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18 Best Email Marketing Software of 2022


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Mar 27, 2022
Best Email Marketing Software

What Makes Great Email Marketing Software?​

Email marketing platforms are the tools that power the majority of newsletters and emails you receive from companies every day. Their automated nature makes them a great way to promote blog posts, share new product features, and generally keep customers engaged, directly from their inbox.

While there’s a multitude of tools providing a very, sometimes even intimidatingly complex set of marketing automation features, we’ve focused on the simplest yet powerful solutions allowing you to achieve your primary goal: get the word out about your business in the easiest and fastest way.

All of the email marketing tools we’ve selected are characterized by the following features:

  • Performance reports
  • Strong choice of templates
  • Usability
  • Affordability
That being said, some of the platforms in their premium plans offer more advanced features such as drip marketing campaigns or A/B testing so that you can expand your email marketing toolkit as you grow your business.

What Are the Best Email Marketing Software Platforms?​

Once you know the key features of great email marketing software, you need to find the best platform that suits your needs and wants. There are lots of tools to choose from, but we’ve narrowed down the list to the only email marketing platforms that matter.

Here are our top picks for the best email marketing platforms in 2022:

1. Active Campaign​

Best Overall Email Marketing Tool & Best for Automated Email Campaigns​

If there’s an email platform that comes close to being the most all-encompassing of all, Active Campaign should be on top of the list.

As one of the most sophisticated email tools in the market, Active Campaign gives you the power to develop and launch automation and drip campaigns for your business. It also lets you leverage its omni-channel features such as social media, live chat, and others to develop a cohesive marketing strategy that provides each customer a positive experience with your brand..

Key features​

  • Send broadcasts to and set up triggered and targeted emails for segments in your list.
  • Create email automation workflows that will help set up your business to autopilot.
  • Manage your contacts and score them accordingly as business leads and clients.
  • Implement site personalization so visitors will see content that best caters to them.
  • Leverage machine learning to send the best email variants at the right time.


For $29/month ($25/month paid annually), you can send unlimited emails to a maximum of 1,000 subscribers, build automations, and get access to its chat and email support.

Higher-tier plans starting at $70/month ($49/month paid annually) for the same amount of contacts give you access to premium features like CRM and sales automation, machine learning, and more.

You can sign up for a free trial first before and try its features before committing to its paid plans.

Try Active Campaign

2. Constant Contact​

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses​

Constant Contact Landing Page

Email marketing isn’t enough to power your mom-and-pop shop, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Constant Constant is aware of this, which is why it provides you with more than just email marketing features to take your business online.

The platform aims to become your one-stop place for not only building your email list but also set up your online store, sell your products from your site, and more!

Key features​

  • Choose from a variety of beautiful email templates to edit and send to your list.
  • Create a professional website with no design experience with its AI builder.
  • Sell your products straight from the site with its e-commerce capabilities.
  • Build awareness of your business by launching social media ad campaigns.
  • Track the performance of your campaigns in real-time with its robust analytics.


There are two plans to choose from. The Email plan (starting at $20/month) covers everything you need to run a basic yet effective email campaign. The Email Plus plan (starting $45/month) serves up users with exclusive features such as automated email series, advanced e-commerce marketing, customizable pop-up forms, and more.

The price for each plan depends on your number of contacts. The more people you have in your list, the higher the price becomes.

Try Constant Contact

3. Sendinblue​

Best Free Email Marketing Software Platform​

Sendinblue Email Marketing

Some say you have to shell out cash to get the most out of your business. While that may be true to an extent, businesses with nothing to show for are better off using a free tool to get things started for the time being.

Thankfully, Sendinblue provides relief to cash-strapped businesses as they can build their contacts and email list in confidence without the extra charges.

Key features​

  • Communicate with your audience using its email, SMS, and live chat functionalities.
  • Segment and personalize your communication with customers to better conversions.
  • Turn more visitors into clients by creating landing pages and launching Facebook Ads.
  • Conduct A/B testing and heat mapping to see how customers engage with your emails.
  • Connect the platform with your third-party apps to improve your productivity,


As mentioned, Sendinblue’s free plan allows you to generate unlimited contacts and send 300 emails a day, which is more than ideal to get you started.

The paid plans starting at $25/month lets you send more emails and enjoy its premium features such as A/B testing, advanced statistics, and others.

