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Top Websites To Earn Money Clicking Content, Ads, & Links


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Mar 27, 2022
Make money online

There are about a million different ways for people to make more money or receive a passive income online.

There are about a million different ways for people to make more money or receive a passive income online.

Give yourself a boost​

It is always nice to have a little extra cash. It is even nicer to earn extra cash without having to do much at all. There are about a million different ways for people to make more money or receive a passive income online. But with a multitude of get rich quick schemes, among other sketchy services, it can be hard to decipher which ones are legit. Still, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t great and reliable sources to use to start earning a little extra money.

Click to earn​

If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of earning money online, we have good news. It’s easier than ever to start earning today. Companies are making it clear and convenient for consumers to earn money through a multitude of online programs. The most popular ways to earn today range from online stores, ‘pay per clicks’ and ‘get paid to’ programs. While you may not want it to be your only source of income, these are all viable ways to start collecting a decent amount of money.

Not only can you earn cash from these programs, they are also free to join and are proven to be successful. Plus, there are even websites where you can get paid to play games, take surveys, view ads, click on content and more.

Where to start​

Yes, there are plenty of scams out there. Many people who look to make money online without researching first often fall into traps. For instance, many fake websites have you view ads or take surveys but don’t actually pay you.

To start, it’s best to know how these programs can actually make you money. The most popular choice for many is using pay per click sites also known as PPC. These sites make money by selling advertising space on their platform. PPC sites provide advertisers with the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers and entice consumers to join in by paying them for viewing the ads. It’s a two-way street where everybody benefits.

‘Get paid to’ sites are another viable and popular option. Similar to the PPC sites, GPT programs sell advertising space as well as surveys, videos to watch etc. The site then promotes these opportunities to their members. When a consumer participates in an ad viewing or takes a survey they earn a portion of the revenue that the GPT website makes for selling that ad space.

There are plenty of options out there to start earning today. However, it is important to research and vet any program before use as there are as many scams out there as there are reliable websites. Not to mention, some programs are more robust than others. So, in order to be informed and actually make money, we put together a list of the top 15 best programs to use for earning cash online.

  1. Invisibly
  2. Swagbucks
  3. NeoBux
  4. Inboxdollars
  5. ScarletClicks
  6. PrizeRebel
  7. GPTplanet
  8. Fusion Cash
  9. Get-Paid
  10. Aticlix
  11. Ojooo WAD
  12. ySense
  13. Offernation
  14. Bux Inc.
  15. FamilyClix


Invisibly is reinventing the way you make money online. Data is one of the most valuable commodities today. The simple truth is when you interact with the world-wide-web Big tech is collecting your data behind the scenes. Their goal is to use your data to learn more about you in order to personalize your feed to increase sales and turn a profit. While Big Tech earns, consumers are left behind and don’t receive a cut of the profit that was made based on the personal information that they shared.

So we are changing it up. Invisibly is here to pay up for what Big Tech owes you for the data you create and share. It is important to us to give you a cut of the transactions that happen behind the scenes. Your attention and data are the most valuable commodities today. Why not get a cut of the profit for the work you put into the algorithm?

Your every interaction with your Invisibly feed gives you a point, and you can earn up to 20 points in a day by curating it. Every 100 points can be redeemed for $1 and we make it easy to cash out when you reach 500 points. We offer more than just control over your algorithm, you can also answer survey questions and redeem brand offers to earn extra points. This is only the beginning, more ways to earn are coming soon. We are creating an AI-powered platform with a feed that’s a true extension of you. It’s so much more than a feed strategically targeted at you by Big Tech. Invisibly is all about giving you control and giving you a cut of what you deserve. With Invisibly, we make it easy to engage, share, and most importantly get paid.


Swagbucks is an extremely popular GPT site. All in all, it has paid users over $532 million in cash and free gift cards to date. The site is relatively unique since it offers multiple ways to earn on one website. They offer a wide range of money making choices such as taking paid surveys, watching ads, and engaging in paid to click links and emails. You can also do entertaining activities such as playing games or keep it simple by searching the web.

Still, the most popular choice for many Swagbucks users is reading emails. Once you join Swagbucks as a user, you will begin to receive promotional emails to your Swagbucks inbox. From there, you can easily earn money by clicking links within the emails and visiting advertiser websites. Doing this allows you to earn swag bucks which can be cashed out via Paypal or collected to earn gift cards.

The only caveat is that some of these email links require you to make a purchase to then earn money. While many don’t, this is still something to look out for within their promotions.


NeoBux functions a bit differently compared to other PTC and GPT websites out there. When you sign up for NeoBux you choose a certain membership plan. This determines how much money you make per click, how many ads you see, and the quality of the ads presented.

With the free Standard NeoBux membership, you can earn around $0.015 per link click and ad you view. While this starting amount is relatively low, NeoBux does not have a limit on how many ads you can view or links you can click. If you would like to earn more, you can upgrade your membership. A golden membership costs $90 a year and allows you to earn a little extra per click.

Still, NeoBux can be useful considering it has a low payout amount. You only need to earn $2 to cash out. The tricky thing is that NeoBux does not use typical cashout programs like Paypal. Instead, they use either Skrill or Neteller so you will need an account with either or these to earn.


