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How To Get SnapChat Views Nonstop


Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
  • Download this tool 3uTool Link:
  • Download PREQUEL on your iPhone as well
  • once you install it and everything you want to go on your iPhone and turn on dev mode
  • (settings> privacy & security> Developer mode > Turn it on)
  • It will restart your phone and once ur back up go on 3u tools on your PC and go to toolbox and hit virtual location
  • choose main cities such as (Miami/LA/NYC/Houston/Phoenix/Chicago…etc)
  • Once you spoof your location, go on TikTok and search for videos with not too many likes under #internetmoney or #erich
  • Once you find a video, go on and download that video of your choice (I recommend doing newer vids with few likes)
  • After you got the video on your phone you want to make a private story no one can view and go on prequel and have your video posted from there on the private story
  • After that, delete the video from your private story and make sure it is saved on to your memories
  • After that, post it from your memories onto your spotlight/snapmap (This way it looks like u took the video yourself)
  • And boom just like that you’re flexing hella bread on snap map in areas a lot of people view you can obviously change your location and repeat also don’t do more than 1 location every 2-3 days
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