YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Premium v3.7.0

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Yith woocommerce points and rewards
You will be able to enable a points-based loyalty program in your ecommerce.


Neuromarketing research has proven that if someone receives a gift, they almost feel like they are in debt. This way you will create customer loyalty without them realizing it.

This is what all loyalty programs use: reward in exchange for loyalty.
So why not include something similar in your store? This is easy to do with YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards , a plugin specially designed to manage your customer loyalty points.

For each purchase, for each action in your store, they will collect points, which in total will turn into a discount on a new purchase.

But for those clients for whom it is almost impossible to get even the first reward (that is, those for whom points-based programs do not work), instant reward is the best choice: immediate satisfaction with what is right, because it is not required, is much it is more effective to instill a positive attitude towards you in the minds of customers, even completely unconsciously.

Pudding Proof in Food: If you were offered a 50% discount on any item in exchange for signing up for a tech store, would you be willing to buy something?

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