewed full size in any post.Free5.006111
568Text Inside BreadcrumbSay something!Free5.006Not Found
569Sticky/Lock FontAwesome Icon ReplacementRemove images, replace with FA.Free4.836Not Found
570Featured Thread EnhancementsFeatured Thread EnhancementsFree5.006Not Found
571Facebook OpenGraph Image from or attach tagsUse the first image found in a or attach tag to populate the og:image fieldFree4.836410
572User Upgrade ReminderSends an email reminder to users who have an account upgrade about to expire.Free5.006209
573Remove Profile PostsRemoves Profile Posts related stuff that isn't removed by setting all Profile Posts Permission to NoFree5.006137
574Redis Cache By XonXenForo + RedisFree5.006510
575Google SearchSeamless integration of Google Search Engine with your forum search systemFree5.005208
576XenCentral Invite SystemXC Invite System is a fully-featured invitation system for XenForo$19.993.205Not Found
577DimensionDimension is a minimalistic theme for xenforo, featuring a unique fixed/blur header effect.$30.005.005Not Found
578Insert Attachment AllA tool used to update all posts on your forum. Attachments will be inserted into the message.Free5.005181
579Account Upgrade With Promo CodeUser can get discount on account upgrade by using promo code, will generates by addon$30.004.005Not Found
580MarkItUp Integrator - 2013A BbCode Editor for XenForo with buttons management and easy visual configuration toolFree5.005250
581Shades of BlueA medium dark theme alternative for XF 2.xFree5.005227
582Email LogLogs emails that are sent from your forum.Free5.005201
583RSS Feed FilterFilter your RSS feeds in XenForo 2.1+Free5.005116
584XenForo Redirects for vBulletinSeamless redirection for any vBulletin URLs to imported XenForo contentFree5.005568
585[SC] Separate Sticky ThreadsSeparate your sticky and normal threadsFree4.805255
586Keyword AlertSend Alert/Emails of saving keywords$30.003.805Not Found
587[HA] News TickerAn easy way to have a fully responsive news ticker in site$39.995.005Not Found
588NewsProvides a RSS feed menu for your members to find interesting news articles.Free4.605149
589Separate sticky threads from normal onesSeparate sticky threads from normal onesFree4.805Not Found
590[JUM] Who Has Visited (Lite)displaying visitors in last X hoursFree5.005276
591[XenGenTr] XenSticky threadSeparate Sticky and Normal ThreadsFree3.005213
592[SolidMean] ForumBackup Dropbox UploadUpload your backups on a regular basis to Dropbox$5.005.005Not Found
593View MapCreates a link called View Map for use in messages.Free5.005174
594RotateEasily rotate any attached image in a post.Free5.005189
595[Xenbros] Home Blog for Xenforo2Latest Thread at home page like WordPress for xenforo 2$20.005.005Not Found
596[TH] Profile CoverBeautify your user profiles with profile banners.Free4.805371
597[HA] Pricing TablesSimple way to add Page to show Pricing Tables$19.995.005Not Found
598[SC] Logo SmallLogo Small in responsive viewFree5.00579
599Russian LanguageRussian Language for XenForoFree5.005370
600Change LimitAllows changing the time limit for editing an individual post.Free5.005116
601Pulsing Register ButtonCreate a pulsing effect coming from your register button.Free5.005Not Found
602[DBTech] DragonByte CreditsMembers can gain points for various things around the forum like posting.$27.505.005Not Found
603Ask A QuestionProvides an Ask A Question tab for visitors to find useful threads.Free5.005200
604[HA] Site Tour and HintEasiest way to have Site Tour in your Xenforo$49.995.005Not Found
605SnowstormLet it snow!Free5.005389
606IntrepidLaunch Your Reality$99.954.205Not Found
607Drift - DarkControl, On Nitrous$99.954.205Not Found
608Image ResizerImage Resizer is designed to resize all your attached images which exceed dimensions specified.Free5.005466
609[HA] XFMG Categories LayoutsShow XFMG Categories in a very new and attractive wayFree5.005119
610MaterialGoogle's Design Spec for XenForo$99.955.005Not Found
611Minimum Post Length EnforcerEnsures messages are a minimum length, with or without BBCodeFree5.005386
612Top Posters of the Month (TPM2)Displays top posters by dateFree5.005189
613[HA] XFRM Categories LayoutsShow XFRM Categories in a very new and attractive wayFree5.005127
614BadgesCreate fancy-looking badges and award users for valuable and unique actions!Free4.605213
615[SolidMean] Comprehensive URL ParserMonetize your forum with practically any referral or affiliate program.$10.005.005Not Found
616CTA Extra ColoursExpands the color palette with 20 new properties.Free5.005137
617Mark threads as solved (prefix and optional banners)Mark threads as solved/unsolved, with own permissions; and solved/abandoned bannersFree5.005144
618Warning Improvements by XonCollection of improvements to XF's warning systemFree5.005423
619[TH] Question and Answer ForumsCommunity-approved answers$35.004.805Not Found
620Social Status UpdaterAllow your users to post their XenForo status updates to their Facebook and Twitter.£19.005.005Not Found
621Customize Individual Trophy IconsAdd custom icons to your site as a nice touch for membersFree5.005Not Found
622[Ice] ShopVirtual shop for boards with money/cash systemsFree3.805376
623BB Code Media Sites Google Drive or Google DocumentEmbed Google Document such as Word, Excel, PDF into Xenforo threadFree5.005Not Found
625[TH] Email AlertsSend an email when user receives alerts.Free4.805132
626Remove Watched ForumsRemoves "Watched Forums" links.Free4.60574
627sonnb - Prevent double postPrevent double thread and post due to lag or slow connectionFree5.005269
628Style PermissionsAllows you to choose which usergroups/individual usergroups can view/access a styleFree5.005293
629BanlistList all users who have been bannedFree4.605275
630vBulletin smilies to XML conversion scriptCreates xml file from vb smilie database table to use with Smilie Importer by Waindigo.Free5.005250
631How to upgrade to XenForo 1.3Important information and actions to be takenFree5.005Not Found
632Hide Membertab and Memberlist for GuestsHides the membertab from guests and disallows the access to the memberlist for guestsFree5.005477
6338thos Bar (Facebook-Like Floating Menu with Avatar and Search Box)Floating User Bar With Avatar, Style Selector, Back to Top and Search BarFree4.605165
634Separate Sticky ThreadsSeparates sticky threads from normal threads with a single barFree5.005Not Found
635Link Checker for XenForo 2.x by AddonsLabThe definitive solution you need to monitor and fix broken links throughout the forums.$54.995.005Not Found
636Thread StarterAllows only the thread starter to post new messages into a thread they started.Free5.005129
637[Xen-TR] Resource Owner and DownloadersAdd "Resource Owner" and "Downloaded" signature and ribbon RM's threadsFree5.00579
638[ValveTime.net] LinkedIn Share ButtonAdds a LinkedIn Share button to the share_page and sidebar_share_page.Free5.00576
639Remove GenderRemove Gender code in templates.Free5.005225
640[TH] HTML in Node TitlesAllows you to use HTML in your node titles.Free4.205214
641[bd] Push NotificationMobile push notification with Pushover and Pushbullet$10.005.005Not Found
642XenForo Idioma EspañolSpanish XenForo TranslationFree5.005294
643XenDebug (XenForo Debug Tools)Addon for developers that provides you with additional debugging functionalityFree5.005159
644Flat Awesome + - PixelExit.comA flat approach to Xenforo$30.005.005Not Found
645[Tinhte] Node Converter (Forum <-> Category)Convert forum node to category node or category note to forum nodeFree5.005145
646ElavatarAvatar's ElevatorFree5.00586
647Upload Signature PicturesUsers can upload signature image according to admin configurable size and width/height limit.$20.005.005Not Found
648Xen CacheEasy way to optimize your forum. Extremely useful for big board.Free5.005284
649XF2 [8WR] XenMedio 2 (Media) PROVideo library and player. Add-on from 8WAYRUN.$40.003.805Not Found
650vBSEO Likes ImporterImports likes from a vBulletin forum with vBSEO installedFree4.605149
651User Ranks with ImagesUser Ranks with custom imagesFree5.005Not Found
652Apply user group text colour to underline on hoverLet's draw a line under this problemFree5.005Not Found
653FontAwesome Icons in SidebarFontAwesome!Free5.005Not Found
654Creating custom style: guide to beginners, best practices, tips and tricksEver wanted to create a custom style and didn't know where to start? Now you do!Free4.805Not Found
655[Tutorial] Modding the Resource Manager to an Article ManagerA step-by-step guide on how to mod the resource manager to an article managerFree5.005Not Found
656Jaxel's Sub Forum Grid Listings...A refining of my popular sub forum grids!Free5.005Not Found
657Combine Members and Staff OnlineFrom two sidebar modules into one!Free5.005Not Found
658Website Width Toggle (CC by)Addon to modify on the fly the width of your website - ie: from a fluid width to a fixed widthFree5.005143
659Adding a Privacy Policy page to your websiteHow to add a privacy page to your website without templates modificationFree5.005Not Found
660Auto-show image link as imageauto bbcode imageFree5.005109
661Kramblelight-turquoise styleFree3.60544
662New Post Indicator v2Smexy "New" post signFree5.005Not Found
663sonnb - Contact Message To ThreadsMake a thread in a specified forum when someone uses contact formFree5.00575
664Hide Members List From GuestsHides members list from guests.Free5.005138
665[TH] XenAtendo MoreAdds half-hourly event times and more recurring event options to the XenAtendo add-on.Free5.005143
666[RAID101.com] Member List ManagerAdd sorting/ordering ability to Member List page and filter list of members plus some moreFree4.405312
667Email Change LogLog all occurrences of users changing their e-mail addressFree5.005144
668[TH] Node NumbersPrefixes the display order number in the Node Tree in the Admin Control PanelFree5.005137
669FavoritesYour members certainly have one....Free5.005Not Found
670Digital Point Mass Thread MoveMove threads from forum A to forum B based on something in thread title.Free5.00594
671Forum Statistics - PixelExit.comAdds Forum Statistics, Members Online Now & User Group Legend below forum listFree5.005469
672[SurreyForum] XenAdShare - Share Adsense RevenueShare Adsense Revenue With Thread CreatorsFree5.005169
673[TH] No DowntimeNo more blank pages when installing add-ons. Your site carries on as normal.Free5.005118
674Threadmarks ProTag specific posts in a thread so they can be easily navigated to.$40.005.005Not Found
675Auto Follow on RegistrationSet a number of users to be automatically followed when a new user registersFree5.005190
676[UW] Smileys BarSmileys Bar for text editor allows faster, easier access to the smileys.$9.995.005Not Found
677Inbox alert IconThis alteration will display a image above the inbox link when you recieve a PC.Free5.005132
678XenForo Server Setup Guide Part 2 (CentOS, OpenLiteSpeed, Percona) (With Pictures!)An easy to follow quick setup guide for a powerful XenForo server stack. Part 2 of 3Free5.005Not Found
679XenCentral Feedback System 2XC Feedback System 2 is a fully-featured feedback system for XenForo 2.€54.995.005Not Found
680XenForo Norwegian TranslationComplete translation of XenForo 2 to Norwegian$15.005.005Not Found
681Widgets Collection for Widget FrameworkWidgets for users, threads, statistics, recent activity, useralbums,Free5.005640
682Using variables in templates$bro.guideFree5.005Not Found
683[TH] Monetize LiteResponsive, fully-featured advertisement manager$20.005.005Not Found
684Remove Members Online NowRemoves Members Online Now panel from sidebar.Free4.805188
685How to show a post in a pageI will teach you how to show a specific post in a XenForo page.Free4.80562
686sonnb - See post's links permissionRequire users to reply or like to see links in first post or all the posts.Free4.005274
687Open PDFThis will make PDF attachments open in the browser.Free5.005234
688[SchmitzIT] XenForo MediaWiki BridgeA way for XenForo to handle login authentication for local MediaWiki installations,Free4.205245
689[TAC] Any Spam APIUse any anti-spam API you want on your forumFree4.205177
690[PCN] Admin NotesLeave Your Notes HereFree4.605198
691Sidebar DonationsDisplays a donations block in your sidebar.Free5.005210
692Warning AcknowledgementAllows forcing acknowledgement of a warning$25.005.005Not Found
693Remove Notable MembersRemoves Notable Members link from the Members tab.Free5.005131
694[splendidpoint.com] AntiSPAM - Prevent Links and EmailsCombat SPAM by preventing links for New MembersFree5.005224
695Show message (notice) when creating thread in a specific forum.Shows a notice at the "Create Thread" page in a specific forum.Free5.005Not Found
696XenFacil Birthday GreetingsCron entry for email Birthday greetings to usersFree5.005235
697Disable Two-Step Verification (config.php)Disable Two-Step Verification (config.php)Free5.005Not Found
698CK editor/Redactor in XenForo admin panelIntegration of html editors with Bb Codes support for html pages, help pages, email and notices.Free5.005347
699Protecting admin.php and the install directory using .htaccessStop those annoying skiddies.Free5.005Not Found
700How to backup and restore your forum (Linux / Windows)Detailed guide for manual backups / restores.Free5.005Not Found
701Content Type ManagementEasily manage and rebuild XenForo content types from the Admin CPFree5.005173
702[SSD] Custom Markup For UserAllows users to decorate their username/usertitle without HTML/CSSFree5.005263
703[AddonsLab] Unread Post CountThe add-on shows the number of unread posts on What's New tabFree5.005401
704[TH] Edit Post DateEdit the date a post was made or create a post/thread at a custom defined date.Free4.805240
705Node Icon spritesheet 1.1Uploaded psd file onlyFree5.005150
706XF2 [8WR] XenCarta 2 (Wiki) PROLight-weight and cache-able wiki.$30.004.205Not Found
707Enforce Post RulesSpecify forums where your users have to agree to post rules and terms.Free5.005213
708ImageProxy HostAllows caching of your proxied imagesFree5.005123
709[OzzModz] Registration Spaminator Stop Spam Bot RegistrationsRegistration Spam Bot Fighting Tool$24.005.005Not Found
710XenResource EditorEdit Resource Types (Local Download, External download, External Purchase or Fileless)Free5.005169
711Icon in latest poster areaIcon in latest poster areaFree5.005Not Found
712Twitter AuthenticationTwitter AuthenticationFree4.205232
