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Quick way to build Amazon Affiliate Sites - step by step directions


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Mar 27, 2022
Set up your own Amazon Affiliate site niche blogs the easy way

How? Just copy existing LOW COMPETITION sites' topics and keyword targets

NOTE: THis is not a SCRAPING technique - your content must still be ORIGINAL - you're just getting a head start by reverse engineering other sites to do the following:
- find keywords
- find topics for posts

You can set up a Wordpress blog for less than $100 a year - with a domain / free Wordpress / $60 hosting

Run a Google search for "participant in the amazon services llc associates program"

Get a huge list of domains from your Google search

Sign up for a free SEMRUSH membership and enter each domain

Look for sites that have way less backlinks than ORGANIC KEYWORD traffic

Look for something like this:


Next, load the domain's name into your browser followed by: /sitemap.xml

Other variations are listed here:

Look for sites that have WAY MORE ORGANIC traffic than BACKLINKS and LESS THAN 50 posts

Rewrite the site - just make sure your content targets more RELATED KEYWORDS and IS LONGER

What are related keywords?

Let's say your focus keyword is BEST MASSAGE CHAIR, type that into google and look for related questions - put these in your blog post


To produce content

Here are your options

1) Do it yourself by hand - this can take time if you're not a writer or are simply too busy

2) Hire cheap writers off Fiverr - there are people who charge $5 for 2000 words

3) Do it yourself by dictating your posts - With this method, you can write 20,000+ words in a DAY.

What to do with your audio? You can upload to youtube and autotranscribe for free OR you can hire a cheap transcriber from Fiverr, Craigslist, or Cognoplus

Once you're done with your posts, interlink them to AUTHORITY SITES - this is called the HILLTOP method based on the Hilltop Algorithm by Google.

What is high authority? Think .gov or .edu

Next, interlink your posts to each other using LOW COMPETITION keywords - you can use ahrefs or semrush for this

Keep building sites by reverse engineering Amazon Affiliate sites

Once you're getting ORGANIC Keyword search traffic on Google, sign up for Amazon Associates program
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