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How To Write HandWritten Dorks! Rare Method


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Mar 27, 2022
This guide took me hours to create so I hope you learn something!

What will you learn in this thread?

  • What is a Dork?
  • Why use Hand Written Dorks?
  • How to get High Quality keywords?
  • How to write Hand Written Dorks?
What is a Dork?

A Dork is what a search engine uses to search websites text and files. Cyber Criminals have learned that you can use Dorks to access information that is hidden on public websites, but we will be using dorks to find vulnerabilities in a websites database.

Why use Hand Written Dorks?

Handwritten Dorks are the best type’s of dorks because they are extremely HIGH QUALITY! Where as if you generated your Dorks you would get low quality results which have already been exploited by user’s here.

How to get High Quality keywords?

So to create dorks you will have to create some HIGH QUALITY keywords.

Here are some steps I use to create HQ keywords:

Go to google and search for the website you want to crack for example I will use Spotify.

2. Once you have searched the website name you need to look for keywords that the site uses, here is an example of what I mean:

You can find lots more keywords by opening the site and looking threw the words which keep repeating. In a normal senario of me creating dorks I try to get 1000 keywords. I DO NOT stick to one site as if im going to crack spotify I could go get keywords from sites like: Pandora, Amazon Music, CapitalFM and the list goes on!

Keywords I got in 10 Minutes!

Uninterrupted Music
Exclusive Podcasts
Listen Offline
American music
Music Genome
digital music
millions of songs
radio feature
digital music service
music streaming
services provider
stream ad-free
powerful music platform
music platform
music app
radio player
box radio

How to write Hand Written DORKS?

So once you have got your keywords you are NOT yet done! Now we need to turn these into Hand Written Dorks.

So you need to learn the basic DORK types so here they are:

allintext: searches for specific text contained on any web page.
allintitle: exactly the same as allintext, but will show pages that contain titles with X characters.
allinurl: it can be used to fetch results whose URL contains all the specified characters.
inurl: this is exactly the same as allinurl, but it is only useful for one single keyword.
intitle: used to search for various keywords inside the title.
intext: useful to locate pages that contain certain characters or strings inside their text.

Now you want to use them basic DORK type’s with your keywords here is my list I have quickly made:

allintext: Uninterrupted+Music
allintext: Listen+Offline
allintext: American+music
allintext: Music+Genome
allintext: millions+of+songs
allintext: radio+feature
allintext: digital+music+service
allintext: music+streaming
allintext: services+provider
allintext: box+radio
allintext: stream+ad-free
allintext: powerful+music+platform
allintitle: music+platform
allintitle: music+app
allintitle: radio+player
allintitle: Exclusive+Podcasts
allintitle: digital+music

You will think of as many more way’s these keywords could be used as the more dorks you can create the higher the hit rate.

Secret about dorks no one talks about:

Alright so this is last bit of information you should know about DORKS. They are not just HQ if you use keywords you can fully skip that step by using the URL to get them and a pre-made dork.

Here is how you can do this:

  1. Go to a site based on what you want to crack (e.g music accounts)
  2. Look at the URL for example:

  1. Now you want to take the last piece of the URL so it looks like this:
inurl: /premium-music

if you stack these as least 1000 times in your final dork list I can bet you $1000 that you will get 100’s more DB’s than you normally would.

Dorks I made writing this tuturial:

Go try them and see how many results you get!

inurl: /premium-music
inurl: /youtube-music-review/
inurl: /best-free-music-apps-free-music-on-android-and-iphone/
inurl: /music/unlimited/
inurl: /spotify-premium-hack-1087255/
inurl: /sounds/stations/
inurl: /us/app/apple-podcasts/
inurl: /podcasts/
inurl: /best-podcasts/
inurl: /what-is-a-podcast/
allintext: Uninterrupted+Music
allintext: Listen+Offline

That’s all, hope you guys will appreciate the share Slight smile

Enjoy and happy learning!

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