713[TH] User Field CategoriesSort your user fields into unlimited categories, plus restrict categories to certain user groups.Free4.805162
714RecentStatusDisplay recent status comments in your forum sidebar.Free3.254295
715Angry Bird SmiliesAngry bird smilies that may appeal to gaming forums or dedicated angry bird sitesFree5.004227
716Facebook SDK updates for xenForoMonday Facebook changes effecting xFFree5.004Not Found
717AbyssDive In - Material Design Icons, Completely Customizable, Intricate & Beautiful Interface$99.954.254Not Found
718JoyJoy has cyan and blue that makes it so beautiful on your eyes.$30.004.004Not Found
719[rellect] Favicon For LinksAutomatically adds a favicon to links.Free4.754199
720[TAC] Total XF1 Anti-Spam Collection CompleteStop every form of spam with this comprehensive anti-spam package$48.005.004Not Found
721Optimized List Queries by XonA collection of replacement queries for getting lists of stuff aimed at large forums.Free5.004236
722Gives "New Post Indicator" function for all admin postsAdd some admin alertsFree5.004Not Found
723Facebook And Twitter And Google 1+ And Youtube BOXBox facebook & twitter & google 1+ & youtubeFree4.004187
724VisibleChildren - Shows child posts in parent nodesA small addon which shows posts from child nodes (sub forums) in the parent node.Free5.00477
725Facebook, Twitter, Google and Steam in Sidebar Visitor PanelLet guests sign up or sign in through the sidebar visitor planel.Free5.004298
726Extra StatisticsShows some extra statistics in the admin panelFree4.754202
727[Banxix] Bump ThreadUpdate thread to appear in latest posts without replyingFree5.004155
728Stack Alert ImageAdd an image to your Stack AlertFree5.004Not Found
729DamnComputer - Staff Room UnreadDisplays unread messages from a staff room/mod room in your moderation bar.Free4.254239
730[Tutorial] Get XenVetana, Kitchen Sink and Fixed Width StyleA step-by-step guide on how to get XenForo's other stylesFree4.754Not Found
731Find Your Posts in a Thread (unsupported)Quick and easy way to find all your posts in one threadFree4.504Not Found
732Flat Awesome Dark - PixelExit.comUtilizing Font Awesome to it's fullestFree4.7541292
733[Aayush] Ajax First (or Last) Post CollapsableExpand first or last post of a thread from thread list page.Free5.00463
734[XenBulletin] Reaction LimitDaily reaction limit base on usergroup$20.004.504Not Found
735illuminate (dark) 🌒A dark, modern theme with category-specific colour schemes and a compact header.$30.005.004Not Found
736xf_ip Log CronPrune xf_ip table via cronFree5.00482
737Titan 🎮Titan is the ultimate gaming theme, based upon a large wallpaper image!$30.004.754Not Found
738Resource Manager - Resource WatchersShows the number of people watching a resourceFree5.00496
739[XD] Old Thread NoticeAdds a notice-warning to the top of threads more than a specified number of days old.Free5.004111
740[Nobita] Sendy.co Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe)Sendy.co Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) for XenForo$20.005.004Not Found
741Affiliates on SidebarThis add-on add a block for affiliates sites on the sidebar.Free3.754114
742How to add a poll to an existing threadVote for me!Free5.004Not Found
743Grid layout for XFRM without AddonGrid layout for resource manager with font awesomeFree5.004Not Found
744[8WR] XenHabla (IRC)Chat: LightIRC, Mibbit or QwebIRCFree5.004473
745Nougat "formerly Marshmallow"Based on Google Material design$30.005.004Not Found
746Christmas BellsThe great Christmas Bells for XenforoFree5.004Not Found
747Snapan Extension of the Thinking process$25.005.004Not Found
748Thread Multi ModerationDefine different moderation tasks and let your mods run them with only 2 clicksFree4.504540
749[XFA] Who Read This Thread - XF2Allow to view who have read threads based on permissions€10.005.004Not Found
750Quick Thread by AddonsLabQuick thread field on top of thread list with configurable messages.$24.995.004Not Found
751Separate the permalink and sharing overlay in postsEver wanted a permalink and an overlay? Well now you can.Free5.004Not Found
752Moving xenForo SideBar from Right to LeftCSS to move the xenForo sidebar from right to left ( screenshot included )Free4.004Not Found
753Xmas Notification CardXmas Notification CardFree5.00456
754Notification Card (Gamer)Notification Card (Gamer)Free4.75448
755Team/Staff Page TemplatesThere's no I in team.Free5.004459
756How to install XenForo locally to your PC using XAMPPA local installation is invaluable when testing add-ons, modifications and changes.Free5.004Not Found
757User Group Based DoFollow URLsChoose usergroups who can post URLs without the usual NoFollow attributeFree5.00463
758Attachment EnhancementAttachment EnhancementFree5.004Not Found
759[XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak - XF2Easily change your nodes icons using FA, image or sprite icons.€10.004.754Not Found
760[bd] Paygate: AUTHORIZE.NETAdd support for Authorize.Net as a pay gateFree5.004144
761Minimum Post LengthAdds an option to require at least X characters in a post.Free4.254162
762Post FrictionSlowdown some types of "spammy" posting.$20.005.004Not Found
763Mutt's Adult Media Sitesadds 10 xxx tube sites to Media Sites BBCodeFree5.00492
764Change popup menu delayJavascript edit to change delay for the popup menu when mousing over a nav tab or other menu.Free5.004Not Found
765Trash Can ForumMove threads with only 2 clicks to your trash can forumFree5.004385
766Xenforo Default membercard PSDThis is a source file I constructed of the default membercard........Free5.004143
767[cXF] Icons for Login and Register buttons... with Font AwesomeFree5.004Not Found
768Make Xenforo drop down .Menu content scrolling buttery smooth on touch devicesSmoother menu inner-content scrolling for touch devices.Free5.004Not Found
769Using DigitalOcean Spaces or Amazon S3 for file storage in XF 2.xThe same concepts can be applied to other adapters too.Free5.004185
770DarkTabbedA stunning dark responsive theme with powerful features! Slideshow, Footer Builder, Color Changeable$25.005.004Not Found
771iDealContagious ideas$25.005.004Not Found
772xenBlockChip off the old block$99.955.004Not Found
773Contact ThreadCreates an Thread after somebody sends the contact formularFree4.504270
774AntiquarkTo the heavens$99.955.004Not Found
775New Registration EmailReceive an email whenever a new user registers at your forum.$15.005.004Not Found
776#Rekt - With Custom Homepage!Get Rekt$99.955.004Not Found
777[8WR] Ultimate Random HeaderForced/User-Selected/Random ImageFree4.004196
778Quote Post in ConversationThis add-on adds an "quote in conversation" link to the postbitFree5.0045571
779Photo CAPTCHAcaptchaFree5.004122
780Corp. - Metro nodes and on-canvas sidebarMetro UI$99.955.004Not Found
781Tweak BabySafely alter small bits of codeFree5.004Not Found
782TeamSpeak 3 IntegrationConnect your TeamSpeak 3 server to your XenForo board.$35.004.254Not Found
783RSS Icon Transition & TransformA simple little animation (with css) that animates the rss icon on forum_listFree5.004Not Found
784[xfr] User Albums MoreExtra Album Types for [xfr] User Albums AddonFree5.004152
785No Increase In Post Count for Short PostsPosts not reaching the character limit are not counted towards the user's post count.Free5.00491
786Moving Share Buttons From Bottom to Top of ThreadGuide on how to move the share buttons from the bottom to the top of a threadFree5.004Not Found
787[XFA] RM MarketplaceTransforms your RM into an outstanding marketplace or shop !€8.005.004Not Found
788How to use tabs to separate your add-on optionsI'll teach you how to separate your add-ons options using tabs.Free4.754Not Found
789MineSync, for XF1MineSync integrates your Minecraft server with your XenForo forum, syncs ranks and links players!£30.003.504Not Found
790Font Awesome Icons in Navbar for 2.1Font Awesome Icons in NavbarFree3.754Not Found
791HistoryDisplays a history of previously viewed threads.$35.005.004Not Found
792[TH] Guests First Post OnlyAllow guests to see first post without logging in, but require login/registration to view the rest.Free4.254114
793Poll Creation: Mods and Admin OnlyAllows for polls to only be created by Administrators and Moderators.Free5.004Not Found
794CTA Mini-me Posts In ThreadQuickly and easily locate your own posts in a threadFree5.004140
795Auto LockAuto lock threads in selected forums.Free5.004345
796CarltonSo perfect it makes Brogan grow a full set of hair!Free5.00481
797Top Thread StartersThis will add a mini statistic to your Forum List the sidebar. It will display the top thread starteFree5.004198
798[TH] Shorter RoutesReplaces /forums/title.123/ and /threads/title.123/ links with /title.f123/ and /title.t123/ links.Free5.004164
799How To Use Google Feedburner To Send Your Threads To Twitter, Facebook and TumblrHow to use Google Feedburner to maximize your sites SEO through it's RSS feedsFree5.004Not Found
800[ITD] Add "All Post" and "All thread" by user in Member Card.Add "All Post" and "All thread" by user in Member Card.Free5.004197
801Useful EXTRA.css contentBrowse some of useful css content and post yours!Free5.004Not Found
802[TH] Extend Post RatingsAdd some extra functionality to Post Ratings by Luke ForemanFree4.754209
803New Posts and ThreadsShows „New Posts“ and „New Threads“ in separate tabs.Free5.004257
804Survivor - Elimination Style variant of PickemSurvivor is an elimination style variant of the worlds most poplar fantasy prediction game - Pickem$45.005.004Not Found
805TPU: Show Warning when bumping Old ThreadsDisplay a warning when trying to bump an old threadFree5.004185
806Threads, Posts and Conversations Per PageAllow users customize how much display threads, posts and conversations per pageFree5.004216
807DopplerShows a Doppler image in forum sidebar.Free5.00448
808SimplicityFlat, responsive, glyph fonts, compact nodes$29.005.004Not Found
809Jump To PermissionsSimply jump to the desired permission interface group... or to the top... or to the bottom!Free5.00488
810CharmA fresh look for your XenForo board!Free4.504416
811ProfilePost With BBcodeProfilePost with bbcode. Why not?$9.995.004Not Found
812Responsive Message Controls MenuSave space in responsive views :)Free5.004157
813SOS BB CodesBB Code for warning, success, information, and error boxes.Free5.004229
814First Post OnlyShow first post only to guests.Free4.75497
815TaigaChat Pro Alert Sound NotificationAdds a sound to each new massage in TaigaChat ProFree5.004219
816Max Posters Today [lite]Put the max posters today in sidebar or widgetFree5.004214
817CTA Spoiler TitleMonsieur, with these add-ons, you're really spoiling usFree5.004158
818[tLk] Thread CountShow users' thread counts and promote users based their thread countsFree5.004136
819Alert CountAlert count in browser tab title with automatic updates, for all members or by permission only.Free5.004185
820Reposition the online indicatorMove the online indicator to wherever you like using CSS or template editsFree5.004Not Found
821[TH] Resource EventsCreate events in the resource manager, including the ability for users to say if they are coming.Free5.004268
822Russian translation of XenForo Media GalleryTranslation of XenForo Media Gallery to RussianFree5.00451
823Watched Threads DigestRemind your users about their unread watched threads via email$15.005.004Not Found
824[PCN] Spotify BBCodeAdd Spotify media to your websiteFree5.004204
825[XFA] New Thread From IndexBring the capability to start a new thread directly from the indexFree5.004118
826Double Post PreventerPrevents double posts by merging themFree4.754222
827[HA] Loading EffectsEasily change the loading effect of your xenforoFree5.004214
828New Content LimitLimits the number of new Conversations, Posts and Threads allowed to be made in a day.Free5.00498
829VelourGorgeous style in blue colorsFree5.004205
830How To ...A series of tips and guides covering the basicsFree4.504Not Found
831New Registration EmailReceive an email whenever a new user registers at your forum.$15.005.004Not Found
832[xfCrowd] NotePadRemind yourself every time when you login on forum.Free4.754118
833Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE)This Addon will allow you to check if the broswer is Internet Explorer or is on a mobile device.Free5.004682
834[8WR] XenTorneo (Rankings) PROTournament Ranking System$200.005.004Not Found
835Ad Manager MessageAdds AdSense or other script below first post of each page.Free5.004139
836SVG Extended Smilie packThis smilie pack is an add-on for the SVG Basic Smilie packFree5.004322
837Admin NotesNotes in the AdminCPFree5.004156
838[8WR] Twitch IntegrationIntegrate your Twitch channel with your Users Database$20.004.504Not Found
839[XFA] Thread TemplateDefine thread message templates for your forums !Free5.004217
840CMF DevelopmentDevelopment with version control systems. Template and phrase in files.Free5.00451
841CloudCloud is a Clean Blue xenForo StyleFree5.004480
842[HA] Read Thread EnforcementEasily force users to to read a threadFree5.004106
843GoodForNothing Avatar On RegistrationUpload an avatar during RegistrationFree5.004147
844[TH] Inline SpoilerHide text content without heavy packaging.Free5.004143
845[HA] Featured Members (+ Verified Badge)Feature members and give them verified badgeFree5.004268
846DownloadsII -> XenForo Resource Manager ImporterImport categories and downloads from DownloadsII into XenForo Resource ManagerFree5.00468
847Speed up your site with a CDNUse KeyCDN (Content Delivery Network) to cheaply accelerate your siteFree5.004129
848[tLk] Gender PercentAdds gender percents to sidebar statisticsFree5.004132
849[DBTech] DragonByte OptimiseReduce query consumption of your forum.$34.955.004Not Found
850[TH] Mandatory FieldsForces members to fill in the fields your site requires.Free4.504125
851RobotsDisallows robots from indexing your site unless explicitly allowed.Free5.004291
852Trigger deferred.php Via Shell CrontabAllow an automated shell process to run deferred.php scriptFree4.754Not Found
853Thread Title in First PostMoves the thread title to the first post of the threadFree5.004119
854Socialize Your MemberCardSmall Font Awesome Icons on your MemberCardFree5.004Not Found
855Highlight and Separate Sticky ThreadsSimple extra.less modifications to edit the sticky thread containerFree4.75473
856Dark & Red Themeyou've got red on youFree4.254170
857[TH] ThumbnailsAdd thumbnails to your thread lists$10.003.754Not Found
