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Mar 27, 2022
Your domain or website will most likely get some bad links over time. These links can arise for various reasons, including

- Links from hacked websites that steal text, images or other media from your site and or link to it.
- Links from unknown sources such as website toplists, warez, po**
- Links due to poor link building. Whether self-inflicted or because a site is no longer maintained or has started to spam.

With the free version of SEM Rush you can start a backlink audit. Backlink sources are analyzed and SEM Rush shows you a "Toxicity Score" for each source.

When the audit is finished, click on the Audit tab and then proceed as follows:
- Filter the websites with the highest Toxicity Score
- Then select all of them and add them to Disavow (unfortunately, in the free version you can only add 5 links at a time :( )

When all harmful backlink sources have been added to the Disavow list, click on the Disavow tab.

- Click on "Export to TXT"
- Go to the following URL and upload the txt file.

I had not maintained my backlink sources for a long time, here are the results before and after editing.
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