Try Sendinblue

4. HubSpot​

Best All-Inclusive Marketing Automation Tool​

Hubspot landing page

Most of the tools featured here focus on providing users with email marketing features to grow their business. However, email alone won’t be enough to help users continue scaling their business and reach its full potential.

Hubspot is a tool that covers a lot of ground related to marketing. Not only can you use its email features to attract and convert the right audience, but you’ll also gain access to tools that’ll help boost your inbound marketing strategy.

Key features​

  • Create and send beautiful emails using their templates proven to convert.
  • Optimize the performance of email campaigns with the help of A/B testing and analytics.
  • Use information from each subscriber’s contact records to personalize your emails.
  • Develop conversion-focused content about your topic to increase website authority.
  • Design and test CTA elements on a page or campaign to achieve optimum results.


Hubspot has a free plan containing its free marketing tools (email, landing pages, form, etc.). But if you want access to premium features and additional tools for SEO, marketing automation, and more, then you must shell out $800/month.

While Hubspot is one of the more expensive tools in this list, keep in mind that email marketing is part of the many other things it can do. So if you’re looking for a tool that can shore up your marketing efforts, then Hubspot is hard to beat.

Try HubSpot

5. ConvertKit​

Best Email Marketing Platform for Bloggers & Content Creators​

ConvertKit email marketing landing page

For content creators, the last thing they need to worry about is setting up their email campaigns to increase their sales. On top of that, not every email software makes setting up your campaigns and automations easy.

ConvertKit takes away the guesswork of email marketing. It provides a seamless email platform for bloggers and creators so they can focus on creating more content their audience loves.

Key features​

  • Design simple forms and landing pages that convert.
  • Generate more subscribers by attaching content upgrades to your forms.
  • Get more things done and earn money using its easy-to-use automation workflow builder.
  • Create unlimited sales funnels using drip campaigns to generate recurring revenue.
  • Segment your audience so you can send each of them emails they want to receive.


ConvertKit has a free account for not more than 1,000 subscribers. You have access to all its features except the automated funnels, support, and integrates.

The plan even includes two courses to help you get started with your online business by creating a digital product and selling it to your subscribers.

The premium features are available starting at $29/month with the same number of subscribers. If you’re currently signed up to a different email platform, ConvertKit can migrate your list to its system for free.

Try ConvertKit

6. GetResponse​

Best Email Marketing Platform for Landing Page Features​

GetResponse Email Marketing Software

GetResponse is one of the most well-respected email marketing platforms and with good reason. Trusted but small and big brands world leads, it gives you a chance to expedite the growth of your business from generating leads to boosting online sales.

The platform also has one of the most developed email features in the market. You can create automated funnels using landing pages and paid ads to get the most out of your email campaigns.

Key features​

  • Design emails using its drag-and-drop editor to impress your audience.
  • Easily create landing pages from its selection of beautiful templates.
  • Collect more contacts for your list using embeddable and pop-up forms.
  • Build a sales funnel from scratch to grow your audience and revenue from your products.
  • Connect with your audience more effectively using its built-in webinar software.


GetResponse offers four plans to choose from starting at $15/month for 1,000 contacts. You can save more from your plan if you shell out a one time payment worth 12 months (18% off) or 24 months (30% off).

The basic plan covers the basic features such as email marketing, landing page builder, and automation templates, among others. The other plans include premium functions like webinars, automation builders, sales funnels, and more.

You can take the platform for a 30-day free trial before you commit to any of its plans.

Try GetResponse

7. Omnisend​

Best for eCommerce email marketing​

Omnisend is a comprehensive email marketing platform that offers a wide range of features to help you grow your eCommerce brand. With Omnisend, you can create highly personalized emails, custom automation flows to meet your unique needs, and track your results with detailed reports.

Omnisend offers fantastic value for money and has an impressive range of features, as well as some great integration with most popular eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more. It’s easy to use and can help you take your eCommerce business to new heights. There are a few areas where it could improve such as its user interface and the range of templates on offer, but overall it’s a great toolkit that we recommend.

Key features​

  • Multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Great reporting for in-depth campaign analysis
  • Smart audience segmentation
  • Automated email marketing campaigns
  • Wide range of integrations with eCommerce platforms and marketing tools


Omnisend offers a free plan with a generous 250 contacts limit so you can try out Omnisend’s features before committing to a subscription. Paid plans pricing for Omnisend start at $16/month for up to 500 subscribers. If you have more than 2500 subscribers, pricing starts at $35/month.