858Add preview text for first post in thread listRather than a popup preview, it is inline in the thread listing.Free4.754Not Found
859[TH] Date Field for Custom Fields (Custom Field XML)Add date fields to your threads, posts, resources or user profile.Free5.004110
860How to make a tabbed widgetThis guide show you how to make a widget with tabs with more widgets insideFree5.004Not Found
861XenPressA Clean and Responsive XenForo Theme.Free5.004289
862Global TopicsAlways wished you could sticky a single thread across all of your forums?Free5.004187
863[TH] Promotion Message by ThemeHouseCreates a thread when a user gets promoted.Free5.00474
864Staff have posted indicatorThis displays an indicator to the right when a staff have posted.Free5.004Not Found
865Redirection Scripts for vBulletin 3.xRedirects for vBulletin 3's showthread.php, forumdisplay.php, etc URLs to XenForo for SEOFree5.004180
866XenPorta Linux.org modified RecentNewsMake your recent news block look like Linux.orgFree5.00487
867Flatter (1.2 responsive)A flatter variation on the default style.Free4.754142
868ImageProxy HostDon't proxy external images which are already using HTTPS or set a host for image proxy linksFree5.004105
869[XFA] TournamentOrganize and manage tournaments (sports, games, ...) between your users all within XenForo !€14.004.504Not Found
870Dark MessageUserInfo EnhancementThis will give your messageuserinfo area a dark look.Free5.004Not Found
871[XFA] Nodes Icon TweakNodes Icon Tweak allows you to easily change the default node icon of your nodes.€4.005.004Not Found
872sonnb - Xenforo Trigger LightboxTrigger Lightbox view for inserted images and attachments.Free4.504235
873Fusion // xenfocus.comA modern skin which includes a background picker and "transparent" title bars.$30.005.004Not Found
874Link Icons for TaigaChatThis will display an icon by any links you add in TaigachatFree5.00471
875Understanding the XenForo Class Proxy SystemA brief explaination of XenForo's add-on execution chain.Free5.004Not Found
876[TH] Log Out LinkProvides a Log Out button in the main navigation link barFree5.004151
877[HA] XFRM Resources LayoutEasily change the layout of Resources list in XFRMFree5.004132
878Ebay ParserAdds eBay campaign ID's to links in messages.Free5.004134
879[ACP] Buuf StyleFor XenForo 1.2.xFree5.00450
880FontAwesome Icons in Help WrapperFontAwesome!Free4.504Not Found
881Move to Trash CanDelete and move threads to a specific trash can node with two clicks.Free5.004233
882AMP for XenForoAdd support for the AMP Project to your XenForo forum.$35.003.004Not Found
883[TH] Old Thread WarningAdds a warning to the top of threads more than a specified number of days old.Free5.004126
884[MWS] Attachment StatisticsNew Stats Block on Admin Home and Forum Home for AttachmentsFree5.004280
885Sign Up Button Links Directly To Sign Up FormSign Up button to link directly to the sign up form.Free5.004108
886Guest RedirectProvides redirect options to specific URLs when a guest clicks certain links.Free5.00478
887Search All ForumsUnchecks option Search this forum only in quick searchFree5.00443
888dvs - Redactor Editor Icons (for Dark Themes)Colored Redactor Icons for Dark BackgroundsFree5.00489
889[TH] User BannersAdds descriptions to user banners, which appear in the post-bit next to a message.Free5.004101
890Aperture // xenfocus.comAperture features a unique background which blurs as your visitors scroll down your page.$30.004.754Not Found
891[TH] Email ReportsAdmins and super moderators receive email notices of reports.Free5.004206
892[TH] Discussion CountAdds a discussions count and displays it where message count is displayed.Free3.50483
893Conversation SearchAllows members to quickly find conversations in their inbox.Free5.004240
894Button CreatorCreate and insert buttons in your messagesFree5.004168
895UnvoteAllows members to remove their vote from a poll.Free4.75486
896[bd] API ConsumerLogin with another XenForo installation's account.Free5.004124
897[WGBB] Daily Post CountDisplays the Number of posts/registrations made during the day on the forum statistics widget.Free4.754186
898Birthday ThreadAutomatically creates a birthday thread for your members.Free5.004307
899[tLk] Usergroup LegendUsergroup Legend Area for SidebarFree5.004222
900XenFácil's Footer PieFooter style XenForo's Footer with linksFree5.004182
901Most PostsDisplays a Most Posts sidebar block.Free5.004255
902New PostsDisplays New Posts in the sidebar.Free5.004428
903BG_Interactive Snow Storm/FallInteractive snow fall for your forums! - BGFree4.004234
904[bd] AlertsMaking alert smarter and more useful.$9.995.004Not Found
905Remove Search ForumsRemoves Search Forums link in the navigation bar.Free5.00456
906Different titleBar styling per nodeThis is a rough guide that will allow you to style your titleBar in the forum_view areFree5.004Not Found
907[TH] CoversCustomize Your Content$25.005.004Not Found
908[UW] Forum Comments SystemAllows users to post comments for replies.$19.995.004Not Found
909[Liam W] (RIP) Member Self DeleteAllow users to delete their own accounts.Free5.004294
910[Liam W] (RIP) Global Name StylingApply user group member name styles, everywhere.Free5.004467
911Who RepliedShow the users who replied to a specific threadFree5.004239
912Innovate LightInnovate is a powerful and multi-purpose theme for XenForo. A clean, modern, and flexible theme.$30.004.004Not Found
913AdBlock Detected Tracker & StatisticsSilently track users that AdBlock and move them to a designated role - promote paid membership.$10.005.004Not Found
914Threadloom Newsletter for XenForo 2.xThreadloom Newsletter lets you easily send your communities' best content directly to subscribers'.Free5.00481
915Trending Content [Unsupported]Shows your visitors the trending threads, posts, XFMG media & Resources on your site.£20.005.004Not Found
916[TH] DonateAccept donations from your members$25.004.754Not Found
917How to add a Custom Group Badge / Banner to User InfoA short tutorial on how to add a custom user group badge/banner to the user info areaFree5.004Not Found
918Install and UpgradeEasily install and upgrade any of your many themes or add-onsFree4.254421
919XF2 [8WR] XenAtendo 2 (Calendar) PROEvent manager and calendar. Add-on from 8WAYRUN.$40.005.004Not Found
920User Activity by XonDisplays user activity per contentFree5.004494
921Spanish Translation for XenForo (Latin American)Latin American Spanish translation (Traducción a español Latinoamericano)$5.404.004Not Found
922AntiSpam by CleanTalkMax power, all-in-one, no CAPTCHA, premium antispam plugin. No comment spam, no registration spam.Free3.254210
923LiteSpeed Cache for XF2 - CommunityQuickly and easily implement high-performance page caching on your XenForo forumFree5.004373
924Show deletedShow a list of soft deleted posts and threads and provides option to view or delete them.$35.005.004Not Found
925[DBTech] DragonByte eCommerceSell your products in the ultimate forum eCommerce solution.$49.955.004Not Found
926User EssentialsProvide your members with additional username, thread, and post functions.$35.005.004Not Found
927[DBTech] DragonByte ShopMembers can buy permissions, features & more on your forum with points.$24.955.004Not Found
928TeamSpeak 3 IntegrationConnect your TeamSpeak 3 server to your XenForo 2 board.$35.005.004Not Found
929Conversation EssentialsVital functions and features for viewing and managing personal conversations.$45.005.004Not Found
930Auto thread Thumbnail by XenbrosThis addon will show thread thumbnail with attachment and external url of image$15.004.754Not Found
931Ultimate Custom NodesYou can set node icons in few steps! Each individualy!$10.004.004Not Found
932Social Groups for XenForo 2.1+Add social groups to XenForo 2.x$39.005.004Not Found
933Thread Thumbnail by AddonsLabQuickly set the thumbnail for a thread using thread attachments.$29.995.004Not Found
934Google Adsense tips and visual overview of ad positionsAll the possible visual ad positions and some tips to get more out of your Google Adsense adsFree4.754Not Found
935Custom Fields PermissionsSet input/output permissions for Custom User/Thread FieldsFree5.004200
936xenAwsomeInspired Theme from FontAwsome$30.005.004Not Found
937DarkTabbed (9 Colors)A dark responsive theme with powerful features! Free Slideshow, Footer Builder, Ticker and more$30.004.254Not Found
938Abstract+Abstract theme for universal usage.$5.005.004Not Found
939OreoBased on Google Material Design$30.005.004Not Found
940AbyssDive In$35.004.754Not Found
941iOAlmost as good as the iPhone$35.005.004Not Found
942Ultimate Server ListingList your gaming network servers in nice way!$15.005.004Not Found
943[BS] Scheduled postingScheduled content postingFree4.254107
944[ValveTime.net] Block Short URLsConfigured to block most URL shortener services from being posted.Free5.00380
945 - Visual List for 63 Ad Locations (XenForo Hooks list)63 locations/hooks to insert ads into your XenForoFree4.003Not Found
946View more thread same categoryview more thread, thread, same category, thread same categoryFree5.003160
947Green Folders Node Icon (spritesheet)Green Folders Node Icon (spritesheet)Free5.00336
948Flexile compatibility with XenPortaFixes Audentio's Flexile update to work with XenPortaFree5.003Not Found
949The Duke by T8LA black, white and tan theme with a wallpaperFree5.00349
950Delete Profile PostsAllows staff to delete all profile posts by username.Free5.00380
951Known BotsAdds additional definitions for bot detection in sessionsFree4.673206
952[XP] XFRM Resources LayoutChange the way resources list looks$19.955.003Not Found
953Flash Clock & Calender for Widget FrameworkAdd flash clock and calender as widget.Free4.00350
954PlainCreativity and Play.$25.005.003Not Found
955[cXF] Welcome NoticeShow welcome notice to guests on your forum.$15.005.003Not Found
956Start conversationStart conversation from post.$35.005.003Not Found
957Extra AvatarsExtra Avatars for Avatar Gallery AddonFree5.003158
958Notice StylesAdd a bit of colour to your notices.Free5.003Not Found
959Email Queuing EnhancementsUse defer handling for all email, and with retry logic for delivering to the mail transport.Free5.003183
960Create Thread on warningThis add-on creates automatic an warning thread, when a mod warns somebodyFree5.003465
961Graphiteretina support, glyph fonts, compact nodes$29.005.003Not Found
962Social Media SliderThis is a social media sliderFree5.00377
963NexusNexus is a bright and clean design$25.005.003Not Found
964Poll IncludeIncludes poll on thread creation only in selected forums.Free4.67338
965XenForo 2.1 - French Translation by SyTryFrench TranslationFree5.003167
966Profile page stats in lineSave some vertical space and fill up the empty space to the rightFree5.003Not Found
967View Sticky ThreadsAllows Stickies to be visible in a forum without "View threads by others".Free5.003185
968Attachment Improvements By XonA collection of improvements to XF's attachment systemFree5.003143
969Contact Us ThreadCreates a thread when the Contact Us form is used.Free5.003241
970[ValveTime.net] Google+ Share ButtonReplaces the default +1 button with the new Google+ Share ButtonFree5.00373
971Sidebar user name stylingEnable user group user name styling in the sidebarFree5.003Not Found
972Trending Content TagsA trending sidebar widget using XenForo 1.5's content tagging systemFree4.673212
973[XenConcept] Hide links / Medias / Images (BbCode) to guestsThis add-on allows you to hide your link to visitors.$15.005.003Not Found
974Password Protected NodesProtected your nodes with more than permissions!Free4.673292
975Moderation MacrosImprove moderator efficiently by providing single buttons for popular combos of actions$15.005.003Not Found
976Forum Runner iOS/Android XenForo App!Browse XenForo forums on your mobile device!Free5.003140
977Street ViewCreates an embedded Google Street View into a message.Free5.00378
978Staff ActivityShows activity of Administrative and Moderating user groups.Free5.003270
979Ticket PrefixesTicket Style PrefixesFree5.003Not Found
980Quick Login in Side BarQuick Login in Side BarFree5.003191
981[TH] Image OptimizerEnhance your forum$25.005.003Not Found
982Sidebar NoticesAllows staff to quickly add a notice to the sidebar.Free5.003303
983Custom Log in /Sign up ButtonDisplay a custom Sign up/ Log In buttonFree5.003128
984User account self-delete (UASD2)With this add-on every user can delete himself. This is also in the sense of the GDPR.Free4.333128
985Compact Quotes (Scrolling DIV)Simple addition to EXTRA.css to give you more compact quotes.Free5.003Not Found
986Jump To PermissionsNavigate between permission interface groupsFree5.00381
987CountdownProvides a countdown timer in the sidebar.Free5.003517
988Dark Blue Folders Node Icon (spritesheet)Dark Blue Folders Node Icon (spritesheet)Free5.00370
989Replace Prefixes with ImagesTitle says it all ;)Free5.003110
990[TH] Ignore MoreAllow users to ignore threads or forums$10.005.003Not Found
991Easy User Ban 2 by SiropuManage user bans easily from the member area and display moderator log and banned user list.€14.995.003Not Found
992New Thread Email AdminSends an email notifying Admin or other staff member of a new thread.Free5.00358
993[TH] SlackKeep your team in the loop with Slack notifications$20.005.003Not Found
994Creating a custom Reactions sprite sheetlike, dislike, wow, cool, etc.Free5.003Not Found
995[TH] Navigation ManagerAdd your own navigation links easily$20.004.673Not Found
996Notifications - Gamer Fluid v2Notifications - Gamer Fluid v2Free5.00321
997FireDaemon - Resource Manager View CountAdds two types of RSS feeds to the resource manager.Free5.003100
998Notifications - Gamer Fluid GREY v2Notifications - Gamer Fluid GREY v2Free5.00321
999Audio PlusAudio player which plays attached .mp3 audio files.Free5.003222
1000Simple Node Icons Speech BubbleSimple Node Icons Speech BubbleFree5.003145
1000Simple Node Icons Speech BubbleSimple Node Icons Speech BubbleFree5.003145
1001Close forum threads after x days of inactivityClose thread in selected forum based in time past from last post in thread.Free5.00374
1002[bd] Paygate: BITPAY.COMAdd support for BitPay as a pay gateFree3.673221
1003Top ThreadsShow the top most viewed threads in a forum.Free4.673238
1004[XenBulletin] Advanced Open GraphAdds advanced options for Open Graph meta tags like og:image$20.003.673Not Found
