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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
1. Firstly you want to get keywords for dorking. I recommend using this one:

2. Now you need to use your keywords in a Dork Generator to create your dorks. There is a good tutorial here what to fill in to your dork generator! - you can use this generator:

3. Now use a Dork Searcher to search for URLs, these URLs are later going to be used in a Sqli Dumper to find exploits In the dork seacrher you need to make sure that "Anti Public" is on, you can find proxies here: and here is a Dork Searcher:

4. Now that you have your URLs it is time to use the Sqli Dumper to find sum exploits! For this tutorial we are using 8.5 - download here:

5. Open up your Sqli Dumper and import all your URLS by clicking on "import" and select your .txt file with the urls.

6. Once they have all been imported go to "Exploitables" and click on "Start Exploiter". Hopefully there are going to be a bunch of URLs!

7. When that is done. Go the the "Injectables" section and click on "Start Analizer". This will find URLs that can be injected.

8. Select all the URLs that come up and type "email" and "password" down in the Search Coluimns/Tables Names. Then press "Start".

9. Right click on one of the URLs and press "Go To Dumper".

10. Find the table with usernames and passwords, then export them. DONE!