Try Omnisend

8. Aweber​

Best Email Marketing Services for High Quality Support​

aweber homepage

Aweber is one of the older entries in this list of email marketing platforms. And that it is still around after all these years goes to show Aweber’s resilience in the market.

Simplifying email marketing to small businesses, Aweber provides them with all the tools to grow their contacts by sending them the best emails in a matter of minutes.

Key features​

  • Choose from pre-built email campaigns and set up your automation in a few clicks.
  • Get help from Aweber Certified Experts to take on your marketing efforts.
  • Migrate your list from a different email platform to Aweber for free.
  • Manage your list easily to ensure that all your mails are sent to the right people.
  • Create sign-up forms, curate newsletter content, and track data using its mobile app.


If you have less than 500 subscribers, Aweber offers a free plan containing its basic features except email split testing, automation, advanced analytics, and more. Also, you can only send 3,000 emails a month to your lists.

To get rid of its limitations and unlock all its features, sign up to its Pro plan at $19/month for the same amount of subscribers. The more subscribers added to your list, the higher the monthly subscription is.

Try Aweber

9. Pabbly​

Best Email Marketing Service for Ensuring High Deliverability Rates​

pabbly homepage

No matter how feature-rich an email platform is, it won’t matter unless it can successfully deliver emails to people. Some tools can’t guarantee this to users, which leads in low engagement with subscribers. As a result, the ISPs might block their email campaigns.

Pabbly is a platform that prioritizes deliverability above the rest. Not only does it have an SMTP with 98% success rate, but users can add more SMTPs to guarantee subscribers that they will receive the emails users will send from this platform.

Key features​

  • Build emails using its drag-and-drop builder and automatically schedule them for sending.
  • Increase deliverability rates by sending your emails by connecting multiple SMTPs.
  • Set autoresponders to improve engagement with new and current subscribers.
  • Scrub bad emails off your list to protect your servers from malware and online threats.
  • Connect the platform to 300+ third-party tools to automate your workflows.


If you want to try out Pabbly, you can sign up to its free plan with restricted features.

All its paid subscriptions give users access to all its features. The only difference is the pricing – the basic plan starts at $29/month for 5,000 subscribers. Once users exceed 5,000 contacts, they’ll move up to the next plan costing them $49/month.

Try Pabbly

10. Gist​

All-in-One Communication Tool for Leads and Clients​

gist homepage

For site owners, engaging with site visitors is their top priority. Therefore, aside from featuring a sign-up form on a page, they’d want to add live chat, chatbot widgets, and others to increase the chances of getting a response from them.

Gist has these features on top of its email marketing features, making it the perfect solution for businesses looking to bridge the communication gap between them and their audience.

Key features​

  • Use its email builder to create broadcast and automated emails.
  • Send upsell and cross-sell emails whenever customers purchase your products.
  • Simplify your communication across different channels in a single dashboard.
  • Use live chat and chatbot widget to entertain questions of site visitors in real-time.
  • Create a knowledge base to address common concerns about your business.


There are three Gist plans to choose from. The free tier has its basic features, as well as two support seats for those who will manage your chat and inbox.

The Professional plan ($29/month) gives access to a public knowledge base, automated chat triggers, and lead qualification bot, among other features, on top of five support seats.

Finally, the Premium plan ($99/month) grants users unlimited support team and features dedicated for improving internal communications (round robin assignments, team performance reports, real-time message sneak peek, etc.).

Try Gist

11. MailerLite​

Simplest Email Marketing Software Tool for Beginners​

mailerlite homepage

“Simple” can have a negative connotation. But there’s nothing wrong about making email marketing simple, just like MailerLite has been doing for small businesses.

At the same time, don’t let MailerLite’s simplicity fool you. Its robust features can help you grow your subscribers exponentially and expedite the growth of your business.

Key features​

  • Build professional-looking emails without typing a line of code.
  • Get more subscribers using forms, landing pages, pop-ups, and more.
  • Use its advanced targeting features to send the best emails to the correct people.
  • Get the most out of your campaigns via A/B testing, delivery by timevzone, and others.
  • Check your campaign’s click maps and opens by location to see areas of improvement.