1005Html5 video and audio attachment Player (mp3, mp4, ogg,webm,wav)Embed attachment uploads in your thread.Free5.003Not Found
1006[Xenbros] Grid layout for node without addonone for default theme some other theme might get bug :)Free5.003Not Found
1007sonnb - Profanity FilterEnable Profanity Contents Filter on your boardFree4.673280
1008Remove Search TabsRemoves search tabs from search page.Free5.00362
1009[SSD] Positively Pastel Post RatingsPastel coloured positive-only post rating setFree5.00348
1010Google AdSenseGoogle AdSenseFree3.673424
1011ReadactorStylish design replacement for RedactorFree5.003114
1012Indicator in conversationsThis will exclusively apply a "new" indicator in your conversation listFree5.003Not Found
1013Speech Node icons & subforum IconsUnlike the other related resource this has subforum icons on the same spritesheetFree5.003197
1014Automatic Reply PreviewAutomatically preview replies/edits after More Options without having to click Preview button.Free4.67364
1015User Ranks in CSSAdd user ranks in posts without the need for images.Free5.003114
1016[OzzModz] Back To Top Icon In PostbitAdd back to top icon in the postbitFree5.00347
1017Member View Stats CombiningCombine 2 blocks into 1Free5.003Not Found
1018Add an image to node titles on the forum home pageSmexy!Free5.003Not Found
1019Digital Point SearchExtends XF search (new searchable content types, etc.)$150.005.003Not Found
1020Likes You've GivenView the likes you have given to other users and their content.Free5.003122
1021Post Count RebuildAccurate Post CountsFree4.673211
1022Advanced Member Profile SearchCustom member search through both the Members Page and Profile PageFree5.003136
1023[HA] Push MenuEasiest way to have unlimited nesting Push Menu in your siteFree5.00387
1024Limited Guest ViewingIncrease forum registrations by limiting guest views$10.005.003Not Found
1025Creating a Template Based Add-OnThis tutorial will go over how to package a template modification as an add-on.Free5.00346
1026XMWidgets - bd Widget Framework ExtensionAdditional Widgets for bd Widget Framework!$15.005.003Not Found
1027vBulletin Big Board Importer [vBulletin 3 + vBulletin 4]CLI based vBulletin Importer for large boards.$150.005.003Not Found
1028Crowd ModerationAllow your userbase to moderate messages by reporting them.$15.005.003Not Found
1029Best Posts - uncover your top contentShows most liked posts globally, per-forum and per-thread. Optionally integrated with Post Ratings.£10.005.003Not Found
1030[TH] Monitor Personal ConversationsMonitor personal conversation in you forum to protect your forum against rivals and illegal activity$10.003.673Not Found
1031Style Selector in Sidebar and NavigationSelect your style without having to scroll down to the bottom of the page.Free5.003Not Found
10328thos Google AuthorshipAdd your Google + Profile link and Avatar to Google search results for your threadsFree5.003105
1033BBCode ParserRemove undesired BB Code tags from messages.Free5.003116
1034[n] User Profile ProgressSet tasks for users to complete after registration, make them from confused guests to members!£15.002.003Not Found
1035Ultimate Custom Sliderslider,custom,premium,responsive,ultimate$10.005.003Not Found
1036[TH] TrendingFollow the hottest topics$25.005.003Not Found
1037[tl] Image Optimizer for XF 2.xOptimize all attachments in your forum to save disk space.$29.005.003Not Found
1038Tynt - SEO Copy-N-Paste Tracking ToolHow to track the content being copied and pasted from your website.Free3.673Not Found
1039New User Post RestrictionsAllows you to set post restrictions for users based on user group, post count or registration days.Free5.003229
1040Add extra fields to any content using separate tableExtending DataWriter and Model to work with joined table.Free5.003Not Found
1041Table BBCodeTable BBCodeFree3.673207
1042[DBTech] DragonByte Shout [Lite]DragonByte Shout - vBShout for XenForo!Free3.673567
1043[TH] Sub-AccountsAllow your users to create sub-accounts$10.004.333Not Found
1044How to check XenForo version during an add-on installExplains how to check the version of XenForo during an add-on install, and throw an error.Free5.003Not Found
1045🔥 [Foro.Agency] Colored Username EverywhereColored username everywhere on forum€3.005.003Not Found
1046Animated online indicator (looks best on rounded avatars) 1.1Some nice pulsating CSS3 animationFree5.003Not Found
1047[Tutorial] Get TinyRedactorHow to make Redactor look like TinyMCE 3Free5.00334
1048Replace TaigaChat Icons With Font AwesomeThe others are so... MEH...Free5.003Not Found
1049[HA] NotificationsChange notifications to nice and more useful wayFree5.003214
1050Message user block info and stats not in lineBreak it downFree5.003Not Found
1051[TH] Fake UsersMake your forum appear busy$10.005.003Not Found
1052Prefix ActionsAdd actions to prefixesFree5.003235
1053LW-Stylea nice light style xenforo 1.1.2.Free5.00366
1054MeSkype/IRC/Chat style /me commandFree5.00369
1055Remove Share This PageRemoves Share This Page panel from sidebar.Free4.333174
1056Password RulesSet the rules to password and protect your users.Free5.00395
1057Nadulas GamerGaming Style for your forums.Free4.333305
1058XBL, PSN, and Steam profiles with ImagesImages linking to XBL, PSN, and Steam profiles from the user postbitFree5.003210
1059sonnb - Hide Prefixes From UserGroupsAble to hide Threads with specified prefixes from GuestFree5.00377
1060VaultWiki LiteWiki for XenForo forums (free version)Free3.673424
1061Thread Title Edit HistoryLogs thread title changes to the XF edit history system.Free5.003138
1062[TH] Conversation SearchAdds the ability to search your own conversation messages to the main search.Free5.003322
1063Easy User Ban by SiropuAllows moderators to manage bans from the front-end and display public banned users list.€14.995.003Not Found
1064Nested quotesAllows for quotes to be nested more than one level deep.Free4.333107
1065Amazon Parser AllAdds Amazon affiliate number to links in messages.Free4.003298
1066Sub-Forums GridSub forum links in cloumnsFree5.003Not Found
1067Alert Improvements by XonA collection of improvements to the XenForo Alerts system.Free5.003394
1068Mark Threads DoneAllow users to mark threads as complete$15.005.003Not Found
1069H1 Board Title Enhancement (index only)This will change the visual of your board title on indexFree4.673114
1070[TH] GiphyIntegrate Giphy and XenForo 2$10.005.003Not Found
1071Accept cookies banner for EU usersBanner for accept cookies (for Google analytics, end users, etc)Free4.333253
10728thos Title URLsHow to reply for dummies. Supplement your buttons with title, create and reply linksFree5.00347
1073Remove Title From Conversation URLRemoves conversation titles from URLsFree5.00368
1074Add Avatar to QuoteAdds the quoted users avatar to the quoteFree5.003222
1075[ChipXF] Mobile Switcher (can disable other addons for mobile)mobile switcher, auto detect mobileFree3.673208
1076[AddonFlare] Paid Ads (Powerful Ad Rotation System)"Done For You" Ad Rotation. Sell Any Ad Spot. Maximize Ad Revenue.$34.974.003Not Found
1077Put the vertical message user info to the horizontalPut the vertical message user info to the horizontal to focus the attention on the content.Free5.003Not Found
1078[TH] SpotifyIntegrate Spotify and XenForo 2$20.005.003Not Found
1079First Steps in XFA tutorial collection of guides, tweaks and addons to get you goingFree5.003Not Found
1080Allow Moderators to View Forum while board is InactiveAllow those moderators to view the forum, even when you disable it!Free5.003Not Found
1081xenSplashDangerously Thirst Quenching$99.954.673Not Found
1082[XFA] Custom Username IconsAll username, usergroup and usertitle customization your members ever dreamed of !€4.005.003Not Found
1083Help area enhancements/guideLook at this as a guide rather than an enhancementFree5.003Not Found
1084User Activity by XonDisplays user activity per contentFree5.003114
1085Digital Point Social BarLightweight and consistent social buttonsFree3.673201
1086[XenConcept] Linked AccountsAllows your members to link one or more accounts then quickly switch between them$40.004.673Not Found
1087Widget PortalPortal for xenForo built using Widget Framework.Free4.673364
1088Mini Square Smilies (Blue)Mini square Smilies that deviated from the common circular look.Free5.00338
1089Link Checker by AddonsLabThe definitive solution you need to monitor and fix broken links throughout the forums$54.995.003Not Found
1090Convert Threads to ResourcesConvert the first post from an existing forum thread into a resource manager resource.Free5.00388
1091Sypex Dumper, Backup and restore your databaseBackup and restore your database quickly !Free5.003Not Found
1092Attachment Improvements By XonA collection of improvements to XF's attachment systemFree5.003162
1093Android Themed Smilies (Extended Pack)Android based smilies extened pack to compliment the exisiting initial release.Free5.00361
1094MP3 BBcodeInsert an .mp3 file into your post.Free5.003112
1095[TH] Profile Post BB CodeEnhance profile posts and profile post comments with BB code.Free5.003130
1096sonnb - Messages Mass ActionsAllow bulk search, move and delete threads via AdminCP$20.004.003Not Found
1097[XD] Resource Manager Filter ButtonsUsers can easily filter and sort resources.Free5.00343
1098Lazy LoadLoad less.Free5.003342
1099WYSIWYG Page EditorWYSIWYG Page Editor for non-admin users and without entering AdminCPFree4.333288
1100Vietnamese Friendly Link🇻🇳 XenForo add-on for URL tiếng Việt không dấu -> URL tieng Viet khong dauFree5.00379
1101[DBTech] DragonByte DonateAccept donations from members.$24.953.673Not Found
1102Custom RobotsAdd all the robots... If you have more time than sense ;)Free5.003117
1103Add to Mobile Home ScreenThis addon opens an overlay inviting mobile users to add your site to their mobile homescreenFree5.003104
1104Stop AutoLinking Patch (NO MORE SUPPORTED)This addon will avoid the bbcodes url auto-linking (content&options) inside forums and conversationsFree5.003349
1105Pocket guide to GDPR + Q&A + FAQA quick rundown for most forums.Free5.003Not Found
1106VigLinkEasily Enable VigLink on your xenForo ForumFree5.003141
1107XR Product ManagerSell digital products and manage optional extras and renewals all within XenForo£30.003.673Not Found
1108User Paid StickyGenerate income by allowing users on your forum to purchase stickies for thier threads!$49.995.003Not Found
1109Are You a Human?An unofficial plugin to support the Are You a Human? serviceFree5.003124
1110Search Style PropertiesAn easy and fast way to find your style properties by name or Css (type it,click it & get it)Free5.00389
1111Pro BluePro Blue XenForo 2.0Free5.00381
1112XenFacil Moderate threads - Move/Delete ThreadsMove threads to recycle byn/both hard soft Delete Threads CRON entryFree5.00344
1113Member Home PageModifies the Home Page link located below the avatar.Free5.00374
1114[XFA] Tournament - XF2Organize and manage tournaments (sports, games, ...) between your users all within XenForo !€35.005.003Not Found
1115[AA] Notable MembersIncrease performance and criteria for the notable members page of your forums$7.505.003Not Found
1116[DBTech] DragonByte User TaggingAllow members to use hash tags in posts and tag users in threads.$17.494.673Not Found
1117French Language - XenForo 2 (By xenTrad.fr) FREEComplete translation of xenforo 2 by xenTrad and free !Free1.003136
1118Anonymous sectionDoes what it says on the tinFree5.00384
1119RoyalA freebie from DohThemeFree5.003454
1120Adding an image to your Post backgroundAs it says on the tinFree5.003Not Found
1121Online Design ResourcesFree programs and websites that help you photoshop your site's images.Free5.003Not Found
1122Sticky thread simple stylingBackground colour and text styling of sticky threadsFree5.003Not Found
1123All Topics - Master Forums / Global TopicsShows threads from multiple forums in one forum!Free5.003117
1124Happy HolidaysSnow Falling & Holiday Garland With Ringing BallsFree5.003153
1125ACP LanguageSelect separate language for your ACPFree5.00331
1126Dice RollerSimple dice roller$30.005.003Not Found
1127New Thread LimitLimits the number of new threads a member can create in a given amount of time.Free5.003241
1128Hide Bottom BreadcrumbHide Bottom BreadcrumbFree5.003Not Found
1129What's New DigestSends daily or weekly emails containing highlights of what's newFree5.003120
1130User Promotion on Profile UpdateFaster user promotions on profile updatesFree5.003138
1131User Edit Menu in postbitEdit user,Edit user avatar and ban user from one simple menuFree5.003Not Found
1132[Extra] Block Links in Posts & Signatures (with Whitelist)Block Links in Posts & Signatures$9.994.003Not Found
1133Style Selector in SidebarSelect your style without having to scroll down to the bottom of the page.Free5.00377
1151[TH] Create Thread from Forum ListAdds a Post New Thread button to your forum list, allowing you to quickly select a forum to post in.Free4.673114
1152Report Centre EssentialsExtend Report Centre with multiple admin-defined report queues and queue auto-assignment rules$45.005.003Not Found
1153[DBTech] DragonByte Member MapGeolocate your members and plot them on an interactive Google map!Free5.003287
1154Signature OnceAllows user signature to be shown only once per thread/conversation or once per page.Free5.003200
1155[Tinhte] More XenForo PermissionsAllow/Disallow specific user-group access Who's Online, Member List & Recent Activity pagesFree5.003165
1156Increase Newest/Highest Posting UsersAllows you to set in the Admin CP how many newest and highest posting members should be shownFree5.00366
1157[XenMax] - More Thread Same CategoryShow more thread same category in thread viewFree4.333115
1158New Post Button in PostNew Post Button in XenForo 2 PostFree5.003Not Found
1159Zend Redis CacheXenForo + RedisFree5.003406
1160XenNews StylePremium theme for Xenforo 2 free themeFree4.673104
1161ThreadmarksTag specific posts in a thread so they can be easily navigated to.Free4.673215
1162[XenGenTr] Editor NoticeNew topic and quick reply, notices to editorFree4.33385
1163[XenMax] - Limit Post LinkThis addon prevent certain usergroups from posting links until they reach a certain number of posts.Free5.003118
1164[TAZ] Profile ControlCentralised control of user profile privacyFree5.00376
1165XenQuotationXenQuotation is an add-on for XenForo that allows your community members to save quotations.Free4.003147
