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How To Bypass Nord VPN Blocked Account 2022


Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
This is the method that I highly recommend. In this method, we use OpenVPN Connect and .ovpn from NordVPN website.

-You need to install open vpn connect v3 ( )/
-You need to find an .ovpn file at ( )/ you can use any server you want and download the TCP config, if you want the recommended server by nord vpn go on ( )/ and click ‘Show available protocols’ and download the OpenVPN TCP config

-After downloading , click on it and it will ask you to enter a username and password. for username put the email of the nordvpn acc and for the password obviously put the password, you can find nordvpn accounts here easily

-When you add it , it will pop up with “Missing external certificate”, just click continue

-Thats it, you are connected

-There is a method by downloading the v6.33.10.0 client of nordvpn but for some reason when i put the credentials in on the application it says login is incorrect and when i put it in the browser it asks for 2fa, idk what happened. -Also if you wanna change the server you have to download another .opvn cofig file from ( )

Happy learning!
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