Free 25$ from upcloud vps (with full details)

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Ruchika oberoi

Staff member
Mar 27, 2022
Free VPS credit from (25$ will work for 5 months FREE vps)

While signup use promo code (for free 25$ credits): 82ZT95
but You will get 3 days free trial (for everyone)

You can also use the link with promo code included

(Note: This coupon will generate affiliate commission but you will be getting full usage 25$ credits which has no exipry)
The plan starts at $5 per month with 1vCPU, 1GB Ram, 25GB NvmeSSD storage and 1TB Bandwidth, and it's has hourly pay as go plan.

Note: You will be requiring to enter credit/debit/prepaid card details, and recharge a few dollar first time for this bonus.
and old rules was 'they said the card maybe charged 1$ or less to verify which will be refunded back within 24 hours. Although in my experience while creating account with card details, my card was not charged. then I did 10$ recharge, and got 25$ bonus and then I asked for refund of my recharge :p
I used a Prepaid dual currency card from local bank, you can try with Virtual Debit/Credit card.

So, with your $25 credits upon signup, you can deploy a server at $5 per month x 5 months = 25$ credits
and including your 10$ recharge you will get 10+25 = 35$ credit in total.

I personally tested it and the servers are blazing fast. I am currently using Amazon AWS EC2 VPS and its more powerful than AWS. This also allows you to have custom OS installed on the server as per your needs.