Guide to The Ultimate Cybersecurity | Beginners To Expert

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Ruchika oberoi

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Mar 27, 2022


DEFENSIVE - Protecting yourself from online cyber threats

Offensive - Collecting and neutralizing threats in the cyber world

Operational - Hiding your online identity via increasing privacy



Palemoon: Old firefox based browser, super private hacker browser. LINK:
Ungoogled chromium: fingerprints are ring in haystack, bad without umatrix. LINK:
Badwolf: Linux & BSD privacy browser, very minimal & private w extensions. LINK:
Icecat:A more private firefox fork, completely free but only for Linux. LINK:
Librewolf:A hardened and privacy-orientated firefox fork. LINK:
Qutebrowser: Not as secure as others, open-source, minimal but no extensions. LINK:

SEARCH ENGINES Selfhost & open-source search engines

1 Searx Privacy metasearch engine, doesn’t share anything
2 MetaGer I mean its as good as it gets really
3 Duckduckgo Duckduckgo is now turning into aids, blocking certain results

Extentions Firefox (forks) extentions for security

1 Chameleon User-agent spoofer, anti-fingerprinting & open source
2 Foxy Proxy Allows for easily changing & switching between proxies
3 NoScript Blocks all javascript unless told otherwise, block XXS too
4 Umatrix Built-in firewall (Control requests on your browser)
5 Privacy Badger Kinda shitty browser AI that tries to block ‘trackers’
5 FirefoxTabContainer Firefox tab profiles, cookie & proxy separated tab

Password Managers

1 KeePassXC Offline, multiple encryption options
2 Bitwarden Open-source secure password database/manager

Network: Firewall software for your network

1 Pfsense The most trusted and maintained firewall in the world
2 Opnsense User plugins, free forever and mainly security focused
3 NG Firewall Closed source, paid but has a free demo and reliable
4 Clearos Open-source, maintained well & good documentation
5 IPFire A security-focused firewall & open-source
6 Vyos Open-source and good features


1 UFW (GUFW) Setup firewalls, rate limiting, and block ports with UFW:
2 IPtables THe most advanced firewall, block IP lists and ranges:

MOBILE: Applications for your mobile to control your network

Netguard - Firewall for applications on your mobile device (android)

1 ESET Rated one of the best antivirus all around. (PAID)
2 Malware Bytes A very good AV despite being free. Paid version worth it*

Exploit Databases - Monitor and find potential vulns for your target

1 Exploit-DB Owned by a security company, very well known & active
2 CXSecurity Well know, active exploit database
3 VulnDB Over-all threat intel
4 SecWiki Covers Android/Windows/Linux/Iphone exploits

Account/breached Emails, usernames, and breached data lookups
1 Phone Book 34 billion record lookup
2 Creepy Geolocation OSINT tool, grabs it from online sources
3 Metagoofil Meta/EXIF image data tool
4 The Harvester The tool gathers emails, names, subdomains, IPs, and URLs using
5 Intel X Free or paid database lookup
6 Dehashed Paid database lookup
7 Snusbase Paid database lookup (better privacy than dehashed)
8 Epieos Information on an email without the target knowing
9 Holehe Pulls sites the emails signed up too
10 Ignorant Checks if a phone number is used on a site
11 Hunter Business email puller
12 Maigret is Another username lookup tool, I prefer this to sherlock
13 Spiderfoot Semi automates OSINT

Domain/IP Domains and IP osint tools
1 IP Info IP Geolocator not much else to say
2 Ip Location IP Geolocator not much else to say
3 Shodan Scan for devices as well as gathering exploit info
4 Censys Gather hidden information from domains or IPs
5 Whois Used to find registrar, name servers etc
6 Sub Domain Finder Scan and find subdomains from a website
7 Mx toolbox Check everything related to a website
8 Ican Lookup Pulls Registry Domain ID, Dates, and Nameservers

Phone #/carrier Information about phone numbers & carriers
1 Carrier Lookup It’s in the name retard, IT TELLS YOU THE CARRIER
2 Phoneinfoga (web) Finds public information via phone number

People/business Public records, whitepages & business research
1 Yellow Pages Find information about business
2 White Pages Find public/gov information about civs in the US
3 Pipl Find public information about people… not much else tbf
4 Truepeoplesearch Again, another people lookup
5 Spokeo People lookup… again
6 Been Verified A paid person lookup, gives more information
7 SSN DB Basically what it’s called, SSN data lookup bro.

Osint Framework It has everything so idk check it out