1166Notifications Overview/ Beginners GuideNotifications Overview/ Beginners GuideFree5.003Not Found
1167Double click forum icons to mark forum as readadds functionality double click on unread forum icon to mark readFree5.00365
1168[EAE Add-ons] Conversation ToolsAdministrators can view and delete user conversations and batch prune conversations within the AdminCA$14.955.003Not Found
1169French Language PackFull French Translation for XenForo under Creative Commons LicenseFree5.003248
1170AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock]Recoup lost revenue by forcing visitors to disable their adblocker$15.005.003Not Found
1171Conversations PruneAllows pruning old conversations.Free5.003149
1172MetaMimeType: View PDF Attachments in-browserAlters the MIME type of .pdf and .txt files so they display in the browser instead of downloading.Free5.00368
1173[RAID101.com] Sticky First PostMake the first post stick to every page in the threadFree5.003218
1174[RT] User Rank ImagesUser ranks taken to another level with images!Free5.003483
1175Subforum LinksSub-forums links are displayed in a compact easy to read format.Free5.003275
1176Kay MinecraftKay Minecraft is a Minecraft Version of KDarkFree5.003138
1177Force to read a thread (STFRT2)Force a user to read a thread before he can perform further actions in the forum.Free5.003166
1178First Post ModeratedThis addon allows you to moderate only new threads in defined forumsFree5.003285
1179Gaming Avatar PacksA ton of gaming avatars for your avatar galleryFree5.003171
1180Munin Graph Users / Guests OnlinePlot users / guests online on your forum with MuninFree5.00349
1181[HA] Floating MenuEasily create and manage floating menuFree5.00398
1182Close IconThis is the close icon in PSD format so you can directly make changes (colour)Free5.00346
1183Remove SignatureRemoves the signature below the message.Free5.003133
1184FontAwesome Icons in Quick Navigation MenuFontAwesome!Free4.673Not Found
1185Remove FollowRemoves the Follow and Your News Feed features from your forum.Free5.00387
1186Remove Thumbnail InsertRemoves thumbnail insert option during message composing.Free5.003117
1187Styling the WYSIWYG / TinyMCE editorSometimes what you see isn't always what you get.Free5.003Not Found
1188Home Screen InstallationWeb App Install BannersFree5.003169
1189Mandatory LocationRequires new users to enter a location during registrationFree5.003158
1190Simple CSS Featured Thread BlocksA variety of simple featured Thread blocks.Free5.003Not Found
1191[ITD] Custom Icons for Trophies.You can add custom icons for trophies.Free5.003168
1192Pinterest With AddThisSpeed and move up your share buttons a littleFree5.003Not Found
1193[halloween] Pumpy Poopy PantsPumpkins in sidebar on top of the sideblocksFree5.003109
1194MMO TooltipsAdds the hover over effect to various MMO DB links.Free5.003145
1195[DBTech] DragonByte DonateAccept donations from members.$24.955.003Not Found
1196Serve Google fonts locallyAllows you to serve the Google fonts from your own serverFree5.003Not Found
1197[HDJuegos.net] Xbox Live LeaderBoardsXbox Live LeaderBoards for XenForoFree5.003201
1198[tl] Widget Threads EnhancementAn enhancement widget threads$18.005.003Not Found
1199Display User's Age in Message User InfoStyle property to display user's age in user info plus helper to use in other templatesFree5.003162
1200Innovate DarkIt is a very simple and clean game style with features developed for XenForo 2.1.x.$30.005.003Not Found
1201[TRN] Clean and Simple Thread ListsKeeps the thread lists simple and clean.Free5.003141
1202CTA Profile Page Avatar BlocksChange the number of following and followers displayedFree5.00369
1203SVG Basic Smilie packThis smilie pack replaces the default sprite smilies with SVG smiliesFree5.003356
1204Dealing with spam filtersTips to avoid your forum emails being flagged as spam.Free5.003Not Found
1205View Your PostsShows members their latest posts.Free5.003111
1206ColorfulA black style with colors.Free5.003150
1207[SC] Instagram WidgetAdd a Instagram widget in the sidebarFree5.003119
1208[WMTech] Link EssentialsScreenshots, Favicons, Interstitial & Better TitleDetection For Links Enhancing Usability & Privacy$48.005.003Not Found
1209[TH] Agree to Terms of ServiceForce users to agree to updated TOS and site rules.Free5.003210
1210Sound Cloud iFrame Embed BB Code Media SiteAdds support for embedding an iframe based Sound Cloud player in XenForo.Free5.003126
1211[cv6] NodeIconseasy change the node iconsFree5.003264
1212XenForo SDKSoftware Development KitFree5.003249
1213Node IconAdd custom icon to forum nodesFree5.003354
1214CTA Home PageHoney I'm home!Free5.003163
1215EXPerienceGreat theme for all gaming communities$9.003.673Not Found
1216[TH] Advanced Thread ArchiverAutomatically archive old threadsFree5.003184
1217CountdownDisplays a Countdown widget.$35.005.003Not Found
1218Block all AdBlockersForce the user to disable AdBlocker to display advertisements.Free5.003Not Found
1219TacticalBuild a Gaming Community$35.005.003Not Found
1220Resource View Count - ThemesCorp.comThis add-on allows you to display a counter of the number to views of the resourcesFree5.00381
1221[cXF] Social Icons in HeaderAdd social, rss or/and contact icon to header with Font Awesome$15.005.003Not Found
1222[AH] Gamer ProfilesDisplay gamer profiles in various areas.Free3.673318
1223Register TimezoneVery accurately determines new member registration timezone and updates members information.Free5.003211
1224[tl] Ignore ContentAllow your users can ignore any content in your board$25.005.003Not Found
1225Import avatar from URLAllow users quickly import avatar from URLFree5.003237
1226Setting up a Trash ForumSet up a Trash ForumFree5.003Not Found
1227[WMTech] How to configure Elasticsearch for non-english languagesOptimize Elasticsearch for german, french and other languages with special lettersFree4.673Not Found
1228[WMTech] Time Spent OnlineShow the total time members have used your forum$19.005.003Not Found
1229Change "Post New Thread" Button (per forum)Change the "post new thread" button text on a per forum basisFree2.673103
1230Wuebit Twitter Profile WidgetAdds the a twtter widget in the members profileFree5.00395
1231How to upgrade to XenForo 1.2Important information and actions to be takenFree5.003Not Found
1232MintyTropical Rainforest$25.004.003Not Found
1233[8WR] XenUtiles (Staff) PROStaff Member Tools and Stuff...$10.005.003Not Found
1234Minimum PostsRequires a minimum number of posts to view threads.Free5.003109
1235Trash XenPorta SidebarHow to dump XenPorta sidebar in favor of Widget FrameworkFree5.003Not Found
1236[OzzModz] Hide Member Card From GuestsHide the member card from guestsFree5.00374
1237[cXF] Thread snippetShow thread snippet (excerpt) on forum view and what's new page with some extra features.$15.005.003Not Found
1238[Nobita] Emoticons (User Smilies, Stickers)Allow user using external images to smilies$9.995.003Not Found
1239Coinbase Commerce IntegrationAccept cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.) for payments via the Coinbase Commerce gateway£20.004.333Not Found
1240Trophy List Overlay in Visitor PanelView the trophies you've earned from the visitor panel.Free5.00355
1241TaigaChat Message With ArrowDoes what it says on the tinFree5.003Not Found
1242XenForo Server Setup Guide Part 3 (CentOS, OpenLiteSpeed, Percona) (With Pictures!)An easy to follow quick setup guide for a powerful XenForo server stack. Part 3 of 3Free5.003Not Found
1243Portuguese Brazilian Language PackXenforo Translation for Portuguese [BR]Free5.003149
1244[TH] UI.X ProThe Ideal Forum Experience$199.955.003Not Found
1245[AddonFlare] XF2 Awards SystemMotivate User Activity / Engagement / Give Awards / Link To Trophy System / Level System$29.973.673Not Found
1246FontAwesome Icon as RSS IconFontAwesome!Free5.003Not Found
1247sonnb - Report AlertSend Alerts and Emails to Moderators for various Report actionsFree4.673141
1248Platform // xenfocus.comPlatform is a dark, modern skin perfect for gaming communities.$30.005.003Not Found
1249Staff Online Avatars Columns (With Overlay)Changes the default staff online block to use just avatars with tooltip username and usertitle.Free5.003Not Found
1250[TH] Sub-DomainsCustomise your forum based on the domain or run several forums from a single XenForo installation.Free5.003173
1251Page Generation Stats and TimePage Generation Stats and TimeFree5.00387
1252Forum Index TweakTweak your forum index by removing unnecessary infoFree5.003130
1253Spectrum // xenfocus.comSpectrum is focused around a simple to use color picker.$30.005.003Not Found
1254CalendarA fully integrated Calendar system based on thread information.$35.005.003Not Found
1255Teamspeak IntegrationAutomates Teamspeak server-group assignments!Free5.003497
1256Mark all PMs as read (queries)Sometimes useful after an import.Free5.003Not Found
1257Hide Poll ResultsAllows you to set various permissions relating to poll resultsFree5.003215
1258About UsCreates an About Us tab and page.Free5.003209
1259View Staff ThreadsAllows Stickies or Staff threads to be visible in a forum without "View threads by others"Free5.003321
1260[Nobita] MineCraft AvatarAllow using Minecraft Sevices$15.005.003Not Found
1261[cXF] Remove Breadcrumb only on forum listRemoves breadcrumb only on forum list.Free5.00377
1262Different style per domain (code example)Lets you override the style choice of the user, in this example by domain name.Free5.00380
1263[TH] Font Awesome BBCodeFont Awesome used in posts? Done.Free3.673188
1264[SolidMean] IP and User Agent in Contact EmailAdds the requestor's IP address to emails sent through the Contact Us page.Free5.00371
1265AddonsDisplays a list of add-ons you have installed and information about them.Free5.00372
1266LoginSecurityLog all user and admin login attempts!Free4.673173
1267[TH] Language Chooser PositionOptions to manage the Language Chooser through the Admin Control PanelFree5.00372
1268Dutch translation for XenForo 2.1 + add-onsThis is the dutch translation for XenForo 2.1 + add-onsFree5.00387
1269[XTR] Reputation SystemThis add-on allows you to adding a reputation system to your site based on reaction, post and trophyFree5.003248
1270XenPorta User Guide and FAQA user guide for the XenPorta Add-onFree5.003Not Found
1271[SolidMean] Amazon and eBay ParserAdd your Amazon Affiliate ID and/or eBay Campaign ID to your outgoing URL'sFree5.003240
1272Poll EnhancementPoll EnahnceementnmwenqfikerhyFree5.00393
1273Messenger Style ConversationsLOL, OMG, etc.Free5.003Not Found
1274[8WR] XenUtiles (Staff)Staff Member Tools and Stuff...Free5.003471
1275TMDb Integration - Movie Info GeneratorGenerates movie information using TMDb API, embedd movie information into posts using BB CodeFree5.00377
1276Show "My Threads" - on per forum base and in every forumPlace a "My Threads" link in every forum to find own threads in particular forums.Free5.00379
1277Post Rating Quick Starter GuidePost Rating Reference Guide for beginnersFree5.003Not Found
1278[xfCrowd] Notification BB CodesCool bbcode with colors box notificationFree5.003154
1279Related ContentsShow Related Contents on threads, based on XenForo 1.5 Tags, Unlimited Content Types.Free5.003131
1280Rate Own ResourcesIncludes a new permission that allows resource authors to rate and review their own resources.Free5.00380
1281Stats & Charts Bb CodesSome Bbm Bb Codes for your stats and chartsFree5.003111
1282Modern Gamer XF2 (10 Presets)A powerful gaming clan portal-style theme with 10 PRESETS, free slideshow, sponsor logos, footer$30.005.003Not Found
1283[Halloween] Cobweb in messageUserinfo[Halloween] Cobweb in messageUserinfoFree5.00370
1284[Liam W] (RIP) Split Reply PermissionSometimes, extra granularity is required.Free5.00386
1285Daily StatisticsExtended Statistics for your forumFree5.003151
1286CTA CriteriaAdditional user criteria for user group promotions, trophies, and noticesFree5.003215
1287German Language Pack [Sie]Complete translation of XenForo to GermanFree5.003161
1288Avatar ModerationManage all avatars of user before publicly$9.995.003Not Found
1289Install GuideDetailed guide for new installations of XF, step-by-step FTP instructions for the inexperienced.Free5.003Not Found
1290[cXF] Auto-highlight permalinkA click saver if you use it a lot.Free5.00358
1291XenForo RomanianRomanian translation for XenForo 1Free4.33383
1292Novus // xenfocus.comNovus is a clean, modern skin, perfect for almost any type of forum.$30.005.003Not Found
1293Live ContentLiven up content$25.005.003Not Found
1294[oman] Justify Text BB CodeFormat your text justified!Free5.003162
1295Reviews more obviousDisplay the reviews system more obvious on Resources ManagerFree5.00362
1296[Liam W.] Thread SolutionsMark posts as a solution to a thread.Free5.00343
1297DL6 - Tag Cloud WidgetAdd tag cloud anywhere on your site.Free5.003177
1298More smiley signsMore smiley signsFree4.673196
1299BB Button CodeUse [button] bbcode to create nice looking CSS buttonsFree5.003155
1300Mass prune all PMs (queries)Queries to delete all PMs for all users.Free5.003Not Found
1301[TH] Font Awesome in Admin Control PanelReplaces the ACP icons with Font Awesome icons.Free5.00398
1302[TH] Popular TopicsDisplay your most popular topics on forum 's index and sidebar.Free5.00217
1303Align the titles of your blocks in the sidebarAlign the titlesFree5.002Not Found
1304[XenMax] - Minimum Message Lengthlimit the number of characters / words in posts / threads / titleFree5.002138
1305[BS] ReputationReputation system$14.995.002Not Found
1306XenForo Forum with Nginx fastcgi_cache full page guest cachingCapture returned data and persist it to a disk based cache store for a configurable amount of time.Free5.002Not Found
1307Add Font Awesome icons to the navigationAdd Font AwesomeFree5.002Not Found
1308Arabic Language for XenForo Resource ManagerComplete translation of XenForo Resource Manager to ArabicFree5.00248
1309[Tinhte] Add More Currency (s)Add more currency (s) to Xenforo for your User UpgradeFree5.00294
1310[WMTech] Maintenance Screen PRO Edition for XF 1.1The last add-on you'll install showing a blank white page to your visitors!$15.005.002Not Found
1311Custom URL RomanizationThis add-on will romanize URL character for XF2.Free5.00277
1312[TH] TaigaChat Pro EssentialsEnhance your TaigaChat Pro install$10.005.002Not Found
1313Post Limit Per Node by AddonsLabSet limit on number of threads and posts user can make in a predefined time configured per nodeFree5.002134