MailerLite has a free plan for users with less than 1,000 subscribers. It offers the basic features but its users can only send 12,000 emails in a month. Also, features like custom domain, auto resend, and A/B split testing are not available.

The paid plans starting at $10/month for 1-1,000 subscribers will unlock all the features for you. Before committing to any of their paid plans, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial of the platform.

Try MailerLite

12. Benchmark​

Best Growth-Focused Email Marketing Platform​

benchmark email marketing homepage

When it all boils down to it, email marketing is about building relationships with your target audience in the most effective way possible.

Benchmark Email makes this possible by providing its users with tools focused on helping you engage with your contacts and potentially turn them into clients or customers.

Key features​

  • Choose a landing page template to edit and customize according to your brand.
  • Automatically send relevant offers to your subscribers to put your sales on autopilot.
  • Segment your list and send each of them personalized content to boost conversions.
  • Monitor how your recipients engage with your emails to improve future campaigns.
  • Integrate platform with 1,500 apps to simplify and automate your workflow.


The Free plan lets you use its basic email marketing features, which should be enough to help you generate subscribers to your list. You can collect as many contacts under this plan, but you can only send a maximum of 250 emails a month.

The Pro plan ($15/month for 500 contacts) lets you send unlimited emails and unlocks advanced features for landing pages, reporting, and more. The price increases as you generate more contacts for your list.

If you want email white labeling and a dedicated IP for sending emails, you must reach out to its Enterprise plan.

Try Benchmark

13. Automizy​

Best Email Marketing Platform for Increasing Open Rates​

Automizy homepage

Ever had a killer email campaign that nobody saw? Whatever the reason may be, you want to give it another go to not only increase your sales but also learn how you can tweak it further to improve its open rates.

Automizy provides you with the tools to make all this happen. By improving the open rates of your campaigns, you can reach out to your audience and serve them your business more effectively.

Key features​

  • Build high-performing email automations and put your sales campaigns on autopilot.
  • Test subject lines before hitting send using the platform’s predictive analysis feature.
  • Let the tool decide the best-performing subject lines variant your contacts will receive.
  • Work with unlimited users and sub-accounts to grow your subscriber base.
  • Plug your account with third-party tools using native and Zapier integrations.


Automizy’s pricing starts at $9/month for 200 contacts. The more subscribers you have in your account, the higher the monthly subscription becomes. All plans have the same features such as the visual automation builder, website behavior tracking, unlimited users and sub-accounts, and more.

The platform offers a 14-day free trial to help you test out its features first before you make an informed decision.

Try Automizy

14. Moosend​

Simple Email Platform for Every Type of Business​


Whether you’re starting your business out or are looking to take it even further, there’s a lot to love with Moosend. It provides users with tools to grow their contacts and automatically send them emails for building better relationships with them and increasing their sales.

Unlike most email marketing platforms featured in this post, Moosend has excellent customer support ranging from live chat to knowledge base and video tutorials. You can be sure to find answers to your questions about the tool.

Key features​

  • Segment your list and send them beautiful emails using its drag-and-drop editor.
  • Set up your marketing automation workflows and let the platform sell products for you.
  • Use cart abandonment emails and other personalization features to recoup lost sales.
  • Build well-designed landing pages and forms from scratch without any design experience.
  • Gain insights about your campaigns using real-time analytics data.


Moosend has a Free Forever plan that lets you send unlimited campaigns to less than 1,000 subscribers, albeit with limitations on its features. To unlock the platform’s true power, sign up to any of its paid plans starting at $10/month for 2,000 subscribers max. Users will get access to landing pages, transactional emails, SMTP server, and others.

Try Moosend

15. Sendpulse​

Best Email and Messenger Marketing Platforms for Brands​

sendpulse homepage

People reach out to businesses using different channels such as live chat, email, messenger, and others. It’s hard to keep track of each communication using different tools for each.

However, Sendpulse gathers all those channels into a single dashboard to make engagement and transactions more convenient between businesses and their audience.

Key features​

  • Build adaptive emails from scratch that look good when opened on any device.
  • Set up trigger emails to be sent out to people on different stages of your sales funnel.
  • Engage with leads and customers via Viber and chatbots of Facebook and Telegram.
  • Send push notifications to your audience from their desktops.
  • Launch SMS campaigns to send text messages worldwide as part of your automation.
  • Send up to 12000 messages for free through an SMTP server.


