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How To Crack Any Program With A Key Based System For Free


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Mar 27, 2022
Here is what you need so you don’t waste your time reading this

• Https Debugger

• The Program With The Key System

• Valid Key For That Program (Ex: 1 Hour Key, 1 Day Key, Etc.)

• Small Amount Of Braincells

Full Tutorial Step by Step Below - Works Best For Game Cheats and Loaders That Use Shitty CMD Based Keyauth or Other Key Systems

Step 1: Open The Program and Https Debugger. (Make Sure You Click Decrypt SSL When Launching The Program For The First Time)
Step 2: Type in / paste your key for the software. (Quick Tip: Do Not Have Any Other Programs Beside The One You Are Trying To Crack Open)
Step 3: Look for a https call / signal that was created when your entered key was VALID.
Step 4: Select the signal in https debugger.
Step 5: Right click the signal and select save content > response type.
Step 6: Save it to your desktop and name it whatever you’d like. (Just Do Not Change The File Type)
Step 7: After saving right click the signal again and select auto-reply.
Step 8: Click with file and select the one on your desktop.
Step 9: Click save on the side box that pops up
Step 10: Now go ahead and try the program again with any key you want.

As long as you keep the file you saved to your desktop and you have https debugger open when running the program, then it will automatically load that fake key.

Happy learning!
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