1314Add usergroups to Staff online nowadd usergroups to staff online now, without extra permissionsFree5.002Not Found
1315[XenMax] - Banned PostAdd new Banned Post to the specified threadFree5.00281
1316[XFA] Forum SalesSimple solution to allow users to sell items through the forums using Paypal.€6.005.002Not Found
1317DXF-RedFree style from Xenique.comFree5.002158
1318Hide links to guests ESP by elvamoHide links to guestsFree5.002169
1319Simple CSS Featured Thread Blocks (Part 2)More Simple css featured thread styled blocksFree5.002Not Found
1320Registration GreetingRegistration GreetingFree4.502111
1321Russian translation of "Friends by Waindigo"Russian Language Pack for "Friends by Waindigo" add-on.Free5.00210
1322[Nobita] Room Chat for TaigaChat ProRoom Chat for TaigaChat & XenForo$12.995.002Not Found
1323PlayFusionA light blue PlayStation inspired gaming theme with powerful free features$30.005.002Not Found
1324Default Style DarkDefault Style Dark provides a dark theme for your forum.Free5.002106
1325Node Stats in Sub Forum MenuDoes what it says on the tinFree5.002Not Found
1326[XenMax] - Prefix FilterShows a list of prefixes in each forum.Free5.002178
1327[XenConcept] Project ManagerThis add-on allows you to create a project manager!$50.003.002Not Found
1328Edit XenForo templates using editorThis guide shows how to edit XenForo templates with your favourite editor using WebDAV.Free5.002Not Found
1329[cXF] Remove Inbox and Alerts phrase... and show only iconsFree3.00249
1330Thread Reply Ban TeethGive thread reply bans more bite.Free5.002113
1331Pigeon SmiliesPigeon Smiley PackFree5.00289
1332How to set secure file/folder permissions for XenforoThe official install guide glosses over some detailsFree4.502Not Found
1333User Ranks Based on Trophy PointsDisplay a rank image in the postbit based on trophy points earnedFree5.002Not Found
1334Add icons to your registration formicons in registration formFree5.002Not Found
1335[Karll] Unwatch allStop watching, disable or enable email notifications for all watched threadsFree5.00264
1336User agentAllows seeing the types of devices members are using to view your forum.$35.005.002Not Found
1337Source Engine Server ListAn easy way to list Source games on your forumsFree5.00277
1338@TagThem EnhancementAdd a small visual...Free5.002Not Found
1339Add Random Text to Your LogoHave random text next to your logoFree5.00247
1340Friend Inviter Block for XenPorta SidebarFriend Inviter Block for XenPorta SidebarFree5.002129
1341[TH] BB Code PermissionsUse permissions to stop BB codes being used by certain users and user groups, or in certain forums.Free1.002225
1342Quick Reply For Guest (Pro)Quick Reply For Guest (Pro)$9.995.002Not Found
1343Gestor de códigos BB y botonesCrear algunos códigos BB y botones - Configurar los códigos BB de XenForoFree5.00217
1344[OpenFire] - LiveSearchAdds a LiveSearch to your forum.Free5.002136
1345Style Chooser Enhancement (Full width)This guide allows for full width previews within your style chooserFree5.002Not Found
1346XF 2 Command Line FunctionsCommand Line FunctionsFree5.002Not Found
1347Xmas time! Snow animation headerXmas time! Snow animation headerFree5.00289
1348Search ImprovementsMinor search improvementsFree5.002253
1349Mejoras de TinyMCE -TinyMCE EnhancementsSpanish install of TinyMCE Enhancements Add-OnFree5.00214
1350[RAID101.com] XenTag Mod - Tag CloudAdd a rotating tag cloud for XenTagFree5.002108
1351[TH] Post CommentsComment or discuss messages.Free5.00226
1352Affiliate ParserAdds an affiliate ID to the end of URLs.Free5.002128
1353Arreglo de TinyMCE - TinyMCE FixXml de instalación de Arreglo de TinyMCE - TinyMCE Fix spanish install .xmlFree5.00220
1354Change the color of the blocks on your sidebarColor of the blocks sidebarFree5.002Not Found
1355[Llama] Conversation Reply PermissionAdds a permission to allow/prevent user from replying to Personal ConversationsFree5.00241
1356Most Popular Tagstags, tag, cloud, most, popularFree5.002222
1357[XI] TagAdds a "Tag" link to postsFree5.002101
1358Pumpkin Smilies for HalloweenPumpkiconsFree5.00244
1359[TH] Social User GroupsAn extension for Social Groups. Allows for groups to create their own user groups.Free5.002200
1360Remove Avatar From Quick Reply and Thread PreviewRemove Avatar From Quick Reply And Thread PreviewFree5.002Not Found
1361[Liam W.] Custom Editor ColorsAdd/edit/delete colors displayed in the editor dialogFree5.00233
1362[TH] XenForo.com Smilies (Smilies XML)Unlock the extra smilies that come packaged with XenForo 1.3.Free4.502410
1363[dc] Gestor de emoticonos - [dc] Smiley Manager spanish install[dc] Smiley Manager spanish install - Gestor de emoticonos instalación en españolFree5.00215
1364[Xen-Soluce] Invite SystemGenerate invitation codes to join your forum and more€20.005.002Not Found
1365Aggregating ForumsAllows viewing threads from sub-forums in the parent forum.$25.005.002Not Found
1366New Posts ResponsiveDisplay New Posts above the forum list in responsive view.Free5.002105
1367Query to Reset BB Code Media SitesReset the BB Code Media Sites to defaultFree5.002Not Found
1368Remove Visitor PanelRemoves Visitor Panel from sidebar.Free5.002116
1369Extended Pollswill make polls more popularFree4.50244
1370Search Results with GSEShows to search results with use "Google Search Engine"Free5.002105
1371Slow query loggerGenerate a stack trace on slow queriesFree5.002102
1372Tech RanksThis is posted from a request I got via Personal Conversation. Dark Tech RanksFree5.00287
1373[DBTech] Easy RegistrationMake the registration process for your XenForo forum easier and faster.Free5.002140
1374[XFA] Profile Background Image CustomizationAllow users to a background image to their profile page.€4.003.002Not Found
1375Guide to convert from MyISAM to InnoDBUse to convert from MyISAM to InnoDB when host did not have InnoDB configured at initial installFree5.002Not Found
1376Thread Reply BannerDisplayed per-thread banners above the editor to users who can postFree5.002112
1377Auto Language Switcherchange default language to guest depend of browser settingsFree5.002107
1378Status NotificationsAlert users when people they follow post a statusFree5.00258
1379First post onlyShow first post only to guests.$35.005.002Not Found
1380Last Member OnlineLast Member OnlineFree5.002148
1381Russian Language for XenForo Resource ManagerRussian Language for XenForo Resource ManagerFree5.00269
1382Conversation Auto ResponderAuto-replies for XenForo!Free5.002156
1383[WMTech] Post Guard (basic)Prevent users posting invalid posts & threads with regex post guardsFree5.00241
1385[TH] External Authentication PrivacyAdds additional options to avoid personal information being copied during external authentication.Free5.00243
1386Debug Edit wrench IconsThese icons come in a variety of colours on the chance you want to use other colours of the icon.Free5.00216
1387Slim ranks + PSDAn array of slim ranks coming in an assortment of titles. Because the ranks are sliced they can be sFree5.00295
1388[XenConcept] Admin Login LogRecord all failed and success login Admin Panel and send notification via email.$10.005.002Not Found
1389Forcing url without www. (Prevent duplicate content)Prevent duplicate content (google penality)Free5.00231
1390Expiring User UpgradesNotify your members when their account upgrades are about to expire$20.005.002Not Found
1391Conversation Stripper...not that kind either.Free5.002Not Found
1392Sticky Thread OrderAbility to order/re-arrange all sticky threads.$10.005.002Not Found
1393Turkish Translation PackComprehensible and correct phrases for TurkishFree5.00265
1394Twitter Widget on sidebarAdd a Twitter widget on forum sidebarFree5.002Not Found
1395XF Infraction PostVBulletin like thread post to a specified forum when user is bannedFree5.00267
1396Disable Cookie Help PageDisables all references to the cookie help page and 404s the Cookie Help PageFree5.00232
1397Forum RulesSet up per-forum rules to ensure your users are aware of them, and acknowledge them.£15.003.002Not Found
1398[XB] Join User GroupThis add-on allows the administrator to set certain user groups for their as joinable$25.005.002Not Found
1399Font-Awesome Icons in The Navbar + Other PlacesNavigation IconsFree4.50299
1400[tl] WatermarkAdd a watermark to uploading images$30.005.002Not Found
1401[XFA] Forum List TabsBring tabbed forum list layout to your forum!€10.004.002Not Found
1402[WMTech] Post Guard ProPrevent users posting invalid or disallowed content with Post Guards$19.005.002Not Found
1403Remove IgnoreRemoves the Ignore feature from your forum.Free5.00252
1404How To Change Domain Name10 Easy Steps to move to new domainFree5.002Not Found
1405DiceThrow dice in postsFree5.00284
1406[WMTech] User Blocking SystemNow Your Users Are Able to Completely Block Other Users in Your XenForo Board$39.003.002Not Found
1407[cXF] Sidebar Widget PositionsShow widgets in What's new sidebar position.Free5.00286
1408XenForo 2.x Arabic TranslationXenForo 2.x Arabic translationFree5.002138
1409Russian translation of "About Me by Waindigo"Russian Language Pack for "About Me by Waindigo" add-on.Free5.0027
1410User Promotion on Profile UpdateFaster user promotions on profile updatesFree5.002107
1411RSS feedAdds RSS feed widget.$35.005.002Not Found
1412QuickSearch in HeaderMove QuickSearch to header and style itFree5.002Not Found
1413XenForo License VerificationXenForo License VerificationFree5.002204
1414Optimized List Queries by XonA collection of replacement queries for getting lists of stuff aimed at large forums.Free5.002141
1415[xfCrowd] Alexandria [Light]Modern Responsive Theme with parallax header$22.005.002Not Found
1416Word Searchword search is an old game that you would do on paperFree5.00248
1417How to Install an AddonStep by step how to get those juicy addons!Free5.002Not Found
1418Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x by AddonsLabPromotes creation of content by guests and new registrations without risk of increased spamming.$34.995.002Not Found
1419LoginUserLocks - Prevent Brute Force: SecurityPrevent attempts to brute force the login areaFree5.002170
1420How to add some plugins or custom buttons to Redactor-Free5.002123
1421Persistent AlertsKeep users informed by delivering alerts/emails based on user preferences regardless of activity$15.005.002Not Found
1422[XFA] Extended Moderation and BanningPush your moderator abilities to the next level with new blocking actions and files/links moderation€6.005.002Not Found
1423[TH] About MeExtends the about section of a user profile, including adding attachments.Free5.002139
1424[XFA] Votings SystemEasy submission of ideas, suggestions, questions, etc... to other users votes !€6.004.502Not Found
1425Turkish translation AzuCloud - Search keyword cloudSearch keyword cloudFree5.00210
1426[cXF] Advertising position after first postShow ads after first post if there are any replies only.Free5.002197
1427Differentiating Members and Guests in Google AnalyticsAdding custom variables to Google AnalyticsFree5.002Not Found
1428Weekly digestSends an email to your members every week showing most popular topics.$35.005.002Not Found
1429Staff BBcodes (with extra two) - PijaniTvor.comNice four BBcodes for your Staff members and another two for non Staff users.Free4.502118
1430[XenConcept] Advanced PermissionsThis add-on allows to define other permissions.$20.003.002Not Found
1431[Liam W] (RIP) Post Count RebuildCorrect those post counts!Free5.002168
1432Welcome ThreadAutomatically creates a welcome thread for your new members.Free5.002112
1433Snapshot // xenfocusSnapshot features a very unique 'frosted image' effect and a large fixed background image.$30.005.002Not Found
1434[bd] Keyword AlertKeep track of important matters.$10.005.002Not Found
1435Featured Thread Title EnhancementAdd some pop to your title....Free5.002Not Found
1436[XenGenTr] Ultimate PostbitAdvanced postbit addon coded for Xenforo 2Free5.002177
1437WE FIGHT SPAM! [Images for Image-based, Anti-spam Add-ons]A set of 25 images to be used with image-based, anti-spam add-ons | by JacquiiDesignsFree5.00254
1438Forum Age RestrictionProvides the ability to set a minimum and maximum age requirement for a forumFree5.002109
1439[WMTech] External Link InterstitialShow An Interstitial Page if Someone Leaves Your SsiteFree5.002213
1440Staff onlineDisplays a block containing staff online.$35.005.002Not Found
1441Similar Threads PlusShows a list of similar threads when a user is creating or viewing a thread.Free5.002449
1442[XFA] Document/Manual/Tutorial/Article WriterOffer your users the capability to create/maintain easily any kind of document types.€12.005.002Not Found
1443[WMTech] Create New Thread GlobalCreate New Thread From EverywhereFree5.002205
1444Global Template Usergroup Member CountAccess the counts of members in usergroups for use in templates.Free5.00257
1445Russian translation of "Post Ratings"Russian Language Pack for "Post Ratings" add-on.Free5.00222
1446Vanity NamesQuick access links to user profiles!Free5.00275
1447sonnb - Stop Spam Here - Stop Forum Spam APIAn additional addon that bring Stop Forum Spam API to "Stop Spam Here" addonFree5.002170
1448TPU: Add Signature PicturesLets users upload images to use in their signature, like on vBulletin.Free5.002176
14498thos Star Ratings CSS Smilie SpritesA 2.91kb star ratings CSS smilies spriteFree5.00260
1450[TH] Resource Category List NavigationProvides options to simplify your resource categoriesFree5.00262
1452xsplayer (sound youtube)take the sound from youtube and play it in your postFree5.00232
1453Mobile Agent Tracer (CC by)This addon displays inside a message if the user has used a mobile device to post it.Free5.002248
1454[TH] User Moderation Queue on Front EndNew permission to allow moderators the ability to manage users on the front endFree5.00281
1455Delete usersDelete users who never made a post after 365 days and other conditions set in the options page.$35.004.002Not Found
1456[TH] Template ViewerWant to test a template for an add-on you haven't built yet? View any template easily.Free5.00282
1457Different thread color based on Thread Starter's groupTemplate modification to show different thread list color for different usergroups.Free5.002Not Found
1458Most postsDisplays a Most Posts widget.$35.005.002Not Found
1459Quick Navigation in Menu [OVERLAY]Adds quick navigation icon link opening in an overlay.Free4.50242
