Roblox Information Gathering — RoLookup

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
▪️User Information (User ID, Display Name, Bio, Is User Online, Profile URL, Creation Date, Roblox Badges, User Badges)

▪️Friends count and save names

▪️Follower count and save a name

▪️Warn and save banned/deleted accounts

▪️Fetch count of user and Roblox badges and save the names into several text files

▪️Username registration check

▪️Avatar Downloader

Some other features :

▪️Make folder with user information

▪️Clean all existing folders

What the next version will have :

▪️Inventory information

▪️Creations information

▪️Last rooms played

▪️Single Lookups (username check, badge check etc.)

Usage :

Run script without arguments with manual input username:


Clean all downloaded data folders of users :

python3 -c

Get infos of username

python3 -u kevin01

Link :