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Top 5 websites to download Royalty free music for free


Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
I found this on the net so i am sharing it with you guys.

38 is a free website that provides you a curated collection stick video clips, templates, and stock music.When you visit the website, it shows the Stock Music category. You can go through this category to explore awesome sounds. The search bar on the top helps you to find the music of your taste. You can add custom keywords to find music based on the category.Besides that, you can use filters and find music by Genre, Mood, and Tag. All these filters include categories like Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop, Rock, Acoustic, Classical, Ambient, Trap, Happy, Dramatic, Upbeat, Aerobics, EDM, Latin, and much more. You can download the music and use it in your YouTube videos, blog, and other projects with no attribution.

is another website using which you can download royalty-free music for your coffee shop, background music for videos, etc.When you visit this website, it shows music by categories. There are categories that include Cinematic, International, Atmospheric, Energy, Kids, Chilled, Seasonal, Americana, Emotional, Gentle, and more type of music.You can browse these categories to explore music to download. In the free plan, you can download music with 190 kbps size. The downloaded music can be used on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. However, attribution is required.

is a platform where you can explore royalty-free stock music. Here you will find the curated sound collection based on the different categories and moods.But before you jump to find music, you will have to sign in with your Facebook account. Thereafter, in the sound collection section, you will find the tracks to download. You can use filters like genre, mood, duration, and vocals to sort music results.You can then download the music to use for your projects. Apart from this music, you can also find sound effects like a whistle, laugh, loop rain, etc.

is an online service that offers a collection of music to download for free. Right after you head to this website, you will see the filters on the top. This helps you to find the appropriate music under the license you want. Here, you can filter your music results by categories (Indie rock, world music, pop, R&B, etc), moods (action, angry, bizarre, bouncy, etc), length (less than 2 minutes or more than 5 minutes), tempos (slow, medium, or fast), license (commercial or non-commercial), and other keywords. A few of the music sound is available in MP3 and WAV format.

is an interesting platform to explore royalty-free music. Here, you can browse music by instrument, composer, form, time period, or performer. On the homepage, you can see the name of the categories like romantic, happy, sad, relaxing, energetic, funny, etc. You can either click on the images of the instrument or the performer to find out the music. You can then download the music to use in your projects. Each sound available here has the license of the public domain so you can use it for free with no restrictions.

Make sure that you read the license before downloading the track and use it for commercial purposes.

Bonus :
If you are aware, YouTube also provides a sound collection.
– YouTube is a platform where you can download royalty-free music for free. Here you can check the newly added songs on the list. Or, you can use filters to find the song of your own choice. By using the filter, you can browse genre, mood, instrument, duration, etc. You can also find the music that does not require any attribution and use it for free.

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