1460Tutorial: How to update/upgrade ElasticSearchMy own steps on updating ESFree4.502Not Found
1461New Thread RestrictionRemoves the "Post New Thread" button until minimum number of post or registration days have been metFree5.002119
1462XF Basic Dictionary (A-Z)A list od definitions of names and jargon used on XF for new maybe not so new adminsFree5.002Not Found
1463xF Mavis StylexF Mavis Style - FREEFree5.002109
1464Flash attachment mp3 playerSimple play button below mp3 attachmentsFree5.002Not Found
1465XF Basic Dictionary (CATEGORIES)A list od definitions of names and jargon used on XF for new maybe not so new adminsFree4.002Not Found
1466Staff Only! Staff Only!Places a block over a node.Free5.002Not Found
1467[bd] Link ExpanderRich and helpful link preview for better discussions.$19.005.002Not Found
1468[1.2] Tag Icon by @usernameThis will display a icon next to username tagging links.Free5.002101
1469[Xenbros] Download Pageallow you to increase revenue by showing ads with additional attachment download page with timer$10.005.002Not Found
1470[TH] Loading ImprovedReplace the default XenForo AjaxLoader with something fancy!Free5.002188
1471Daily Reaction LimitThis add-on allows to limit the amount of reactions user can give daily.Free5.00224
1472[SSD] Brighten up your Forum Stats BoxAdd Font Awesome and a splash of colour!Free4.502Not Found
1473bbPress ImporterSet of SQL Queries to import Data from bbPress over to xenForoFree5.00240
1474[ 1.2 ] Icon in last post areaIcon in last post areaFree5.00269
1475RM: Article TranslationTurn the RM into an Article ManagerFree5.00265
1476"Quickreply" for guestsShow a non functional text field below messages for guestsFree5.002Not Found
1477[TH] Happy BirthdayCongratulate your members on their birthdays in various methods.$10.003.002Not Found
1478[HA] Users Years of Experiencelet users set a date for starting of their experienceFree5.00265
147912 royalty free flat social iconsUse them however you like.Free5.00246
1480Conversation Email LimiterLimit conversation message notification emails to one per unread conversation.$15.005.002Not Found
1481Xenporta Block - Progress BarProgress Bar can be scaled to show just a progress bar, a log, any media, or anything you really wanFree5.002202
1482[HA] Missing Iconsadd icons to places that are neededFree5.002130
1483[XFA] Youtube Profile SidebarAllows users to post their favorite youtube video on their profile€2.005.002Not Found
1484[XFA] Forum LogoAllows you to customize a bit more your forums by adding logos€2.805.002Not Found
1485No Increase in User Post CountAn updated and fixed version...Free5.00273
1486SEOClerks SignatureEarn affiliate income from unused signature spaceFree5.00221
1487Redirection script for SMF 2.0A script to redirect SMF to Xenforo URL'sFree5.00227
1488Edit DownloadsAllows editing Download totals in Resource Manager.Free5.00250
1489Remove Attachment Links AllRemoves all attachment links.Free5.00268
1490[TH] Top PostersShow some top posters statisticsFree4.00228
1491LightTabbed (10 Colors)A clean, modern UI style with powerful features, free slideshow, footer, ticker, 10 PRESETS$30.005.002Not Found
1492Conversation Improvements by XonA collection of improvements to the XenForo Conversation system.Free5.002284
1493[tLk] Hide Links from Guestshide, linksFree5.00295
1494[TH] User Import and ExportImport users from XML or CSV file and export users to CSV file.Free1.502218
1495Simple RanksSimple yet sleek rank images.Free5.00266
1496Facebook’s Open Graph Image or og:image For Forums and ThreadsDifferent open graph images for forums and threads.Free5.00296
1497Weather PageweatherFree5.00246
1498Staff have posted RibbonStaff have posted ribbon alternative placement and designFree4.502Not Found
1499Remove Current VisitorsRemoves Current Visitors link from the Members tab.Free5.00244
1500[Liam W.] Title Permission StringsCriteria based access to threads with words in the title...Free5.00212
1501Force Style On Thread PrefixExtra thread prefix option to override the style on a thread based on the thread prefixFree5.00287
1502New User New ThreadCreate a new thread each time a new user is registeredFree5.00276
1503[RT] Staff Room UnreadDisplays unread posts from a staff room in your moderation bar.Free5.002182
1504[TH] Spell CheckerAdds a spell checker button to your Redactor editor. Requires aspell and php-pspell to be installed.Free5.002109
1505Reply button StyleAds style for the reply button.Free5.002Not Found
1506Scaling standard-sized ads in a responsive environmentFor ad partners lacking responsive code, when loading smaller ad sizes isn't an option.Free5.002Not Found
1507[OzzModz] No Contact Us For GuestsRemove permission for guests to use the contact us form.Free5.00238
1508User LanguageAllows viewing language preferences of forum visitors.Free5.00239
1509Country registration checkBlocks registration to specified countries.$35.005.002Not Found
1510XenDark (Free)A FREE crisp dark style for Xenforo 2 - multipurpose for entertainment, tech or gaming forums!Free5.002163
1511Resources Fix ButtonsMakes several buttons open in a new tab.Free5.00259
1512FontAwesome Icons in Message User InfoFont Awesome!Free5.002Not Found
1513[XFA] Medias ContestIt's time for your user to start competing in media contests !€12.005.002Not Found
1514[InfisJSC] VKontakte media bbcodeAdd support for media from vk.com (old VKontakte)Free5.00271
1515[TH] User Group BB CodesAdds [ISMEMBEROFUSERGROUP], [REGISTERED], [GUEST], [ADMIN], [MOD] and [NOTADMIN] BB codes, and more.Free5.002119
1516Battle.net IntegrationLogin/Register using Battle.net account$18.005.002Not Found
1517[HA] Create Thread From Forums ListAdd Create Thread Icon next to forums' name in forums list pageFree5.00258
1518ElasticSearchAdmin utility to show ElasticSearch information.Free5.002108
1519[XFA] Download From listDirect download button from resources list with download now/downloaded stateFree5.00292
1520ClassifiedsAdd a feature-rich classifieds system to your board.$60.005.002Not Found
1521User Profile - Prefixed ThreadsAdd tabs to user profiles that contain threads they started with a certain prefix.$15.003.002Not Found
1522Crowdfunding BB Code Media PackAllow users to promote Kickstarter, Indiegogo campaigns, and more.Free4.50245
1523Postbot - Automated Replies to TriggersYour forum can respond to !trigger commands posted by permitted users.Free5.00298
1524Redis View CountersUse redis for view counters rather than MySQLFree5.002119
1525[cXF] Font Awesome SwitchRun Font Awesome icons on your site locally or via CDN.Free5.002221
1526XenForo License ValidationValidate the XenForo licenses of your members (for some reason...)Free3.002113
1527Resource Count in Message User InfoAdds Resource Count to Message User InfoFree5.00269
1528Local TimeDisplay a user's local time in the postbit.Free5.00286
1529Remove Sign Up Now ButtonRemoves the Sign Up Now button.Free5.002126
1530Speed up your XenForo siteTips for improving your XenForo board performanceFree5.002Not Found
1531Enable/Disable Notable MembersDoes what it says on the tin.Free5.00259
1532Trophies Icons Pack14 Awesome icons for trophiesFree5.002149
1533Conversation Reply LimitLimits the number of replies allowed per conversation.Free5.00248
1534Google Adsense Autoads (Advanced)Quickly add Google Adsense Autoads to your website$10.005.002Not Found
1535Trim Reply QuoteTrims the quoted text when a member clicks the Reply link.Free5.00270
1536Gift UpgradesAllow users to gift user upgrades to each other.$20.004.002Not Found
1537[cXF] Advanced FooterAdd icons and/or extra links to footer, set columns, fixed footer and more features!$22.005.002Not Found
1538[RainDD] Floating NavigationAdd floating navigation to stock based themes.Free5.002102
1539Nofollow ManagerAllows managing when the rel="nofollow" tag is used.Free5.002181
1540Bring Original Redactor Colors back1.2 B1-B3 had a different color set than 1.2 B4 on.Free5.002Not Found
1541Prefix Essentials [Unsupported]Some very useful extra prefix functionality£20.005.002Not Found
1542Custom User Fields PermissionsSet input/output permissions for Custom User FieldsFree5.002119
1543[n] Resend Activation MailResend activation email for users that have not activated their account yet.Free5.002180
1544GalleryA image and video gallery system for xenforoFree1.002149
1545[OzzModz] Post AreasShows a user's post and thread count for each forum on the user profile page.Free5.00295
1546Greek Language PackGreek Language for xenForo and some addons, from Free5.00254
1547Pokémon SpritesSprite of all Pokémon.Free5.00260
1548[cXF] Horizontal message user infoShow message user info in horizontal view with some extra features.$15.005.002Not Found
1549Can Warn StaffAllow moderators and administrators to be warned.Free5.002168
1550MobileRead Reported PostsHave reported items automatically posted in a private discussion nodeFree5.00260
1551New User Profile MessageThis Addon will post a Profile Message on the Profile of Newly Registered Users.Free5.00282
1552XenCentral Wiki ToolsXC Wiki Tools allows to embed Wikipedia article content into any post using configurable BB codes€24.995.002Not Found
1553Adding BB Code Media Sites Using oEmbedHow to add oEmbed (using Twitter as an example)Free5.002Not Found
1554Open All Links (even internals) In New TabOpen all links in your xenforo in new tabFree5.00255
1555Apply poll result action for public votes to each barMake it easier to click to see who voted for which optionFree5.002Not Found
1556Thread Thumbnails by WaindigoTurkish translation for the Thread Thumbnails by WaindigoFree5.00242
1557Sidebar NewsAdds a RSS news feed to your sidebar.Free5.002130
1558Conversation Last Read TimeAdd "Last Read Date" next to each conversation participantsFree5.002108
1559Space After SmilieChanges the default smilie template so there is a space automatically after each oneFree5.00269
1560[TH] Joke PollAdds a joke option when creating polls that makes all votes change to the first answer.Free5.00266
1561XenBlueStyle by gldtn$10.005.002Not Found
1562[xenbros] whatsapp Chat for XenforoWhatsapp click to chat for Xenforo by xenbros$10.005.002Not Found
1563[n] Template SecurityEnhance the security on your site for yourself and for your members.Free5.00291
1564Let me google that for youA BBcode to create lmgtfy.com linksFree5.00277
1565Minecraft AvatarsUse your Minecraft skin head as avatarFree1.002119
1566Change authorAllows changing the author of a post.$35.005.002Not Found
1567[TH] Edit User Join DateAllows the administrator to change the registered date of any user through the Admin Control Panel.Free5.002251
1568How To Create A Google Adsense Account And Install AdsTutorial on how to create a google adsense account and how to place advertisementsFree5.002Not Found
1569Resource Manager - Date ChangeAllows you to change the date of any resource in your Resource ManagerFree5.002137
1570Using PHP callbacks in Custom Fields [Guide]How to use PHP callbacks in the Custom Fields add-on.Free4.002Not Found
1571Jaxel's Method for Creating A Route ControllerThe "proper" way to construct complicated route controllers...Free5.002Not Found
1572[Nobita] Pokémon CatcherTry to catch all Pokémon...$25.003.502Not Found
1573NubiaThe Ultimate xenForo Theme$30.005.002Not Found
1574[TH] Automatic WarningsAutomatic give users warnings if they post certain content.Free5.002110
1575[bd] Paygate: STRIPEAdd support for Stripe as a pay gateFree5.002334
1576[OzzModz] Contact Us SpaminatorContact Us Form Spam Bot Fighting Tool$24.005.002Not Found
1577[cXF] Staff MenuAdd staff bar links to visitor panel with some extra features.$22.005.002Not Found
1578Adding an image to your Quote boxas it says on the tin reallyFree5.002Not Found
1579[TH] Member List SortingOrder the display members on the memberlist by certain criterias, like join date, message count etcFree4.00216
1580[XenConcept] Login As UserThis addon allow Connect to another user.$15.005.002Not Found
1581[xFT] Message Above EditorMessage Above Editor In Threads And Conversations.Free5.00285
1582Node Secondary ImagesImages within your node areasFree5.002Not Found
1583Minecraft All PackUse all Minecraft blocks, items, entities as smilies!Free5.002207
1584Add Help tab in navigation barAdd the Help tab old-fashionedFree5.00267
1585How to harmlessly customize any free/paid styleUpdating and customizing styles made easy with a few clicksFree5.002Not Found
1586[TH] TOSForce registering users to view your TOSFree5.00282
1587Auto MoveAuto moves threads in selected forums.Free5.00231
1588[TH] Newest Post FirstReverses the order of posts in a thread so that the most recent post is at the top.Free5.002269
1589[TH] vBulletin 4 CMS ImporterImport your CMS articles from vB4 into XenForo threads.Free5.00277
1590User Upgrade ConversationSends a Conversation when a member does a User Upgrade.Free5.002181
1591[SchmitzIT] How to add forum sprites to tabs using CSSTab icons using CSS. (Requires minor file edits)Free5.002Not Found
1592Split Reply PermissionCan reply to own thread, can reply to others' thread.Free5.00267
1593Rank Images pack12A free resources from the team Minerskinz.comFree5.00266
1594Minimum Posts in selected nodes for Trophies and Notices criteria - ThemesCorp.comMinimum Posts in in selected nodes for Trophies and Notices criteriaFree5.00241
1595Xen-TR Show Today's BirthdayShows Today's BirthdaysFree3.002111
1596[Xenbros] XFRM Gallery widgetThis addon can create a stunning slider,category separation highlight etc.$15.005.002Not Found
1597Forum List CountShows number of forum list views by visitor type.Free5.002115
1598Quick LinksCreates a Quick Links tab.Free5.00260
1599Minimum Thread Title LengthForce a minimum length for thread titles on a per-forum basis.Free5.00264
1600VigasA dark modern theme that will standout beautifully on your monitor.$25.005.002Not Found
1602[TH] BibleAdds a [VERSE] BB code to allow bible verses (or other similar texts) to be quoted.Free5.00253
1603[TH] ModeratorsAdds the ability to import/export moderators and their individual node permissions.Free5.00245
1604Sidebar PollAllows adding a simple poll to your sidebar.Free4.002160
1605[TH] Hide Online UsersHides all online user information from members who choose not to reveal their own online status.Free5.00265
1606Random ThreadDisplays a random thread.Free5.002109
1607Navigation Entire Link Trigger PopupRemoves drop down arrows and makes entire top navigation link hoverable.Free5.002117