Sendpulse offers two types of payment methods. Its monthly subscription plans start at $8/month for 500 contacts, but there is a free plan for the same number of contacts but with a 15000 sent email limit a month.

The other type is Pay as You Go, which lets you purchase a set number of messages to send your subscribers and must consume within 12 months. Prices start at $32 for 10,000 messages.

For its other features like transactional emails, SMS, and web push, you must sign up for a separate payment plan for each.

Try SendPulse

16. Mailigen​

Best Email Marketing Software for Personalization​

mailigen homepage

Email is one of the best ways of personalizing your interactions with your audience. However, there are lots of variables you must consider creating personalized emails that convert.

Mailigen breaks down the technical aspects of email marketing. This way, you can focus on crafting messages that engage your audience and turn them into customers if they aren’t one yet.

Key features​

  • Develop automation workflows that don’t sound robotic using dynamic email content.
  • Connect the platform with third-party tools for a comprehensive marketing solution.
  • Gather customer feedback and insights by creating and sending them online surveys.
  • Check real-time reports and A/B split tests to see how to make your campaigns better.
  • Engage your customers even more using transactional emails and SMS marketing.


Mailigen is free until you reach your first 500 contacts using the platform which you have to pay for $10/month ($8/month paid annually). Its simple pricing and plans include all features from email marketing to A/B split testing and analytics.

Before subscribing, you can use the first 30 days upon signing up to an account to test the platform.

There’s also a Pay as You Go plan starting at $40 for 2,500 email credits.

Try Mailigen

17. MailJet​

Best Email Tool for Teams and Agencies​

MailJet Homepage

If you’re working with a team that will manage your email efforts, then you need a tool that has the features and capabilities to get everybody involved and brainstorm for the best campaigns to send your subscribers.

Mailjet allows you to get involved with your email campaigns by giving your approval first before they are sent out to your subscribers.

Key features​

  • Invite team members and assign them specific roles and tasks in your account.
  • Collaborate on emails in real-time using its locking, comment, and approval features.
  • Collect any type of data from your customer to help you segment them in your list.
  • Send personalized emails to subscribers at the right time for higher conversions.
  • Ensure that subscribers receive your mails without fail with its API and SMTP relay.


Mailjet’s Free plan lets you send 6,000 emails a month (200 a day) to unlimited contacts. It also grants you access to its APIs and SMTP relay, as well as its advanced email editor.

The paid plans starting at $9.65/month and 30,000 emails max offer its premium features such as online customer support, A/B testing, segmentation, and more.

Try MailJet

18. MailChimp​

Best Email Marketing Platform for Simple Newsletters​

Mailchimp homepage

Arguably the most popular email marketing tool in the list, MailChimp has grown more than just a platform for sending emails to your subscribers. You now have the ability to create a website for your business, as well as launch digital ads to round out your marketing strategy.

With its flexible plans and intuitive website and email builder, you’d be foolish to not at least try MailChimp out if you’re serious in growing your business.

Key features​

  • Create emails from beautiful and editable templates you can use for your campaigns.
  • Use predictive insights and behavioral tracking to segment people in your list.
  • Let its dynamic content and product recommendations allow you to send better content.
  • Optimize your campaigns by personalizing and sending your emails at the best times.
  • Gather insights and track audience engagement to help you improve your campaigns.


MailChimp’s Marketing Platform is free for up to 2,000 subscribers. It includes its marketing CRM and the ability to create forms and landing pages, among others.

The paid tiers starting at $9/month for 50,000 contacts give you access to advanced features like multi-step journeys, A/B testing, behavioral targeting, and more.

You can also sign up to their Pay as You Go plan you can activate from your dashboard and transactional email plans starting at $20/block.

Try Mailchimp

What Are Email Marketing Platforms?​

Email marketing platforms are tools where you can build your contact list using forms and landing pages. You can then set up your email campaigns to be sent to your subscribers. After which, you can measure their results and make improvements for future campaigns.

Other email tools grant you access to complementary features such as live chat, chatbots, and CRM to manage your marketing campaigns in a single dashboard with email at the forefront. Regardless, a tool with robust email marketing features is good enough to help you build an audience and grow your revenue if used correctly.
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