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SEO Handy Tools List (FREE/PAID)


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Mar 27, 2022
Keyword Research
What is keyword research? Keyword research is the practice of checking the search volume of particular keywords and analyzing the websites already ranking for those keywords. This is done in order to see how much effort it would take for your website to be on the first page for those keywords. Seems simple enough, right?

Let's get down into it. :D

P.s. if anyone wants to share some more, feel free to post it here :)

- A useful browser add-on that attaches a bar with multiple metrics for websites you're either viewing or are listed in a Google/Bing search. .

- With this browser add-on, you can do custom searches by search engine, view on-page metrics, export the SERP data to a CSV, and much more. .

- Great for keyword research. Country specific, and many other SEO tasks.

- Search volume, related keywords, and metrics analyzer. Free keyword tool, very easy to use. .

List of article scrapers:

List of article spinners:
(Free Trial)
(Free Trial - also has a free chrome extension)
(Free trial)
(Has a free version & paid)

Plagiarism checkers:
(Sign up Required)
(Recommended, paid but cheap)
(Free but less tested as the other options by myself)

Keyword Research Tools:
- Free
- Free extension
- Free
- Free
- Free
- Free
- Free
- Free

- Paid
- Register & Paid

Backlink creation tools:

(Not as good as the above but can still be used).

Backlink checkers (check to see if backlink is indexed):
(Free to use)
(Free to use)
(10 free link queries per month after signing up)

Tutorials for the tools listed above:
& (Couldn't find anything more recent than these)

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