1608DamnComputer - Status In PostDisplays a users status in their postbit on the forum.Free4.50281
1609Extended Online ListAll IP's and related members... Informative!Free5.00254
1610[cXF] Similar Threads by AndyB in SidebarShow Similar Threads (by AndyB) in sidebar in thread view.Free5.00287
1611[VNNET] Forum Recent Thread (Free)Display the most recent threads of forum index pageFree5.00256
1612Qapla.com - IPS Blue Fluid and FixedA blue, green and white themeFree5.002139
1613BasicSimple looking almost flat style with many features$29.005.002Not Found
1614LatteBeige/coffee theme based on one of the most advanced XenForo style frameworks.$29.005.002Not Found
1615RevoLight style with different navigation, glyphs, high definition display support, compact nodes$29.005.002Not Found
1616[3.studIo] Usergroup RanksUsergroup Ranks - vBulletin/IPB Style. Unlimited Ranks, Flexible, Open source!Free5.002181
1617Ultimate Hotlinking ProtectionUse this generator to create a .htaccess file for hotlink protection of your images and pictures.Free5.002Not Found
1618Redirection Script for phpBB 3.0.x (without SEO URLs)A very basic redirect script for phpBB without SEO URLsFree4.502144
1619Envision LightVery clean a skin with advanced features designed for the XenForo. Fully customizable with features$30.005.002Not Found
1620[SolidMean] CloudFlare DetectReplace visitors' CF based IP's with the visitor's true, originating IP addressFree5.002575
1621[cXF] Sidebar ExtensionEnhance your default sidebar with many features.$15.005.002Not Found
1622Quiz MasterQuiz system for your forumFree5.002186
1623MaterialechoBased on Google Material Design$15.005.002Not Found
1624Ban ThreadWhen a ban is issued, a new thread is automatically created for staff members.Free5.002250
1625[XP] Verification BadgeAbility to mark any user as verified and show a badge next to their username$14.955.002Not Found
1626Bump LimitPrevents thread starter from bumping their thread until a certain time has expired.Free4.502155
1627XmagazineMagazine & Personal xenForo Theme$30.005.002Not Found
1628Dira beautiful and clean that has touch of blue and green.$25.005.002Not Found
1629Matomo Analytics integrationXenForo + MatomoFree5.00287
1630User Mentions Improvements by XonImprovements to XenForo's user mentions system (user group mentions)Free5.002506
1631Halloween Smilies 2013Smilies, HalloweenFree5.00285
1632[TH] InvitationAllow users to invite new members$10.004.002Not Found
1633Traditional Chinese translation (including simplified Chinese version) of XenForo (繁體中文與簡體中文)Traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese translations for XenforoFree5.00257
1634Forum Node and Category Node Read/Unread CSSEasy Icon and sub forum Icon read/unread via CSSFree5.002Not Found
1635Referral Contests by SiropuGrow your member base by rewarding your users for inviting others to join the community.€29.995.002Not Found
1636iO Dark ModeAlmost as good as the iPhone$35.005.002Not Found
1637[TH] Featured Threads and Content PortalDisplay your most valuable threads with ease.$59.954.002Not Found
1638Full Message Text PermissionAdds permissions to include full message text in emails, per usergroupFree5.00275
1639Auto Hide Reported Posts by IversiaSend reported content into moderation queue if it has reached the report threshold.Free5.00292
16408 XenForo Default Color ThemesI have put together 8 different Default color themes for XenForo.Free5.002119
1641TinyMCE Enhancements (NO MORE SUPPORTED)A toolbox to tweak TinyMCE with some official plugins: autosave, wordcount, paste & fullscreen.Free5.002219
1642Convert image allConverts all hot linked images to attachments.$35.005.002Not Found
1643Add characters to user names of invisible membersNow you see them, now you don't.Free5.002Not Found
1644Resource Manager Default IconsAdd default icons to your resourcesFree5.002115
1645Audentio ADStyler + CDNMake it work with a CDNFree5.002Not Found
1646[TH] WarningsLimit warning actions to specified warning definitions only, group warnings, ordering and emailing.Free5.002181
1647UI.X ClassicOriginal UI.X for XenForo 1 look and feel$35.005.002Not Found
1648Lucky Simple Image Align & Text Justify (optional)Align your images left or right and wrap textFree3.002102
1649Baisik // xenfocus.comThe baisik (pronounced basic) skin is a clean, modern, light design with a neutral color scheme tha$30.005.002Not Found
1650[RAID101.com] Reputation Points As CriteriaAdd Reps as criteria and edit reputation points in user edit menuFree5.00262
1651Mini Square Smilies (Yellow)Mini square Smilies that deviated from the common circular look.Free5.00236
1652Peachy KeenHome grown and delicious$99.954.502Not Found
1653show hooksshow all hooks availableFree5.002234
1654Usergroup Permissions for Xenking Directory AddonAdds usergroup based permissions for Xenking Directory AddonFree5.00243
1655Mood icons v2 - German translationHow do you feel? - Tell us in german!Free5.00231
1656TMDb TV Thread Starter for XenForo 2.1+Start threads about TV shows the easy way in XenForo 2!$24.005.002Not Found
1657XFServices.com | Sponsor BlocksMonetise your forum with this simple add-on.Free5.002126
1658Kay PurpleKay Purple is a Purple Version of KDarkFree3.00251
1659Previous & Next ThreadThis resource will add a link in thread view to PREVIOUS and NEXT thread.Free5.00287
1660Imitation - Mixpod Fixed and FluidA light theme using colors from mixpod.comFree5.00281
1661Reputation Systemreputation system for forum$32.005.002Not Found
1662Quick Account SwitchThis modification gives users the ability to easily switch between linked accountsFree5.002276
1663Profile Fields PopupAdd a popup which will show all the user's custom profile fields within the message user info block.Free5.00289
1664[SC] Support Us WidgetAdd Support Us Widget in SideBarFree5.00293
1665RogueFontAwesome at its finest$99.955.002Not Found
1666Instagram BB Code Media SiteAutomatically converts Instagram URLs into a thumbnail with a URL to full Instagram pageFree5.002180
1667Edit Meta Description for ThreadsAllows permissible usergroups to manually set Meta Description for Search Engine Optimization!Free3.002150
1668Moving account name (with option) on sidebarI move account name in sidebar (with options)Free4.502Not Found
1669[XenGenTr] Forum statistics system[XenGenTr] Forum statistics systemFree5.002178
1670Report Queues And StatsExtend Report Centre with multiple report queues and queue auto-assignment rules$45.005.002Not Found
1671IntrinsicFocus Your Creativity$99.955.002Not Found
1672[TH] Spam RulesCreate custom rules for stopping spam content on your forum.Free5.002116
1673QR Code for AttachmentsAdds a QR image to the attachments linking to the attachmentFree5.002177
1674Collaborative ResourcesEnables ad-hoc created groups to share OP-rights to a resource$40.005.002Not Found
1675[LiquidServe] User Upgrade ConversationCreates a conversation when a user purchases an upgrade.Free5.00261
1676ReneueRevitalize your community$99.955.002Not Found
1677Show Attachment md5 SumThis addons shows the filehash of the attachmentFree5.002155
1678Notice in each boxYou dont need create each thread rules in each box.Free5.002Not Found
1679Custom Action Bar for 2.1Font Awesome icons for the action barFree5.002Not Found
1680illuminate ☀️A minimal, modern theme with category-specific colour schemes and a compact header.$30.005.002Not Found
1681Crowd ModerationAllow your userbase to moderate messages by reporting them.$15.005.002Not Found
1682Update Any ResourceAllows members with permission to update any resource.Free5.00269
1683Change thread titles in thread view into URL linksA simple template edit to make it easy to load the base thread URL.Free5.002Not Found
1684HTML in Custom User TitlesAllow HTML tags in Custom User TitlesFree4.002269
1685[TH] Navigation TabsAdds the ability to change the display order for tabs added by other add-ons.Free5.002151
1686Change Post Date by XonChange Post Date as an inline moderator optionFree5.002262
1687Hide Online users to Guests.Members only can see online users.Free5.002Not Found
1688[SC] Twitter WidgetAdd a Twitter Widget in the sidebarFree5.002153
1689QQFarm Integration for Xenforo - Tích hợp QQFarm với Xenforoadd-on,QQFarmFree3.00240
1690Remove Index Title From All Pages On Your ForumHow to remove the the index title from the title elementFree5.002Not Found
1691Custom BB CodesA selection of custom BB Codes for use with the BB Code Manager.Free5.002238
1692Snow effect in sidebarSnow effect in sidebarFree5.002168
1693MaterialechoBased on Google Material Design$15.003.002Not Found
1694Moderator EssentialsTools and Features that Improve Moderator Productivity.$45.005.002Not Found
1695[XenGenTr] Warning systemPost alerts and announcements to the forum specific, subject and subject list.Free5.00267
1696[TH] User SearchAdds member search (including a user's about text) to the full site search.Free2.502119
1697User Group Badges (Per Usergroup)Shows a badge image per usergroup.Free5.002Not Found
1698Amazon/eBay ParserAdds an Amazon Affiliate ID or eBay Campaign ID to messages and signatures with no database changesFree5.002181
1699Upgrade ReminderCron sends nightly emails to notify users their account upgrades will soon expireFree5.00259
1700Add explanation below CAPTCHA fieldAllows you to explain the CAPTCHA you useFree5.002Not Found
1701Threadloom List Builder for XenForo 1.5.xRe-engage drive-by visitors, grow your Newsletter subscriber list at no additional costFree5.00213
1702Dark Silhouette Avatars!Nice set of dark avatars with their PSD's!Free5.00278
1703[xenbros] New thread Grid WidgetThis widget show thread in grid View by xenbros.com$10.005.002Not Found
1704Imitation - Bold Grey Fluid and FixedA dark grey, brown and white color scheme.Free4.50278
1705Remove Forum StatisticsRemoves Forum Statistics panel from sidebar.Free5.002173
1706Paypal Donate ButtonPaypal donate button in custom user fieldFree5.002Not Found
1707Color changing staff banner (Rainbow staff banner)Color changing staff banner (Rainbow staff banner)Free5.002Not Found
1708[XFA] RM Categories LayoutNew categories list layout similar to nodes display for Resource Manager.€7.005.002Not Found
1709Public Mod LogAllows your mods to view the Moderation Log of the thread they're viewing direct in the threadFree5.002309
1710Core - PixelExit.comA fantastically simple style for XF1 & XF2$30.005.002Not Found
1711Approve all moderated posts (queries)Useful when you have a backlog of moderated posts.Free5.002Not Found
1712[cXF] Advanced FooterAdd icons and/or extra links to footer, set columns, fixed footer and more.$22.005.002Not Found
1713[ITD] Attachment Icons.Add icons to your various type attachments.Free5.002166
1714Copy ThreadThis addon allows you moderators to copy a thread into a other forumFree5.002473
1715Analytics or Tracker HelperAllows you to include an analytics/tracker codeFree5.002121
1716Share Search URLAllows your users to share the search urlFree5.002176
1717Lastest Activity WidgetLastest Activity WidgetFree5.002121
1718[TH] StrandsBreaks longer threads into separate strands, making discussions easier to follow.Free5.00237
1720Russian Language for XenForofull translation into Russian for XF 2.0Free4.502191
1721[XFA] Thread Template - XF2Define thread message templates for your forums !€5.004.502Not Found
1722[XenConcept] User Activity (Users Viewed, Viewing Thread, Viewing Forum)This add-on allows you to see who read the threads, number of visitor members in the forums, and vis$20.005.002Not Found
1723Gamer 3 NotificationGamer 3 notification card that may appeal to gaming sites.Free5.00243
1724Warning AcknowledgementAllows forcing acknowledgement of a warning$25.005.002Not Found
1725Advanced Bb Codes PackAccordion, tabs, and more$35.005.002Not Found
1726Custom user field callback, validate valueFor when you need special code to validate the value entered.Free5.00294
1727Nova - PixelExit.comBringing an exciting new look to your community$30.005.002Not Found
1728[XenConcept] Username ChangeThis add-on allows the user to change their username.$15.005.002Not Found
1729Xenforo Square Forum Status Icons - cyan/greyXenforo Square Forum Status Icons - Green/yellow other colour variations posted in seperate threadsFree5.00237
1730Hide Poll ResultsAllows you to set various permissions relating to poll resultsFree5.002116
1731Xenforo Square Forum Status Icons - green/greyXenforo Square Forum Status Icons - lime/grey other colour variations posted in seperate threadsFree5.00247
1732Xenforo Square Forum Status Icons - purple/pinkXenforo Square Forum Status Icons - Green/yellow other colour variations posted in seperate threadsFree5.00227
1733Edge - PixelExit.comTake your Xenforo to the Edge$30.005.002Not Found
1734XenForo ConnectorIntegrate XF data on your websiteFree5.002125
1735[WMTech] TAC - Stop Country SpamBlock visitors from specific countries from registering$19.005.002Not Found
1736Add an image to the left of poll titles, replacing the question markEveryone likes images, right?Free5.00244
17378thos BlueA white and blue theme with TMS versions included.Free5.00232
1738[TH] Last Post AvatarAdds the avatar of the last post author to the thread and forum lists.Free4.002416
1739Last edited date shown at pagesShows the last edit date of the xenforo pageFree5.002102
1740Squared Node Icon SpriteSheet 1.1Xenforo themed squared (smaller radius) node icons on spritesheetFree5.00262
1741Thread StarterMarks posts made by the thread starter in threads.Free5.002179
1742[h] PiwikIntegrationIntegrate Piwik StatsFree3.002137
1743Chocolate Fluid and FixedA black and brown Xenforo color schemeFree5.00270
1744Conversation Read Check MarkA simple check mark to show a user read a conversationFree5.00294
1745Current Visitors Page AutoreloaderThis addon will reload the current visitors page (online page) every 30 secondsFree5.002115
1746CSS3 Gradient Correct ApplicationUse CSS3 gradients correctly, without restricting yourself to defined colours.Free5.002Not Found
1747Soft delete all moderated posts (queries)Useful for clearing out a backlog of moderated posts when you don't want to permanently delete them.Free5.002Not Found
1748DarknessGaming XenForo SkinFree5.002311
1749[cXF] Remove Location, Website and About you field... from member profile and account details page.Free5.002195
1750LastPost TooltipLastpost use tooltipFree5.002Not Found