InboxDollars is a GPT site and it offers many different ways to earn. You can get paid via Paypal cashout or earn gift cards by doing various tasks. InboxDollars works by sending you emails that you are paid to read. Many come from large companies and big brand names looking for promotion. Inboxdollars also pays you for playing games, taking marketing surveys and clicking affiliate ads.


ScarletClicks is another viable option for an easy way to earn money online. Like NeoBux, they have a minimum payout of $2. Luckily, they offer a wider range of payout services. You can use anything from Skrill, Payeer, or even Bitcoin.

You can earn money through ScarletClicks in a couple different ways. They offer to pay you for clicking links to ads, completing online forms, and even referring friends. You can make around $0.01 per click. Plus, you can earn up to 100% of your referral’s earnings.

In order to start earning with them, you need to select a membership plan. The plan you choose determines the amount you can withdraw each time. With the standard plan you can withdraw around $5 each time. However, with the higher plans you can extract anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on what you pay for. All in all, the payout isn’t bad considering they have paid out nearly 2 million to their 77,000 members.


PrizeRebel is a more unique way to make money online. It’s main form of payment is in gift cards. The site offers over 500 different gift cards from stores like Amazon, Steam, Walmart and more. If gift cards aren’t appealing to you, you can also cash-out periodically through PayPal.


GPTplanet as the name suggests is a ‘get paid to’ site that offers loads of options to make a little extra. The site pays you $0.01 per click on ads or by taking part in surveys and filling out online forms.

Beyond this, GPTplanet also offers an affiliate program. Through this, you get paid for recommending the site to people you know. The amount you receive is based on how well they perform. The nice thing about GTP planet is that it is free to join and it has a low minimum payout. You can cash out when you reach $1. via Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Payeer and Bitcoin.

Fusion Cash​

FusionCash works the same way as many other pay per click sites. It has the traditional ways to make cash by clicking on ads, links etc. However, it does have one key difference in that you can make money by installing mobile apps.

A downside to the site is that it is only available for American residents. Additionally, it only lets you withdraw your money when you have reached a minimum of $25 on the platform. This can be difficult to reach as the daily earning amount for most users is $0.02. Still, it is an option for those looking to make money here and there.

You do get a $5 bonus for signing on and you can earn quicker through the referral system. By having others in your network join you can earn up to $1 when they confirm their email and $2 when they finish their first offer.


Get-Paid is about as simple as the name suggests. They are a pay per click site that has streamlined the process. What makes them different is that they use a coin system. Essentially, every time you complete a task you earn a coin. You can do anything from filling out surveys to completing sweepstakes and winning contests.

The nice part is that you can cash-out your coins with PayPal, so you don't have to download a lesser used system like Skriller. Like many of the other sites out there, they include a referral system. On average, you can earn anywhere from 20-30% of your referrals’ earnings.


Aticlix is a service built to allow advertisers to reach thousands of consumers. You can earn around $0.04 per click and up to $0.04 per referral click. They offer new ads everyday for you to click and earn with. Plus, the ads reset at midnight so you don’t have to worry about seeing the same thing over and over.

Ojooo WAD​

Ojooo WAD’s most popular form of earning is through watching video ads. You can earn anywhere from $0.001 to $0.04 per click and view. In terms of benefit, Ojooo WAD has a low minimum payout amount of $2. You can earn through PayPal, Payza, or Bitcoin. If you don’t want to just watch advertisements, you can earn by signing up for websites, playing games, and taking quizzes. That being said, the payout for doing these tasks is much lower than the amount you can earn from watching ads.


ySense is one of the most reliable pay per click and get paid sites out there. It is owned by Prodege which is the same company who created Swagbucks and InboxDollars. Yes, you can use ySense to earn by clicking on ads; however, the site mostly uses questionnaires and online forms as tasks. As a bonus, they also pay users for downloading apps and signing up for websites. Through these tasks, users make an average of $8-$10 a day. What makes ySense stand out from the rest is that they work with a multitude of product and survey companies. This way, you never run out of paid opportunities.


Offernation provides easy ways to earn with high payoff. They are a great alternative to the other websites out there. Offernation gives you $0.25 for simply signing up. From there you can make anywhere from $0.80-$5 just for completing a task. The site's most popular way to earn is by completing surveys. This being said, they still offer payment for viewing ads and clicking links. Unlike other platforms, they have a webpage dedicated exclusively to proving they actually pay their users. It is working too, to date they have paid their users over $1 million.

Bux Inc.​

Bux Inc. is growing fast and currently has over 100,000 members. The main way to earn money here is to get paid to click on ads. You can see all the available ads to view on a given day and work your way down the list to earn. The site also offers to pay you for navigating to an advertisers page for at least 30 seconds. They offer high payment amounts for interacting with advertisements, but be warned as some require you to pay money to make money.


FamilyClix is a pay to click space that is motivated towards getting the whole family involved. What makes it different is that it allows multiple users to join under one account. Many PTC sites don’t allow this as they prohibit multiple people signing up and working under the same account. The simple reason being that you could exponentially grow your earnings and sort of cheat the system. However, with FamilyClix, everyone can join and earn from clicking links, viewing ads, or playing games.

They offer up to $0.02 per click and you can cash-out via Payeer, Neteller, or Bitcoin when you reach $2. Like most other PTC sites it takes a lot of clicks to earn, but it is a good option for casual use.
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