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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Hello all you , are you trying to spread your little virus to people for reasons that only
you know? Well, this is the e-book for you. I’m not going to lie, you have already thought of this
method in times of doubt, but what I am telling you is a completely original way of getting slaves
for completely free. Being able to chose the country you want, and being able to choose exactly
who you want to enslave. This method requires no blackhat hacking, and is surprisingly easy to
setup, all you need to do is write a little bit on a notepad file. So here is the tutorial.
1. Make a folder on your computer called “Multicraft Console Control Panel”, this is a Minecraft
server host. You already know what we are about to do here.
2. Inside that folder, put your .exe in there. (It helps if you put a custom sleek icon on your file.
Minecraft related is the best)
3. Make a new text document in that folder called “Instructions (EN)” In that file write some fake
ass instructions on how to open and use the “Control Panel”. If you don’t know what a control
panel is it is pretty much the admin panel for a Minecraft server, which a lot of little kids who
have their moms credit cards saved on there computer want. So just come up with bullshit
instructions because it is not like they are going to be getting the actual panel. Say stuff like
“Open the file as administrator” and “Login to your MultiCraft account” and “Go to the server tab
and there you can customize everything on your server at the tips of your fingers!” Make it
sound like a official Minecraft server hosting company is talking to their clients on how to use
their program.
4. Google translate time. This is optional but it REALLY makes it look more official. Make a
couple more text files in the folder with different languages. Go to google translate and copy
your English instructions and put them in different languages in the different files. For example
“Instructions (ES)” or Espanol (Spanish). And keep doing that for as many languages as you
5. Put a batch file in the file called something like “tH3dRf” or just a random string of letters.
Don’t put anything in the batch file, though. This is just to make the file look more realistic.
6. Now time for the social engineering. Go to or or any
minecraft forum really. Go to the server section and make a thread called something like “Need
help with my Minecraft console!” or anything related to an eye catching title that will makepeople want to get admin access to your server, just because the Minecraft community is
7. Wait for the replies. Add the replies on skype and tell them that you are needing help with
your file. It is not opening for you. Tell them that you have a 32 bit computer and the program
might only work for 64 bit versions of windows. Trust me, they will jump at the chance to “Help”
8. Send them the fake console file and tell them to try it, tell them that they can have admin on
the server if they can get it to work and that they can keep the console if they can get it
(Obviously they won’t).
9. Wait for them to open the file as admin (As said in the instructions) and watch as they get put
into the server list of doom.
10. This method is awesome because if your RAT stops working, you can simply say you
contacted support and they sent you a “new file”. Tell them to try it again.
So there you go you